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Ericsson, which first showed off Connected Paper at CES 2014, says it is capable of data transfers of up to 10Mbps. The simple data transfers I saw, such as touching a paper for a link to the product information, would be a few bytes at most. Instead of transferring all the information through to the body to the smartphone, Ericsson is betting that the tech will take advantage of future 5G networks, in which the company has made significant investment. 5G will have sufficient bandwidth to handle the thousands of simultaneous download requests of information without a significant loss in latency.

There's still plenty of time before this technology goes mainstream, For one, the receiver is still pretty bulky (see picture below), so work still needs to be done to shrink it down and fit it into a smartphone, Commercial deployment of 5G networks will likely not happen till 2020, too, This intriguing technology lets you call up information on your smartphone by touching an object with your finger, turning your body into a kind of capacitive power line network, Imagine simply touching a piece of paper, whether iphone screen protector 8 it be a business card or a label on an object, and relevant information almost instantly being displayed on your smartphone, That's Ericsson's Connected Paper tech, a working prototype of which I saw..

Honestly, who can tweet: "I have some exciting news to share today!!!!" and make the world swoon on its axis?. No, not Justice Antonin Scalia, nor Anthony Weiner. Not even His Justin the Bieber. Here is sample response to that tweet: "whats going on queen? A new baby perhaps?"And the answer is: Yes, a new baby. For we are speaking reverently of Kim Kardashian and her latest baby is a Super Bowl ad for T-Mobile. I know this because my bottomless perusal of her Twitter account threw up this gem: "So excited! Going to be in a @TMobile ad! Only sad part was no @JohnLegere sighting. See it on @ConanOBrien tonight!"For just one of those tweets, I estimate (on the basis of little other than her astonishing personal power) that T-Mobile (un)carried $300,000 from its bank vault and delivered it to Kardashian.

Those of a technological and prying bent will note La Kardashian's particular pain in failing to encounter T-Mobile CEO John Legere on the shoot, Legere is a fine self-publicist himself, Could it be that he learned some of his glorious tweeting skills at the feet of the great woman herself?, Still, I'm sure you're more excited to discover tonight precisely how much of this no-doubt pulsating oeuvre Kardashian will reveal to Conan, She is extremely well-versed in the art of the tease, after all, Technically Incorrect: The permanently famous icon of iphone screen protector 8 iconness announces on Twitter that she will be shilling for the Uncarrier, She also claims to miss T-Mobile CEO John Legere..

The company on Monday reminded New York users that during the storm it will place a cap on its usual policy of allowing price surges in times of high demand. Last July, Uber signed a formal agreement with the state of New York, vowing to cap its fare inflation in the face of a natural disaster or emergency. The company had been criticized for a spike in its prices during Hurricane Sandy two years ago. "Uber is committed to getting riders safely and reliably to where they need to be, and we urge everyone to use extra caution when out on the roadways today," an Uber spokeswoman said in a statement. "Per our national policy, during states of emergencies, dynamic pricing will be capped and proceeds from dynamically priced trips will be donated to the American Red Cross to support relief efforts."The snowstorm got under way Monday and threatens to dump up to three feet of snow on the Northeast before it's done. A National Weather Service warning, which remains in effect through midnight Tuesday, describes it as a "crippling and potentially historic blizzard."This will be a good opportunity for Uber to prove it can stick to its agreement and garner some much-needed goodwill in the process. For months, Uber has been at the center of controversy over its policies on safety and its complicated relationship with regulators.

Uber's pricing model is based on supply and demand -- the more requests there are for cars, the higher the price for each ride, That has earned it some ill will, particularly during the wake of Hurricane Sandy, a storm in late 2012 that saw a doubling of Uber's prices in New York City, The pricing also means high fares during more festive occasions such as iphone screen protector 8 New Year's Eve or Halloween, Competitor Lyft, which also uses a price surge model called "prime time," cap its price at three times the normal rate, storm or no storm..

The parameters set by its disaster agreement mean that Uber will not inflate its prices past 2.8 times the normal rate, according to a letter Uber sent out to users. The company also said that wait times for cars to arrive may be longer than usual due to an expected increase of demand. The storm will also mean limited destinations. "In areas where there is uncleared snow, driver partners may not be able to pick up or drop off riders," the email said. The on-demand car service last year said it will cap fares during natural disasters. With a huge snowstorm hitting the East Coast, Uber has the chance to put its money where its mouth is.

The company's fiscal second-quarter earnings posted Monday indicate that its consumer businesses are consistently growing, Its Lumia phones are selling better than ever and Surface, its tablet line, is officially a billion-dollar business, Though these divisions are still nowhere near as large as Microsoft's software, servers and Internet services divisions, the numbers represent a promising start, Though those core software businesses are still the company's bread and butter, Microsoft is very much still in a significant transition period, CEO Satya Nadella, who took over nearly a year ago, now has a twofold mission: to have iphone screen protector 8 Microsoft's newest operating system, Windows 10, run across as many devices and screens as possible, and to make consumers love Windows again, not just use it out of necessity, For Nadella, that means pushing Windows as aggressively into the hands of consumers as it has in the corporate realm..