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The team's next project may be to open up Blinkfeed to non-HTC Android and Apple users, although it has given no timeframe. "You have to be willing to invest in a portfolio of products and hope some of them hit," Bamford said. That's a big hope. "Those types of services don't do well when limited to a single device or platform, which is how [Zoe] started out," said Avi Greengart, who covers consumer tech for research firm Current Analysis. "To succeed in those areas, you need viral growth."There are at least two potential payoffs from the move into apps. Getting an app distributed on Google Play and through the App Store helps bring attention to the HTC brand, particularly if it is well received. And if just one takes off, HTC gets a new source of revenue.

Blinkfeed, for example, has 7 million users, according to Bamford, If HTC releases it widely and it expands the audience to 50 million users, HTC could start making money off iphone screen protector for sweaty hands of the app through promoted content or advertising, HTC, he admits, is a long way from those lofty goals, HTC likes to say it is embarking on its "third life" as a consumer tech company, Its first incarnation was as a little-known computer maker -- HTC was originally known as High-Tech Computer Corporation, It evolved into making smartphones for other companies to sell under their own brands, a practice known as "white labeling."In its second life, HTC made a name for itself as a consumer smartphone brand, In 2008, it debuted the Touch Diamond smartphone, which sported a forerunner to its Sense user interface on top of the old, clunky Windows Mobile operating system, That was also the first time the company made any significant noise about itself..

Things were looking up when HTC leapt onto the public stage with its partnership with Google on Android. Looking back, it's easy to forget the move was a huge risk. HTC's entire business at the time relied on Microsoft and the Windows Mobile operating system software. When Google went shopping for a partner for the first Android-based device, it chose HTC to produce the G1 , which debuted in September 2008. T-Mobile, an underdog itself, provided wireless service. "I remember selling to AT&T and Verizon, and I got the stiff arm," recalled Jason MacKenzie, president of HTC's North America business when the company first began developing Android smartphones.

Consumers welcomed HTC's Sense interface as a more iphone screen protector for sweaty hands consumer-friendly coat of paint over Android, which lacked refinement at the time, By 2010, HTC saw its smartphones sold by multiple US carriers, including the Verizon Incredible and Sprint Evo 4G , Overseas, its Desire line of smartphones was a certifiable hit, Its HTC Legend was the first to employ an aluminum body -- two years before Apple did the same with the iPhone 5, "Where there used to be nothing, now they're a force to be reckoned with," Lois Fagan, then Sprint's product executive said when the Evo launched..

But HTC spread itself too thin, creating a number of smartphones models that failed to connect with consumers. It made the first attempt at a Facebook-centric smartphone, the Chacha (known as the AT&T Status in the US), which featured a dedicated button at the bottom to connect to the social network. The Rhyme , a smartphone built for Verizon that targeted women, also flopped. In 2013, the First -- a second attempt at a Facebook phone that was built in cooperation with Facebook itself -- quickly ended up in the bargain bin.

These duds coincided with declining earnings results and forced soul-searching at the company, In addition to streamlining its product portfolio, HTC warmed up to the idea of moving into new areas, Still, there are signs that its retooled lineup, which includes the premium HTC One M8 and the more affordable iphone screen protector for sweaty hands Desire-branded smartphones -- which can be purchased for as little as $100 without a contract -- has helped turn things around, In January, HTC posted its first year-over-year sales gain since 2011 and better-than-expected profit..

HTC doesn't plan on changing on its own. Its partnership with Under Armour, best known as a sportswear maker, is a sign of things to come. "They're used to collaborating and working on these optimized experiences," said Robin Thurston, senior vice president of digital connected fitness at Under Armour. "I certainly have found their teams easy to work with."The company's willingness to work with others is in part driven by necessity -- HTC's relative lack of financial and marketing resources is a disadvantage as it squares off against larger competitors. It's also driven in part by a history of partnering with carriers to build smartphones and with software companies such as Google and Microsoft. Even its ill-fated alliance with Facebook was borne out of its tendency to collaborate.

"It's an odd phenomenon iphone screen protector for sweaty hands that every time a major company wants to do something big in wireless, there's one company they go to," HTC's MacKenzie said, It was HTC's strong relationship with AT&T that convinced the carrier to sell the $199 Re camera in its stores across the US, "It was wildly innovative," Jeff Bradley, head of devices for AT&T, said about his first reaction to Re prototype, "Good for you for trying to break the mold into what is a crowded and established space."He declined to say how the Re camera sales are going, saying only the product has more strategic goals than tactical ones, "We were excited to have something innovative in our stores that could capture the imagination of consumers," Bradley said..