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But these are merely aesthetic reasons, you decry. Of course; there's just one major issue I have with the Nexus 9, and it's how hot it gets when you are using it for gaming. The heat is mostly centered on the top of the tablet, which is fine if you're playing games in portrait mode. However, if you're racing cars on Asphalt 8, your left or right hand will be gripping the tablet in landscape mode. And it gets hot, really uncomfortably hot, especially if you're not in an air-conditioned environment. The iPad Air 2 puts the heat toward the top right side, making it a lot more manageable.

My last bugbear is really why I can't switch to Android on a tablet (I use an Android phone 90 percent of the time), Apps don't seem to scale properly, and it's still too early to see apps that are optimized for the Nexus 9's Tegra K1 processor, In games like Asphalt 8, the graphics just aren't on par with the Metal-enhanced version on iOS, I know that the Nexus 9 is a lot more powerful, but until the developers can tweak the app to fully take advantage of its capabilities, iOS still wins here, Furthermore, given that there are just so many different types of tablets and chipsets on the market, it's almost impossible to properly optimize an app for them all, unlike Apple's fixed offerings, While fragmentation as a word has seemed to vanish from general usage with regard to Android these days, it's still an issue you may occasionally run into -- my review of the Meizu MX4 and its odd 5:3 iphone screen protector 5c aspect ratio screen, which made some apps buggy comes to mind..

I'll be honest here, it's not like some of these issues can't be fixed -- and who knows, the next Nexus tablet may actually be the one that takes the crown from Apple. For now though, the iPad and the Apple ecosystem just seems to be the better one for tablets, though when it comes to smartphones, the jury's still out. After spending a week with the Nexus 9, I think I'll stick to the iPad for now. But don't get me wrong, it's a great tablet, just not for me. As someone who has been using the various versions of the iPad since the original, the Google Nexus 9 comes across as a breath of fresh air. Made by HTC, the Nexus 9 showcases the quality build and design prowess of the Taiwanese company while running on a powerful Nvidia Tegra K1 processor.

Nexus 5 users who had received the Android 5.0 update had been complaining that their phone battery would drain much faster than expected when Wi-Fi was enabled, Users piping in on the Android Developer Preview site noted that an entry on their device's battery stats screen called "Miscellaneous" was sucking up a lot of juice, On Wednesday, Google's Trevor Johns, a senior developer programs engineer for Android, confirmed the bug on the Android Developer Preview iphone screen protector 5c site, Android Engineering is aware of an issue affecting Nexus 5 users running Android 5.0 which causes significant "Miscellaneous" battery usage while WiFi is enabled, This appears to be caused by an abnormally high number of IRQ wakeup events..

We are continuing to investigate this issue. In a comment posted Thursday, Johns reported the resolution saying. The battery-draining problem itself was ironic since one of the enhancements in Lollipop is a new battery-saving mode that slows down the CPU and turns off background data when your battery is running low. With the Wi-Fi-related glitch fixed, the rollout of Android 5.0 that began as a trickle this week for older Nexus devices should move forward as planned. Google did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.

The LG Wine Smart isn't the first flip phone we've heard of to incorporate Android into a clamshell design, but it is the first we've been able to get our hands on, A 3.5-inch screen responds to touch, complementing the large buttons and loud ring tone that customers in their golden years told LG they want in a phone, The Wine Smart's plain iphone screen protector 5c face is covered with either textured, patterned black material or a smooth white coating, with a subtle print, Here's the LG Wine Smart in white and black, Both phones have golden-colored spines..

Made in black or white with a sexy gold racing stripe, the smartphone version of the LG Wine family is big on large buttons on the keypad and tactile directional controls on the navigation array. You won't be typing long texts and email missives with that alphanumeric keyboard, but the touchscreen does offer basic functionality for opening apps such as the camera, and for sorting through menu options. LG created the Wine Smart after conducting tests with older folks to see which typical smartphone elements intimidate them most. Small buttons and type, and confusing features were the results of this market research.

Especially for people transitioning from a non-touch feature phone, the familiar 3 x 3 icon grid includes apps like a TV and radio iphone screen protector 5c to go along with the typical calendar and camera, In addition to the touch capability, five dedicated hardware keys map top functions like drafting a message and opening the camera, A customizable convenience key lets you reprogram one of the buttons for your own use, and the tactile buttons that rise from the surface are easy to press, The 1 watt speaker promises loud ringing..