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The land grab isn't just for technologies and platforms, but for creative talent and app development. Kipman invited app developers to explore HoloLens and Windows Holographic: "Want to create a Holographic app? Easy. Developers: Windows 10 is yours."Apps and developers are the key. They're what's been hurting Windows versus Android and iOS. And resources are limited; new technologies vary greatly. Even in VR, there isn't a common developing language yet. Will developers make the leap to HoloLens and Windows Holographic? Who knows? But Microsoft is hoping for it. Kipman extended the invite: "Oculus, Magic Leap, Glass developers and everyone else, we humbly invite you. Come create holograms with us.""Hologram" could be an attempt at grabbing a familiar icon and branding it, making it familiar to both everyday people and developers alike. The HoloLens isn't about holograms..but in the end, that might be the best way to describe what it feels like. Maybe that's a pretty smart move by Microsoft. And a necessary one, considering what might come next.

Updating its App Store Distribution page on Tuesday, Apple pegged iOS 8's share at 69 percent, just one point higher than the 68 percent recorded around two weeks ago on January 6, The number doesn't reveal the full scope of iOS 8 adoption but iphone screen protector in apple store rather shows the iOS devices that visited the App Store on Monday, January 19, Mobile analytics firm Mixpanel showed a slightly higher market share of 71 percent for iOS 8 as of Monday, Fellow analytics firm Fiksu displayed a 68 percent share as of Monday..

The latest figure from Apple does indicate a more leisurely continuation of the shift to iOS 8. Prior to January, adoption of the new OS had been proceeding at a slow but steady pace, from 47 percent on October 5 to 56 percent on November 12 and 64 percent on December 22. Such a slowdown presents a challenge for Apple, which requires iOS 8 for certain apps and services that it's trying to push, including Apple Pay, the new Health App and HealthKit and the HomeKit home automation platform. Apple's iOS figures include devices that have upgraded to iOS 8 from a previous version as well as new iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches that automatically come with the new version. So the slowdown in adoption may simply be a result of fewer people buying iOS devices following the holiday season.

But iOS 8 has seen its share of troubles and multiple versions since its release last September, so some iOS 7 users may still be jittery about updating, The initial version of 8.0 sprouted a few bugs that Apple had to fix with iOS 8.0.1 a week later, However, the fix created even more trouble, preventing people from connecting to cell networks or use the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, Apple quickly pulled iOS 8.0.1 and launched 8.0.2, The company continued to follow up with iOS iOS 8.1 on October 20 and iOS iphone screen protector in apple store 8.1.2 on December 19..

Developers are currently testing the fourth beta of iOS 8.2, a version that will introduce WatchKit, a framework for developing apps for the Apple Watch. Apple is also reportedly prepping a minor 8.1.3 update with some under-the-cover bug fixes, according to MacRumors and other sources. At some point, iOS 8.x needs to settle into a stable and trusted version that iOS users will want to embrace to get all the latest features. Until then, adoption of the latest OS may continue at a snail's pace. The number of people jumping to the latest version of Apple's mobile OS has slowed down dramatically, according to Apple's latest stats.

Shazam raised $30 million on a $1 billion valuation in its latest funding round, the company announced in a blog post Tuesday, iphone screen protector in apple store While Shazam has not revealed who provided the funding, the company's chairman, Andrew Fisher, told Bloomberg Television in an interview on Tuesday that there were "a couple of billionaires who participated in the funding round."In 2013, the company received $40 million in funding from Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, "Shazam's new investors are a combination of institutional investors and family offices, some of whom like to keep a low profile," a company spokesperson told CNET, "Therefore, due to confidentiality agreements we cannot give any further details."Shazam was founded in 1999 and launched in the UK in 2002 on PCs and Macs, but rose to prominence on mobile devices soon after the iPhone 2 launched in 2008, Shazam was capable of "listening" to a song being played on a radio and identifying it for the user, Starting in 2008, Shazam allowed users to instantly buy those songs via iTunes or Amazon's MP3 Store, giving users quick access to tracks..

Since then, Shazam has grown in leaps and bounds and now has 100 million monthly active mobile users. The company's app has also expanded beyond just music to identify television shows. Upon recognizing the item, users are provided with everything from the name of the track or show to videos, biographies, and lyrics. Users can also buy the particular item from online marketplaces. The service also now integrates with streaming-music offerings Spotify and Rdio, as well as Apple's iOS 8 and Siri. Shazam's latest funding round comes in the wake of the company's CEO Rich Riley saying in July that he had hopes of taking the company public at some point in the next couple of years. In his interview with Bloomberg, Fisher said that the cash infusion will provide a boost to the company's balance sheet as it looks towards an initial public offering.

Though valuations are based partly on guesswork, investors are obviously seeing value in Shazam, Last March, the company announced that it had raised $20 million on a $500 million valuation, At that time, iphone screen protector in apple store its total funding had hit $92 million since its founding, Update, 9:51 a.m, PT: Adds statement from Shazam, Shazam says that it has over 100 million monthly active mobile users and has added more tracks to its music catalog, Entertainment-discovery app Shazam is worth a serious sum of cash, the company revealed on Tuesday..