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Deloitte says its study measured three items: direct impact, supply chain impact and employee-spending impact. The company also estimated "marketing effect" to determine how much economic impact Facebook generates for companies through its corporate pages, advertising and referrals, as well as the economic impact of "ripple effects," among other metrics. Direct impact measures gross revenues of companies that "use Facebook or whose products and services are used to access it." Supply chain impact describes increases in demand "arising from the activities of businesses that use or leverage Facebook." The employee spending impact is a measure of dollars spent by employees at companies that work at "businesses that use Facebook and at their suppliers."Still, it might be difficult to gauge exactly what drove companies to grow and what prompted consumers to spend money.

Wireless charging does exactly what it sounds like, letting you power up your gadgets without the use of irksome cables, or the hassle of hunting for a wall socket, Starbucks' implementation of the technology sees glossy pads embedded in its tables, which funnel power wirelessly into your phone, To benefit from Starbucks' benevolent offer of free power, you'll need a Powermat-compatible phone, or borrow a charging dongle from the shop itself, There's no iphone screen protector dollar store fee or deposit required for borrowing them, but if you'd rather save time on repeat visits, Starbucks will sell you one for £10, Dongles with Micro-USB and Apple's Lightning and older 30-pin connectors are available, so the vast majority of smartphones should be compatible..

Wireless charging company Powermat is supplying the hardware. It uses the PMA standard, rather than the rival Qi standard, which is more popular among smartphone makers who add built-in wireless charging tech to their mobiles. The battle for standardisation in wireless charging is still raging on, but the dongle you'll be using in Starbucks gets around this issue, making almost every phone compatible -- but of course this does mean you have to use a chunky accessory instead of just resting your phone on the charging pad.

London is the first destination outside the US to get the wireless charging tech, which iphone screen protector dollar store is already being added to 2,000 American outlets, following trials in Boston and San Jose, For now only 10 London shops will be equipped, in a roll-out that's happening this month, "Our plan is to go from there," said Scott Eisenstein of Powermat, The coffee chain's wireless charging pads -- which sit on tables and let you charge your phone cable-free -- are going international, coming to 10 cafes in London this month..

ZipDial, which has been a strategic business partner with Twitter in India for the last two years, focuses on mobile users. Its service allows them to place a toll-free call to a specified number. That call will not be answered by anyone on the other end, but lets ZipDial capture the number and start providing targeted marketing to the dialer. ZipDial sends promotional content, such as coupons, ads and referrals, through text, voice and app notifications. Twitter did not disclose the terms of the acquisition, which it announced Tuesday in a blog post. The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

"For many, their first online experience will be on a mobile device -- but the cost of data may prevent them from experiencing the true power of the Internet," Christian Oestlien, Twitter vice president of product, said in the blog post, "Twitter, in partnership with ZipDial, can make great content more accessible to iphone screen protector dollar store everyone."Twitter has faced criticism from Wall Street as its growth in developed countries has slowed, The company, however, has said it sees growth opportunities in emerging markets and on mobile devices, In October, Twitter said that 80 percent of its 284 million users now access its service from mobile devices, And although the company's userbase grew 23 percent year over year in the third quarter, investors want more..

By looking to emerging markets, Twitter puts itself in a position to capitalize on people who want content but don't have the ability to tap into it. ZipDial's service is designed for people who don't have ready access to data networks -- a large number of people in emerging markets -- but still allows them to receive content through voice, text and apps. Twitter, in other words, could become the gateway to content for people in emerging markets via its ZipDial acquisition. The trouble for Twitter is that it's not alone in its interest in emerging markets. Many tech companies, including Google and Facebook, want to find ways to get new Internet users to latch onto their services.

Facebook is arguably furthest ahead on the social side, thanks to Internet.org, a consortium of companies led by the world's largest social network, The consortium plans to spread Web access to the 5 billion people who aren't already online, That, in turn, could give Facebook a massive opportunity to get those people onto its site, Google is attempting a similar strategy through its Android One plan, which is designed to guide handset manufacturers in how to bring lower-end smartphones to iphone screen protector dollar store emerging markets..