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A number of factors may be contributing to the renewed interest in Samsung's flagship line. The Galaxy S6 employs more-premium materials than its predecessors and also includes wireless charging capabilities. Whereas the Galaxy S5 was viewed as an incremental update, this year's edition is more of a complete redesign. In her review of the device, CNET's Jessica Dolcourt found the phone offered " top-notch specs and a worldly look ."A strong start, however, doesn't necessarily equate to success. Though the Galaxy S5 had stronger initial sales than the Galaxy S4, sales ultimately fell short and were deemed a disappointment.

As do many other players in the industry, Samsung refers to the number of shipments -- or sales of products to retailers, That number may not line up with sales to consumers, but it's often used as iphone screen protector edmonton an early indicator of demand, The number of phones consumers purchase is often lower than the shipment figure, It isn't clear how the 10 million mark breaks down and whether the Galaxy S6 Edge makes up a sizable segment, CNET has contacted Samsung for clarification of the sales figures and will update this post with any new information..

Additionally, Apple is making improvements to the Apple Watch's activity-tracking features. These include fixes for the watch's stand measurement, along with improvements to calculating distance and pace during outdoor walking and running workouts, and improvements to calculating calories during indoor cycling and rowing workouts. In addition to improvements to Siri and overall accessibility of the watch, the update also adds support for seven new languages, including Brazilian Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Thai and Turkish, along with support for new emoji characters.

The update, which will bring the Apple Watch up to version 1.0.1, is available now, To download it, head to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, tap General, followed iphone screen protector edmonton by Software Update, The update also adds new emojis and support for seven additional languages, Apple on Tuesday released the first update to the Apple Watch , The update, which measures 51.6MB, addresses many of the complaints users have had since the smartwatch launched in April, One major area addressed with the update is the performance of third-party apps, which up until this point have been sluggish to open..

The YotaPhone 2, one of the more interesting smartphones on the market, comes with a standard LCD display on the front and an e-ink screen on the back. The e-ink display is designed for reading e-books, while the LCD screen is for standard smartphone fare, like searching the Web and reading email. The handset runs on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 801 processor and comes in both black and white versions. Yota Device's decision to use crowdfunding site Indiegogo to pave its path to North America is an interesting one. YotaPhone 2 has been available in other markets, including its home country of Russia, but has yet to make its way to the States. In a statement on the Indiegogo page, Yota Devices said that the $50,000 funding goal will be used to offset some of the fees associated with bringing a new device to the US, like regulatory charges.

So far, the effort is working out: Yota has raised more than $70,000 in just a few hours, exceeding its goal and leaving 61 more days to attract even more early adopters, When customers head over to Indiegogo , they'll have the option of choosing to buy one or two YotaPhone 2 handsets, A special 48-hour sale offers customers the option to buy YotaPhone 2 for $525 -- a $75 discount off the standard $600 price, The offer also include a free case, The devices will ship to customers in August, Yota is also selling iphone screen protector edmonton a $50 wireless charger and those who want two YotaPhone 2 handsets will need to ante up $1,050, An early bird special offering the device for $500 has sold out..

In December, the CNET Reviews team tested the YotaPhone 2 and gave it three stars out of five. While the device's second screen was called "wonderfully novel," CNET's Andrew Hoyle said that the device is too expensive for customers looking for a high-end device. Yota Devices has not said exactly when the handset will launch for those who don't want to buy the YotaPhone 2 through Indiegogo. On its website, the company said only that it'll be available in North America this summer. Yota Devices did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The dock comes nine months after iphone screen protector edmonton the debut of Apple's latest iPhones, and enters a crowded market that already includes multiple third-party docks, Unlike previous docks, this new version has a raised bump and flat surface to accommodate both models of the new iPhone, The raised bump should allow you to easily place dock your iPhone even if it has a case, It has a lightning port for a connection to an outlet, as well as an audio line-out port for headphones, The new accessory will cost $39 and is available today..