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iphone screen protector how to remove, find iPhone cases and screen protectors to defend your phone against water, dust, and shock.

I wonder what my son dreams of when he sees VR, at the age of 6. Some of it scares him, some of it amazes him. He read out loud that he was seeing Venice, New York City and caves. He asked me if there was an outer-space app. I didn't have one (but there is one, on Android: Titans of Space, and it's free). He understood it. And he liked exploring with it. If I could let my son see far-off places, extinct animals, microscopic molecules, works of sculpture and natural vistas in full 3D, and do it right at home, why wouldn't I let him? VR is mostly curated, uniquely created content. It can illustrate a sense of scale and scope better than an illustration or a video. It's a tool. It's not a replacement for tradition. But it could be a great addition. And if classrooms start using it, how fast will Google's cardboard VR world grow?.

Once Google seeds Cardboard with more apps and videos via YouTube , it could become the only virtual reality kids know, Inexpensive, easy to use, and kid-friendly? I let my kid use Google Cardboard and he showed me why it'll be a hit, My 6-year old son tried on the folded cardboard pair of goggles as I sat next to him on the sofa, My iPhone 6 Plus was in it, running Google's Cardboard app, the company's virtual-reality (VR) software long available on Android and just iphone screen protector how to remove released on iOS, I loaded a panorama of the Museum of Natural History -- his favorite dinosaur room..

Oh, road rage. How you bring out the very worst in humanity. Our self-righteousness, our sanctimoniousness, our sheer need to be right. A piece of footage that has now been viewed by many on YouTube shows the full glory of two people using two different modes of transport and expressing themselves two different ways. Motorcycling site Ride Apart offers that the action happened in LA. Samuel David Ayres was riding his motorbike. He wasn't happy to see a driver texting. It didn't help, I imagine, that the driver was in a BMW. Those cars can elicit an irrational lack of sympathy among certain sections of the populace.

Ayres expressed himself to the driver in forthright, Not Safe For Workmanlike, terms, This may not have gone down well with the driver, For, as the footage from Ayres' GoPro shows, the driver first honked and then appeared to drive his BMW with all the gentle abandon of Ben Hur and his chariot, Ayres told Ride Apart: "I was fully in the left lane the entire time, When the driver started getting really aggressive with me, I definitely slowed down to give myself extra reaction time iphone screen protector how to remove (there wasn't enough traffic to really get away from him right there)."And then Ayres hit the ground..

He said he was concussed "bad enough for me to forget what day, month and year it was and knocking all memory of the past week out of my head." He also said that he suffered fractures in his shoulder and foot. Though he said he's contacted the police, the driver has not been found. This isn't the first time that someone on a bike has wondered about the behavior of a driver. Earlier this year, a Scottish cyclist filmed a driver who was using his cell phone and his laptop. Yes, while at the wheel. Oh, and he was also wearing headphones.

Ayres is now trying to raise money for his surgery, In the end, though, some might wonder whether getting angry at anyone else who populates the road is ever worth it, Swallow hard, In a few seconds, they'll be gone, And your anger will subside, iphone screen protector how to remove Better that than concussions and surgeries, Technically Incorrect: In a fascinating piece of urban warfare footage, a motorcyclist who doesn't like texting and driving comes off worse, Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives..

The Timeline can be accessed by pressing the up or down buttons from the main watch face. Going up goes back in time, where you can view past appointments, the weather conditions earlier in the day, check-ins from Swarm, ESPN updates or other pieces of information from installed apps. (See our how-to on arranging multiple apps on a Pebble Time.). Pressing down will present upcoming events and entries from the same categories and apps listed above. When you've navigated to an item you'd like to read more about, you can press the middle button -- the select button -- on the Pebble Time to view more information. In the case of an in-progress game from ESPN, the live score will show up. Appointment details will include names of those attending and other important info such as duration and notes.

You can select which apps are allowed to add items to your timeline from within the Pebble Time app, Launch the app on your smartphone, tap on My Pebble followed by the Apps/Timeline tab, Select an app you want to add or remove to your Timeline, and toggle its current state to fit your use, This helps you cut down on noise and clutter, or iphone screen protector how to remove throw as much information into the Timeline as you'd like, It's your call, A new Timeline feature in the OS for Pebble Time offers information at a glance, Here's what you need to know..