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It is not yet clear what the modules will cost. In a dedicated FAQ page, Google has said it's much too early to tell. "We have set engineering and manufacturing goals for the bill-of-materials cost of a basic, entry-level Ara device to be in the $50-100 range," writes Google. "It's important to note that this is just the cost of the components and says nothing about how it will be priced -- it could be more or less than that (e.g., with a carrier contract.)"In the end, says Google, it is expected that module developers will be able to set the prices for their modules sold in the Ara Module Marketplace, much like mobile app developers do in app stores today.

Google has not released a specific date for the Puerto Rico pilot, but Sosa and his team say they're ready for the challenge, In fact, says Sosa, Yezz has already manufactured "about 100" module prototypes from iphone screen protector companies factories in the US and China, which will be showcasing them during the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Yezz will also launch a dedicated website touting the collaboration, though for the moment it only features a countdown clock showing the time left until MWC, Click here for CNET's full coverage of the 2015 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona..

What's new to the fold? Let's break it down by category. 3DRudder, Cyberith, SoftKinetic and Tactical Haptics make accessories and interfaces: foot-controlled 3D navigation, a free-moving "locomotion device," camera-sensing 3D hand-tracking and haptic game controllers, respectively. VR Union is a company focusing on VR hardware for businesses and professionals. Impulsonic, Sonic VR and VisiSonics all focus on 3D sound technology: Impulsonic and ViviSonics create 3D audio technology for immersive games, while Sonic VR also works on object-based sound solutions for headphones and peripherals.

Jaunt, Lucidspace and VR Bits are content and simulation companies promising immersive content and virtual worlds in various forms, Tammeka Games and Pixel Titans are game developers creating Radial-G: Racing Revolved, a future Steam-released VR racing game timed for the OSVR hardware development kit launch in June, and Strafe, a retro shooter, OSVR's website is also accepting applications for a new OSVR Academia Program, which will give 10 headsets and access to OSVR source code to eligible universities pledging to iphone screen protector companies set up VR labs..

Giving away VR headsets and code is a smart touch, and these new partners join a growing list of OSVR supporters. It's hard to assess which virtual reality technologies, apps and software will be the most essential and helpful, but it looks like OSVR's approach is to try it all. It's a wild west for VR right now, and between Oculus Rift and Gear VR, OSVR, augmented-reality via Microsoft HoloLens and possible future initiatives from Google, things are getting exciting. That's what might make OSVR a pretty fun place to play, too, if you're a developer, but all these platforms may not necessarily play nicely with each other.

Software, hardware, interfaces and audio: OSVR has new partners in the fold in advance of its June launch, and iphone screen protector companies a plan to seed some headsets to universities, Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) , the initiative from Razer and Sensics to connect multiple VR software and hardware partners together, had a good handful of partners at CES 2015, and 13 more have been announced today, The new partners include Jaunt -- a maker of cinematic VR experiences that already has apps for Google Cardboard -- plus a few game developers, audio and interface accessory companies..

Beginning in mid-February, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners who fly JetBlue will be able to use Apple Pay to buy items in flight, including food, drinks and even upgrades to better seats. To accept your Apple Pay payments, the airline is getting rid of its older payment terminals in exchange for NFC-enabled iPad Minis. The Minis can also accept traditional credit cards for passengers who don't have Apple Pay. Each iPad Mini will be loaded with an iOS app called the Inflight Service Assistant, according to JetBlue. That app will give crewmembers access to information both on passengers and the flight.

Rolled out last October, Apple Pay is the company's first foray into the world of contactless payments, Using an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, which are equipped with the necessary near-field communications technology, users can pay for an item on the go simply by waving their iPhone near an NFC-enabled payment terminal or device, But the challenge for Apple is to expand Apple Pay to enough vendors so it becomes a standard not just among iPhone 6 users but throughout the retail community, Apple Pay is not the only game in town, Apple competes against other payments systems, such as Google Pay, which supports virtually all Android devices as well as iOS devices, JetBlue vice president for inflight experience Rachel McCarthy told USA Today that people with Google Wallet or another mobile iphone screen protector companies payments system will be able to pay via their phones sometime "down the road."Apple has already signed up major credit card companies and many banks as well as a variety of retail chains and merchants, But expanding Apple Pay to other industries is critical for its adoption, So hopping onboard the airlines is an important step for Apple, And Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president for Internet software and services, believes JetBlue's move will trigger more airlines to support Apple Pay..