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Roundme is an iOS app designed to take you on virtual sightseeing tours, and the latest update includes Google Cardboard support. To get started, you'll need the headset, natch. You can build a Google Cardboard yourself using inexpensive components, or go the shortcut route and buy a preassembled one from a supplier like Unofficial Cardboard. (Be sure to choose the Large model if you have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.). From there all you need is the Roundme app. Run it, then scroll through the available scenes (here known as Spaces). A great one to start with: Medieval Castle in Cesis, Latvia. (Downside: it will immediately make you long for higher-resolution lenses.) Tap it, turn your iPhone sideways, tap the Google Cardboard icon, then slip the phone inside your headset.

Shazam! You're whisked away to a fully panoramic landscape, with your view moving as you do, (Well, rotating as you rotate, Unfortunately, you're limited to whatever fixed position was used to create the panorama.), To "visit" another place, you'll need to pop open the Cardboard and rotate the iPhone back to portrait orientation, which brings up Roundme's onscreen menus, The iphone screen protector ebay upper pull-down lets you browse three categories: Best New, Editor's Picks, and Recent, There's also a search option, and you can look at a world map to quickly jump to panoramas in a particular location..

Many, if not most, of them are positively dazzling. And some feature "portals" (which appear as onscreen bubbles) that can transport you to different locales within a given Space -- a neat way to explore without having to exit, choose another Space, etc. To move to a portal, you just keep it centered within your view for a few seconds until an onscreen meter fills up. Last, but not least, if you sign up for a Roundme account, you can upload any panoramas you've shot with your iPhone. (You can also upload from your PC if you prefer to use more sophisticated tools.).

Pretty cool stuff, and all of it free, For any iPhone owner interested in fiddling with virtual reality, Google Cardboard or both, Roundme is a great place to iphone screen protector ebay start, Who says Google Cardboard is only for Android users? Roundme's updated iPhone app delivers a sweet virtual experience, Until now, the Google Cardboard virtual-reality headset has been largely an Android-only affair, Granted, there's a smattering of Cardboard-compatible iOS apps, but most of them were either offshoots of Android versions or rudimentary proofs of concept..

If you're going to keep up your image at an Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, you have to expose all your gadgets. You walk into the auditorium and flash what is, in essence, the nerd gang sign. "Look at me, I have an Apple Watch," will undoubtedly be this year's de rigueur symbol. However, one gadget that won't be welcome is the one in which so many currently glory: the selfie stick. Apple has made clear that if you walk onto its WWDC turf brandishing one of those things, you'll be placed in a corner, forced to wear an Android T-shirt reading "Be Together, I'm Ashamed," and pelted with dry balls of kale from the buffet.

I have embellished those details a fraction, However, Apple's WWDC rules do state definitively: "You may not use selfie sticks or similar monopods within Moscone West or Yerba Buena Gardens."This is, quite naturally, in the section called "No Photography, Smoking, or Soliciting." It seems that selfie sticks may be just as dangerous as cancer sticks, Or perhaps they might just solicit excess and even aggressive derision, Please imagine how ugly the atmosphere would be if a thousand developers all sat in their seats, their extensions protruding over the heads of those in front, Please imagine the aesthetic disaster this would iphone screen protector ebay create -- and not merely from all the selfies that would be immediately posted to the world, bringing the local Wi-Fi to a halt..

Ultimately, this must be a decision based on style. As many places of culture around the world -- the Smithsonian Museum, for example -- have already shown, selfie sticks and class don't make for a happy relationship. Those of jaundiced entrails will wonder, though, whether Apple might spring a surprise and launch its own iStick. This would be a white contraption that replaces the fingernail on your thumb. You would raise your thumb and out would shoot your stick. I have already declared the selfie stick to be Beelzebub's revenge for being forced to live somewhere so hot that cameras melt. I am therefore delighted at Apple's decision.

Organizations with taste at their core really do think different, Coincidentally, at a developer event earlier this year Facebook gave away selfie sticks, (Via Business Insider), Technically Incorrect: In its rules and regulations for this year's Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple insists that the world's latest annoying gadget is verboten, Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at iphone screen protector ebay any time at our discretion..