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This seems like a curious way to commune with your local peacekeeper. However, reader Ishan Maduranga tells me that it all started with a picture of one cop painstakingly writing a ticket while three young men posed. Sri Lanka's Gossip Lanka News declared: "The motive is to get some satisfaction by informing their friends that they had been subjected to a fine."This is what social media is all about -- not communication, but gaining satisfaction. And so, as Gossip Lanka News put it: "When this Selfy item gained popularity, young crowds from other localities too had followed suit engaging in the same act."Sometimes, it seems, the young people didn't even get a ticket in the end. The selfie, though, bore witness to their bravado.

You might think that, as in some parts of America, the Sri Lankan police aren't amused by being filmed in the course of duty, You might also think that politics is the art of honesty, For the Asian Mirror reported that police media iphone screen protector installation spokesman ASP Ruwan Gunasekara is delighted with the new trend, It's lovely, he said, because it proves that tickets were actually issued, Should there be a dispute, the so-called polfies could be used in evidence, Canny, those Sri Lankan policemen, Technically Incorrect: In Sri Lanka, there's a curious new selfie trend, one the world shouldn't miss, And police say they like it..

Ten years ago, just before our first son was born, I got my first mobile phone so my wife and I could stay in touch before and after the baby arrived. Now, with the arrival of our second son, the era of flip phones, voice calls and dial-pad text-messaging looks like the dark ages. Smartphones have become an essential tool for modern living, but over the years, I'd mostly settled into a comfortable routine of smartphone tasks: e-books, social networking, messaging, email, navigation, podcasts and photography. When our second son arrived last December, I broke out of that routine and gained a new appreciation for the versatility of smartphones.

I live many hours a day behind the screen of a networked device, and for years, I'd prefer to slide behind my laptop screen rather than pick up my phone, The laptop shows more, the iphone screen protector installation keyboard is vastly faster for typing and the hardware is much more powerful when it's time to edit photos, But guess what? I can't work holding a laptop in one hand and a baby in the other, And I can't use a keyboard when I'm sitting on the bed with a sleeping infant on my lap, I know smartphones are on the rise, But until that baby pried me away from my laptop, I didn't realize just how much, That rise in utility is important, given that for much of the world's population, a smartphone likely is the only option when it comes to computing devices..

I expected phones to be good for taking baby pictures, watching tutorials on swaddling, researching medical matters, keeping health records, video chatting with faraway relatives and sending a birth announcement from the hospital. But here are some of the areas where I didn't expect phones would play as much of a role in my baby-infused life. These days, it's hard to separate work hours from nonwork hours. That's especially true if, like me, you work from home in France and many of your colleagues and business contacts are in the US and working during Europe's evening and late night.

My one-handed phone-based productivity has improved considerably with practice, I can't whip through email as fast as with two hands and a PC, but tapping and swiping messages in the Gmail app works pretty well, I've also discovered Android's voice recognition abilities, I now dictate emails, text messages and, with Google Docs, news iphone screen protector installation stories, For somebody who's used to jumping around a document when composing, the linear nature of dictation takes some getting used to, But it beats poking one-handed at a laptop or smartphone..

I spend a lot of time typing on my phones, too. Right now I'm using a Google Nexus 5, larger Nexus 6, and an in-between Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3 . The smaller Nexus 5 works better for one-handed typing -- but over and over I find myself reaching for the bigger phones because the larger screen is so much more useful when you're reading email, e-books, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and just about anything else. I wasn't sold on phablets before, but now I am -- as long as I remember to avoid a couple of pairs of pants with the smaller pockets.

I didn't expect this at all, but the selfie cam on the front of iphone screen protector installation my phones is now useful for something other than vanity shots, I use it to see if the kid hidden away in the baby carrier on my front is asleep or not, And one co-worker sings the praises of Dropcam's app, which lets him check whether crying episodes in the middle of the night are blips or something warranting more parental attention, A networked camera is also good for more serious communications, When some red spots appeared on our baby, we snapped a photo and emailed it to our pediatrician, He blamed early-season mosquitoes, not chicken pox..