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iphone screen protector effectiveness, find iPhone cases and screen protectors to defend your phone against water, dust, and shock.

And more citizens are filming the police in action, because they fear what might occur. Recently, one cell phone recording of an officer trying to trick a driver into admitting he smoked pot was held up as a classic example of police overreach. But whether police are involved or not, trusting anyone with your personal data means letting them into your private life. And that's always a risk. In one incident at Best Buy, for example, a woman said an employee whom she trusted to transfer her photos to a new iPhone instead downloaded them onto a CD and invited her to his house to get it.

If the allegations iphone screen protector effectiveness against Harrington turn out to be true, the case provides, perhaps, another window into the sort of mindset that caused the sharing through Reddit and 4Chan of images of Jennifer Lawrence and many other female celebrities just a few weeks ago, A California woman claims a Highway Patrolman saw personal images on her iPhone and sent them to his own personal cell phone, Court records reportedly say the officer called the practice "a game."Giving someone else access to your gadgets is always risky..

The folks at Native Union have created a splash with the "why hasn't anyone done this already" Night Cable, a 10-foot USB charging cable with a weighted knot to keep it from slipping off the table when it's not connected. But at $40, it's pricey enough to send us seeking alternatives -- and looking for some other cool charging options, too. Related article: Finally! The phone-charging cable you've been waiting for. To be clear, the Night Cable isn't the first -- or only -- long charging cable available. ZeroLemon has made-for-iPhone-certified cables available in lengths of 10 and 16.5 feet for as little as $10 on Amazon, where they've garnered hundreds of positive user reviews. (The nylon model shown here costs a bit more.).

Related article: Finally! The phone-charging cable you've been waiting for, This do-it-all Betrlyfe breakout cable set has Lightning, 30-pin, and micro-USB all connected by braided cable to ensure the utmost protection of your gear -- perfect for those who iphone screen protector effectiveness have old and new Apple gear, as well as Android phones or any other accessories, Related article: Finally! The phone-charging cable you've been waiting for, These AmazonBasics Lightning cables can be purchased in lengths as short as 4 inches and as long as 6 feet..

We tried these out and can recommend them -- they're much more reliable than some of the bargain-basement knockoff Lightning cables you can find on Amazon's site. Just note that their somewhat large Lightning housing won't fit into thick iPhone/iPad cases. Related article: Finally! The phone-charging cable you've been waiting for. This Incipio dual car charger has a built-in Lightning cable with 2.4 amps of power (enough juice to charge an iPad), as well as an extra 1-amp USB port to charge phones or other small gadgets of any variety.

Related article: Finally! The phone-charging cable you've been waiting for, The Nomad ChargeKey is a mobile keychain solution to your charging woes, It has an Apple Lightning cable on one end and a standard USB cable on the other end, and it's recently been updated to a stronger design shown here, Non-Apple users can also pick up the micro-USB model as well, Related article: Finally! The phone-charging cable you've been waiting for, Looking for other cool tech accessories that won't break the bank? In addition to cables, we've got plenty of cool headphones, speakers, and other gadgets you can snag for under $25, Read: Best tech accessories under iphone screen protector effectiveness $25..

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The Apple SIM (subscriber identity module) promised the ability to switch carriers with a few taps on the tablet, instead of having to physically switch out SIM cards, But in many cases the Apple SIM is either unavailable in the new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 or is locked to specific carriers, An AT&T spokesman confirmed Friday that it will lock down the SIM cards found in the new tablets, A new iPad purchased at a T-Mobile store will also include a SIM preset to the carrier, according to a person familiar with the carrier's plans, The tablets purchased at a Sprint store don't have the Apple SIM at all, and are instead iphone screen protector effectiveness fitted with a Sprint-based SIM, according to Apple, In all three of those cases, if a customer wants to switch, the person needs to physically change out the SIM card, just as in older iPad models..