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If you want to use Call+ to call a mobile phone or a country not on the freebie list, you'll have to spend a little time or money. You can buy a day's worth of unlimited calling for 99 cents, or complete various "partner" offers to earn blocks of time. But, for example, if you have family in Thailand and just want to make free calls from your phone (without impacting your monthly minutes or paying exorbitant international rates), now you can. I continue to find Call+ one of the most appealing phone apps in recent memory.

Bluetooth is on board to sync with the Polar Flow mobile app on your Android or iOS device, The watch supports wireless chest-based heart-rate monitors and it's waterproof so you can wear it while swimming or in the shower, The A300, as well Polar's existing products, will also soon be able to sync with popular food-tracking app MyFitnessPal, One welcomed change from the M400 is the addition of iphone screen protector is it necessary vibration, The company noted in its press release that the A300 will vibrate to notify you when you've been inactive for an extended period of time, The vibration can also be used for a silent alarm to wake you up in the morning, As for battery life, Polar notes that you should be able to get about a month from a single charge..

During the brief time I spent with the A300, I noticed within seconds that it's nearly identical to the M400. The rubber strap has that same soft touch feel that we liked with the M400 and the button layout is the same. There are up and down buttons on the right with a single activity button to start workouts in the middle, while a backlight button resides at the top left and a back button at the bottom left. I was also reminded of the Sony Smartwatch 3. The strap on the watch is interchangeable and the full device pops right out. What's interesting is the method the A300 uses to charge. After removing the strap you will notice a small USB plug that connect directly to your PC.

The Polar A300 will be available in the US in February in white, black and pink for $140, UK and Australian prices were not announced, but the US price converts to around £90 or AU$175, but expect final prices to differ, The watch can also be bundled with a heart-rate monitor for $180 (£120, AU$220 converted), Additional iphone screen protector is it necessary straps in white, black, pink, blue, gray and yellow can be had for $25 (£16 or AU$30 converted), We expect to see a lot more activity trackers and running watches this week at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas -- follow CNET's ongoing coverage of CES 2015 here..

Editors' note, January 3, 2015: An earlier version of this article noted that the Polar A300 included GPS to track pace and distance during runs, but this is not the case. The article has been updated with the correct information. The Apple Watch Series 3 offers built-in cellular for data and even phone calls. It works.. After a month with the Fitbit Versa, we're looking past its limitations and finding there's.. Weeks-long battery, always-on screen, and yeah, $80. This slim "smart" activity tracker features GPS, a heart-rate monitor, color touch-screen..

It’s got everything you’d expect from a smartwatch, including cellular connectivity iphone screen protector is it necessary --., The new Polar A300 fitness watch, announced at CES 2015, can track your daily activities and provide smart coaching, Polar at the International CES trade show has announced a new dedicated fitness watch with all-day activity tracking, The A300 is a cousin to the M400, a well received product on CNET , and shares some of the same features, In addition to being able to track your steps taken, calories burned and distance traveled, the A300 automatically measures your restful and restless sleep at night, One feature it doesn't include, however, is GPS to track your pace and distance when running..

You're already so exposed that the chances of impressing are small. However, on the New Year's edition of "The Price Is Right," the question of what an iPhone 6 might cost exposed -- well, you decide. The show was revisiting some of its greatest moments of the year. Here we had a 16GB iPhone with a one-year calling plan, 4 gigs of data and unlimited talk and text . Who would guess what it cost?. The first contestant offered $7,500. Which seemed a little steep, even for Apple prices. The next one knew better. Or at least thought he did. For he guessed $7,501.

The third was a little more sanguine: $850, The last lady suggested $930, At this point, presenter Drew Carey's face resembled that of a man who had swallowed a wasp's nest, He mused: "I hope the marketing people at Apple are watching this."I'm almost certain that Jony Ive doesn't miss an iphone screen protector is it necessary episode, As for the marketing people, well, perhaps they're too busy for such fripperies, Should you wonder what the right price was, it was $1,969, Which, when you give it careful consideration, is still a remarkably large amount of money..