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Both Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent are looking towards an increased global presence under today's deal, with a focus on the US and Chinese markets and growth in Europe. Nokia President and CEO Rajeev Suri described the arrangement as "the right deal, with the right logic, at the right time.""Our innovation capability will be extraordinary, bringing together the R&D engine of Nokia with that of Alcatel-Lucent and its iconic Bell Labs," Suri said. "We will continue to combine this strength with the highly efficient, lean operations needed to compete on a global scale."Similarly, Alcatel-Lucent CEO Michel Combes said the deal would bring the financial strength and critical scale" need to become a "global leader" in technology.

"This transaction comes at the right time to strengthen the European technology industry," he said, "We believe our customers will benefit from our improved innovation capability and incomparable R&D engine under the Bell Labs brand, The global scale and footprint iphone screen protector argos of the new company will reinforce its presence in the United States and China."Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent were forced to respond to increased speculation about the deal as recently as yesterday, releasing a joint statement saying "there can be no certainty at this stage that these discussions will result in any agreement or transaction."Both Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent declined to comment further following the acquisition news..

Now the two companies, which have long been household names in the mobile phone space, have embarked on a new path towards becoming a joint company targeting a future in fixed and mobile broadband, cloud services and the enterprise market. Updated April 16 at 10:15 a.m. AEST: Included details on further comment from Nokia. Nokia is looking to become a "global leader" in technology with the purchase of French company Alcatel-Lucent in a deal worth $16.6 billion. After increasing speculation on a possible buyout, Finnish communications and IT giant Nokia has confirmed that it has finalised a deal to buy Alcatel-Lucent in a share deal worth 15.6 billion Euros ($16.6 billion). If shareholders offer their tick of approval, the deal is set to be finalised by the first half of 2016.

In October, iphone screen protector argos Microsoft made significant changes to its Surface line of products, introducing a new version of its flagship tablet, the Surface Pro 4, and its first-ever laptop, the Surface Book, The successor to the popular Surface Pro 3, the Surface Pro 4 starts at $899 and features the latest Intel processors, a perfectly-sized 12.3-inch display with a just-right 3:2 aspect ratio, and hardware and software tweaks that improve upon the previous model, The $1,499 Surface Book has many of these same specs, but it's a full-powered laptop that moonlights as a tablet, making for a distinctly better in-lap experience, (Read the full Surface Pro 4 review here and the full Surface Book review here.)..

Microsoft has since dropped the Surface Pro 3 from its lineup -- making this potentially a good time to get a good deal on remaining units. But the Surface 3 lives on, and, starting at $499, remains a compelling value. That noted, the Surface Pro 4 offers significantly superior specs including a larger display and higher resolution, a native Windows 10 operating system, and a more powerful Intel processor. For a more detailed analysis of how the Surface 3, Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, and Surface Book stack up, check out CNET's head-to-head comparison.

Editors' note: The original Microsoft Surface 3 review follows, While using the new Microsoft Surface 3, attractively priced at $499, I could safely say I was getting $500 worth of computing experience, The only problem is that I was actually using $630 worth of computer, That's because the Surface line's iphone screen protector argos biggest folly continues well into the series' third generation, Its all-important snap-on keyboard, really the most impressive thing about the Surface, is still sold separately, and at a premium price..

And there lies the biggest tragedy of the otherwise-excellent Surface line. When you're adding a $129 keyboard cover to a thousand-dollar tablet, it's an added expense, but doesn't dramatically change the value proposition of the system. Adding the same $129 to a $499 product, however, raises the price by more than 20 percent, and you should consider the combined cost before getting too excited about this low-cost Surface tablet. (Note that all these prices are in US dollars, but the Surface 3 starts at £419 in the UK and AU$699 in Australia, with similar pricing -- £110 or AU$180 -- on the keyboard, and adding $100, £80 or AU$140 to the base price doubles the RAM and SSD from 2GB with 64GB to 4GB and 128GB.).

That said, the new Surface 3 has corrected the biggest flaw of Microsoft's entry-level Surface tablet series to date: it finally runs the full version of Windows, not the stripped-down Windows RT operating system (unofficially named after the Windows Runtime architecture that enabled it), That means it can run all of the same legacy Windows programs as its big brother, iphone screen protector argos the Surface Pro 3 -- a huge step up from the the Surface and Surface 2, which only ran programs found in the Microsoft Windows app store..