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One of the more futuristic technologies being explored by the Warriors is known as LiFi. The technology uses light to transmit data, letting users do things like stream Internet video to a TV from a light in the ceiling. LiFi works by attaching an Ethernet-wired ceiling-based device to a standard LED light. The data about to be beamed through the air are sent to that bulb, which is instructed to flicker millions of times per second to communicate a signal -- kind of like an extremely speedy morse code. The light signal -- which looks identical to a normal light -- is picked up by a receiver.

In the case of the new Warriors complex, LiFi could be implemented in lampposts outside the arena, passing information to people as they walk nearby, The beams could act like iphone screen protector causing problems the beacons inside the arena, distributing content to passersby, The Warrior technologists recently had a demo, and they plan to conduct a test in the arena's media room, "Thinking about the challenges we have with Wi-Fi and the available frequency space in the visual light spectrum, the opportunities are unreal," Lauer said, "These are the kinds of things that are fascinating."Another potential technology that could hit the new stadium is tiles that generate electricity when people step on them, "You could actually have people, fans, walking around, powering lights or harnessing that energy into batteries and using them somewhere else," Lauer said..

The Warriors plan to conduct a small test with fans using the tiles at its current stadium to better understand how much electricity they generate and whether they'd be practical at a sports and entertainment complex. To take advantage of these capabilities, the Warriors are working on building an internal group, called the "innovation project" or "innovation engine," to focus on futuristic technology, while another group, the "production engine," will look at implementing things immediately to improve the fan experience.

"Failure is good, Learning is good," Lauer said, "It's a really big question and a really big challenge but we believe with this structure, we will continue to be able to deliver today while innovating for tomorrow."The Golden State Warriors will open a new high-tech sports and entertainment complex in 2018, and the basketball team's testing some of the innovations in its current arena now, OAKLAND, Calif, -- Floor tiles that generate electricity when people walk on them, Streetlamps that transmit data to people iphone screen protector causing problems passing beneath them, Virtual reality videos that make fans feel like they're at the game when they're really just sitting on their own couches..

The company on Wednesday will host a Windows 10 event at its Redmond, Wash., headquarters that's expected to focus on the consumer side of the operating system -- for the normal everyday people checking Facebook and printing family photos. Microsoft will describe for the first time what Windows 10 will be like when it's running on devices like phones and tablets. The presentation starts at 9 a.m. PT on Wednesday, and we'll be bringing you all the news and commentary from the event. I'll be live-blogging along with Nate Ralph, and James Martin will provide photography from the event.

For Microsoft, the event is critical, It's first and foremost an opportunity for the company to follow through on its promise to make good with consumers, many of whom were turned off by the company's last version of Windows, called Windows 8, Microsoft marketed that software as its answer to tablets, offering a way to run desktop-class apps on a mobile device, Microsoft not only turned iphone screen protector causing problems off consumers with Windows 8, but it also drove them away, The 2-year-old software powers less than 10 percent of all computers in the world, according to NetMarketshare, That's well below its 5-year-old predecessor Windows 7, which powers more than half the desktop market, and it's even below Windows XP, now 14 years old, which commands nearly 20 percent on desktops..

The company's Surface tablet hasn't fared much better. Since the device's 2012 debut, Microsoft has heavily marketed it as a do-everything gadget that can replace laptops and tablets. The company has never disclosed how many Surface devices it's sold, but Surface revenue from last quarter was $908 million, paltry compared with iPad sales in the billions of dollars. And Microsoft's Windows Phone smartphone software? "Less than stellar" would be a kind way of describing its market performance. Running on only 3 percent of the world's smartphones, the OS is now a distant third behind Google's Android and Apple's iOS.

Meanwhile, Apple has been growing, Usage of its Mac computers is at record levels, and its iPad tablets are widely considered to be the devices to beat among competitors, Microsoft's answer with Windows 10 will be to reach back into the past, spicing up Windows 7 with a few new tricks, "The stakes are incredibly high," said Roger Kay, an analyst at market intelligence firm Endpoint Technologies Associates, "The earth around Windows 8 was so scorched, they couldn't even name the next one Windows 9." Because of the lost momentum from Windows 8, Kay added, Microsoft has to "redeem themselves" with this next iphone screen protector causing problems version..