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Waterloo, Ontario-based Kik also announced the acquisition of Toronto-based Relay, which makes short, animated illustrations called gifs. This is Kik's first acquisition, the company said. The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Kik did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment. The messaging-and-chat app maker's round was led by hedge fund Valiant Capital Partners and brings the company's total venture capital funding to $70.5 million. Kik Interactive, which makes a popular messaging and chat app, has raised a new sum of cash, the company said Wednesday.

US District Judge Jed Rakoff said in a ruling Tuesday that the lawsuit between Samsung and Microsoft will go on, iphone screen protector edinburgh despite the arbitration, Reuters is reporting after seeing the ruling, Rakoff didn't provide a reason for his ruling, but said he would at some point in the future, The two companies are engaged in a bitter royalty dispute over smartphone patents, Microsoft argues that Samsung delayed paying it $1 billion in patent royalties for the use of Android and owes interest to the tune of $6.9 million..

Samsung argues that it shouldn't be required to pay the royalties. It says that a deal the companies signed in 2011 explicitly states that while Samsung would pay Microsoft in patent royalties, as soon Microsoft acquired Nokia's phone business, it became a direct competitor, violating some terms of the agreement. Samsung also filed for arbitration in Hong Kong's International Court of Arbitration to sidestep the lawsuit and come to an agreement. Microsoft argued that the case should go on in the US.

After Android launched, Microsoft found that some of its features might have relied on patents Microsoft held related to operating system mechanics, Most major Android developers pay Microsoft a royalty to use Android, effectively giving the software giant a recurring revenue stream on devices running Google's operating system, Samsung also produces devices that run Microsoft's Windows Phone iphone screen protector edinburgh operating system, Neither Samsung nor Microsoft immediately responded to a request for comment, Samsung had wanted to put a lawsuit on smartphone patent royalties on hold until an arbitration proceeding could be held in Hong Kong..

Ask around and you'll undoubtedly hear that one of the best features about Android is its endless customization. Be it wallpapers and widgets or custom ROMs and launchers, Android is downright flexible. The same can already be said about Android Wear. One of the coolest, and most noticeable, things about the wearable platform is that you can choose its look. And, no, we're not talking about swapping out straps. Android Wear users can choose from a variety of faces and color options. While the out-of-box experience might be good enough today, over time you may want more. Thankfully, there's already a massive collection of custom watch faces out there, vying for your attention. Whether you've got a round or square face watch there are tons to choose from.

Read on to learn how you can find and install new watch faces in a matter of moments, Note that for the sake of this tutorial we'll be handling everything from your Android handset, The first thing you'll want to do is install Facer, an Android app that includes a variety of custom faces, It will set you back $1 but it's all you'll spend from here on out, Upon installation Facer will now show as an option when selecting faces for your smartwatch, Indeed, you'll find it right next to the others that came preinstalled on iphone screen protector edinburgh your wearable, As a quick reminder, you can long-press on the main watch face to pull up all available options..

The next, and perhaps most important, thing we need to do is figure out where to go find these wonderful watch faces. While there are a couple of sources already springing up, I've become quite fond of FaceRepo. Regardless of whether you're rocking a round face or sitting pretty with a square design, this site has something for everyone. Prefer the minimal or analog approach to telling time? Perhaps you want your Moto 360 to look like a digital version of Tag Heuer's best sellers. Or, maybe you're in the mood for a throwback Casio face. Whatever it is, there's a seemingly endless supply of looks to keep all comers satisfied.

Browsing the gallery of faces is a breeze, as is digging through the most popular downloads, Early adopters will love hopping right in and seeing the newest of the bunch presented first, Those looking for the higher-rated and time-tested faces can search through a number of archives, Once you've picked out the watch face you'd iphone screen protector edinburgh like, simply tap the "download" icon, You will be presented with a pop-up asking whether you want to do this via the browser or Facer, What's more, you can select whether you want to do this just once or every time, Let's choose Facer and have our Android phone do this "Always." Don't worry, you can go back and change this later..