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The new partnership perhaps marks a new day. Uber said it believes its smart data will help city planners -- and presumably more cities in the future -- improve traffic planning, reduce congestion and identify streets that require improvement, like filling potholes. According to Uber, the data will be shared by ZIP Code Tabulation Area, which is the "US Census' geographical representation of ZIP codes.""This will help us reach our transportation goals, improve the quality of our neighborhoods and allow us to think smarter, finding more innovative and creative solutions to some of our most pressing challenges," Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh said in a statement Tuesday.

The collaborative effort is a detour iphone screen protector applicator from recent developments between Uber and the city of New York, where the municipal Taxi & Limousine Commission this month shut down all but one of Uber's operations centers because the company failed to share trip data -- such as where passengers were picked up -- as the city had requested, Uber said that providing such information would give competitors, like taxi companies, an unfair advantage, Why the collaboration in Boston but conflict in New York? Uber did not immediately respond to a request for comment, Update 1:41 p.m, PT: "As we have grown, so has our ability to share information that can serve a greater good," an Uber spokeswoman said, "We look forward to partnering with cities across the country to deliver data that will help cities achieve their transportation and planning goals without compromising personal privacy."Uber's operational challenges extend well beyond the East Coast of the US, Late last year, Uber was banned in New Delhi after the company was found to be operating without the proper license in the city and one of its drivers allegedly assaulted a female rider, Soon after, Uber was banned from Spain and Thailand, and it ignored warnings not to operate in South Korea, It also continued to operate in Portland, Ore., despite protests by the city, though it later agreed to suspend its service there for a few months..

Last week, Uber announced lower fares for 48 cities across the US including Atlanta, Dallas, Milwaukee and San Diego. Absent from the list were Boston and New York. Uber has stated that its smart data will act as a "champion" for improving roadways. Only time will reveal if the data-sharing strategy will actually make for smart improvements to Boston's roadways. Update 1:41 p.m. PT to include Uber's statement. The ride-sharing service says the data, compiled in a way that protects driver and rider privacy, can be used to reduce congestion, expand transportation options and even identify potholes.

As thousands of people walked through the loud and sprawling Las Vegas iphone screen protector applicator Convention Center -- with Qualcomm's space right in the middle of the chaos -- Derek Aberle, the company's president, sat in a quiet meeting room tucked in the back of the expansive booth to discuss his company's strategies for 2015, As the booth illustrated, Qualcomm -- already the world's biggest maker of mobile chips -- is hoping to use its wealth of research in mobile devices to become the company powering wearables, robots, cars, medical technologies and more..

"We look at it and say, OK, with a relatively small incremental investment and the right go-to-market," Aberle said of Qualcomm's push into new tech sectors, "we can capture a pretty big opportunity, just leveraging this massive investment we made because of the scale of the smartphone business."Qualcomm's expansion effort comes as tech firms scramble to connect millions of objects to the Web -- an idea known as the Internet of Things -- creating vast new ground for chipmakers like Qualcomm to gain new business. While the Internet of Things area offers huge potential, its already invited plenty of competition from Qualcomm's rivals. For example, fellow chipmaker Intel -- whose booth was stationed right next to Qualcomm's on the convention floor -- constructed a booth just as broad and filled with all kinds of connected devices.

It's clear why these companies are so keen to stake a claim in this area: the market for Internet of Things is expected to grow to $3.04 trillion by 2020, according to market research firm IDC, While Qualcomm tries to capture a piece of all these new markets, the maker of Snapdragon mobile chips has been distracted by an ongoing investigation by Chinese regulators, Officials there have spent more than a year looking into whether the chipmaker's lucrative licensing business runs afoul of the country's anti-monopoly laws, Aberle couldn't say when the investigation might be resolved, but he said it was unlikely any negative outcome out of China would -- as some analysts predict -- create a domino effect, with iphone screen protector applicator fines or new limitations spreading to more countries..

Two main areas in the Internet of Things that Qualcomm will focus on this year will be automotive and wireless health, Aberle said. In automotive, the company will build upon its work connecting cars -- such as with General Motor's OnStar security and navigation system -- and provide digital display panels and safety systems, such as cameras that can watch a driver's face for fatigue and alert him when needed. Qualcomm's work in auto will place it in direct competition with graphics-chip maker Nvidia, which is also making a big push in the sector.

"Your future cars will be the most advanced computers in the world," Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia, told a crowd of hundreds at his company's CES presentation, iphone screen protector applicator as he offered new ways his company would power automated driving and digital dashboard displays, In the medical world, Qualcomm last week unveiled partnerships with drugstore chain Walgreens and drug maker Novartis, as it seeks to use its wireless technology to enable remote patient monitoring and speed up data collection in medical trials, Qualcomm hopes these technologies can help reduce health care costs while also offering more convenient service for patients, Aberle said..