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Qualcomm's shares Monday are up about 3 percent, at $68.40. The stock is down about 7.5 percent over the past year. "If true, this would be very positive news for Qualcomm as it has been the 'monkey on their back' for the last year," said Patrick Moorhead, president of Moor Insights and Strategy. "Investors don't like uncertainty and this would remove most of uncertainty of the stock."The San Diego, Calif., company has for years been the top dog in mobile chips, providing the processors or radio chips, or both, inside most of major smartphones, including Apple's iPhone, Samsung's Galaxy line, and LG and Sony phones. However, for the past few months the company has had a string of bad news, including layoffs, weak financial guidance, US and European investigations and, most recently, the company revealing that a major customer likely wasn't using its latest Snapdragon chip in a flagship phone. That device is expected to be the next Samsung Galaxy S smartphone.

So an end to its China problems is seen as a positive sign, Additionally, iphone screen protector 5s Reuters reports that Qualcomm likely won't have to change its business model in China, Instead, it will just alter some of its licensing practices, including the royalty rates it charges for its patents, That could also be seen as a win for Qualcomm since many analysts feared that a significant change to the company's business practices in China might cause a domino effect for the company's business in other countries, Still, the resolution in China doesn't change many of the bigger problems Qualcomm is facing, said Bernstein analyst Stacy Rasgon, including lower prices and the loss of Samsung's next Galaxy S..

"They've got fundamental issues that have nothing to do with China regulatory issues," he said, though added that the end of the investigation should provide a short-term benefit. Reports that a resolution would be made public shortly have been coming out at a regular clip for months, though this latest report comes from an official statement, instead of -- as in some other cases -- an anonymous source. China has been criticized for using its 2008 antimonopoly law unfairly against foreign firms, with several tech and other companies facing similar investigations, including Microsoft and Daimler. The Qualcomm investigation, though, has been among the highest profile.

Please don't worry, There's no U2 in this one, Apple, you see, wants to tell you that it has wide musical taste, It goes beyond aging stadium bands and soft-voiced indie ladies, In a new ad released to coincide with the Grammys, Apple presents three artists who used the iPad and its software to iphone screen protector 5s make beautiful, loud music that your parents will loathe, Here we have Elliphant from Sweden, Gaslamp Killer from LA and DJ Riton from Newcastle, England, I am sure, like me, that you already have all their t-shirts..

They use their iPads to communicate, collaborate, create and to clutch while they're bouncing up and down like gorillas lost in the mist. "Everything Changes With iPad," say the lyrics at the end. This is change you can believe in (if you try and forget U2 for a moment). More importantly, it's change you can hum to, bob your head at and terrorize the neighbors with. Apple knows it needs to feel a little younger on occasion. So here it is, bringing you the music that U2 cannot. (As you can see, I find it hard to forget Bono and Tim Cook finger-kissing.).

You'll iphone screen protector 5s never get me up in a single-engine plane, The principle reason is that it has one single engine, There seems, to my untrained brain, little room for error, Yet over South Dakota, an unnamed pilot and his wife, whose blood pressures are clearly exemplary reacted to the loss of their plane's lone engine with singular sang-froid, As the Associated Press reports, the unnamed couple was on a trip from Wyoming to Wisconsin, There must have been some gorgeous views from on high, They may not have been able to enjoy them, however, as the electrical systems on their plane failed..

They reportedly turned to their iPads in order to help them navigate to an airport where they might attempt a landing. This turned out to be Rapid City Regional Airport. The only instrument information they still had was altitude and airspeed. Of course, they had no way to let Rapid City air traffic control that they were on their way. They didn't even have landing gear. However, Rapid City Fire Department Battalion Chief Tim Daly told the AP: "He had to be a super good pilot."The plane landed, sparks flying, on its belly. No injuries were reported. I have contacted the Rapid City authorities to ask for further details and will update, should I hear.

There are times when gadgets on planes are simply a distraction, Only last week, a National Transportation Safety Board investigation suggested that a pilot and his passenger had been taking selfies just before they Cessna they were iphone screen protector 5s in crashed, They deemed it "likely" that the selfie-taking caused the crash, In this case, however, all indications are that the iPads contributed significantly toward averting a potentially deadly accident, I wonder how long it will be before the couple flies again..