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The Apple Watch, which requires an iPhone 5 or later to run basic apps and receive notifications, is Apple's first foray into the wearables space, and a pricey one at that. It tops out at $17,000 for the 18-karat gold edition, with more modestly priced options like Apple Watch Sport, which starts at $349. The smartwatch market had been ticking quietly for several years, with occasional flutters on rumors of an impending watch from Apple. The company first unveiled the Apple Watch in September of last year, and it went on sale last Friday. Analysts have contended that it is the spark that the market has been waiting for.

Competitors include iphone screen protector liquid a range of new or updated smartwatches from companies including Sony, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, LG and Pebble, The Apple Watch's health-tracking capabilities also mean that consumers will be weighing it against fitness bands from the likes of Fitbit and Microsoft, Unlike with iPhone launches, Apple has not yet disclosed initial sales figures.The smartwatch has been backordered since presales started April 10, and many would-be buyers won't receive their Apple Watches until June or even July, It's unclear how much of the delay is due to the strength of the demand and how much is because of supply shortages and manufacturing issues..

In order to measure a person's heart rate, Apple Watch has a sensor built into its underside that sits directly above the top of the wrist. When users are looking for their heart rate, the sensor beams green-colored and infrared LEDs at the wrist. That sensor, which flashes the lights hundreds of times per second, uses green light because blood absorbs that color and reflects red. Each time the heart beats, blood flows through the wrist and the light is absorbed. If the heart rate is off beat, the green light absorption is lesser. By measuring light absorption with the sensor, Apple Watch can therefore determine a person's heart rate.

The issue with tattoos, though, is that light is absorbed differently due to the ink, That can limit the accuracy of the heart rate monitor and cause measurements to be off, Heart rate monitoring can be an important feature for Apple Watch owners, Active users, like runners, often use the feature to see how their heart is faring on a long run, Others may track heart rate to measure stress and overall health, Apple says that a possible solution to the issue is to use an external heart rate monitor, though that defeats the purpose of having the feature in the first place, It's unclear whether the company will provide any updates to the sensor iphone screen protector liquid as time goes on..

Before then, however, Apple may need to worry more simply about getting its watch into consumers' hands. Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Got a tattoo on your wrist? You could find it difficult to get an Apple Watch to track your heart rate. It's all about the way the ink blocks light from built-in sensors. If you have tattoos, you may have one less feature to count on in the Apple Watch. Apple has updated a support page on its website to say that some people who have tattoos may find that the wearable's heart rate monitoring doesn't work as expected, confirming user reports over the last week who reported errors in the device's readings.

The next time you reply to, or compose a new message your custom messages will available as an option, Instead of using the replies Apple provides, create your own, Being able to quickly reply to a message from your Apple Watch is a big part of its appeal, Currently, you have the option of sending a voice-note, a iphone screen protector liquid dictated message (transcribed by Siri) pr using one of the pre-defined replies provided by Apple, The list of replies houses six different responses, albeit generic ones, With a few seconds of your time, you can overwrite Apple's default replies with your own, Here's how..

You might not even realize that your maps program uses data -- after all, it's a GPS service, right? Wrong. It absolutely uses data, especially if you're using the built-in navigation service, turn-by-turn directions, watching traffic or checking out the satellite mode. While this might not make a huge data dent if you have a short commute, road warriors need to be vigilant. Both Google Maps and Apple Maps have offline modes (though Apple Maps' offline mode is on the down-low; to get to it, you'll need to put your phone in Airplane Mode). These let you see a small portion of a downloaded map for navigation. But if you're tied to your GPS navigation, offline maps aren't terribly useful.

Luckily, there's a way to get GPS navigation and turn-by-turn directions without going online: the CoPilot GPS app, For $7.99, CoPilot (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) gives you 2D offline street maps and full navigation for the US, For additional fees, you can get extra maps, iphone screen protector liquid navigation in Canada and active traffic reports, There's a UK version for £15.99 and an Australian version for AU$39.99, You already know that downloading (and uploading) large attachments over your data connection is not a great idea, But just opening messages can eat up valuable data, especially if they're full of schmancy signatures and other rich-text nonsense, Gmail and iCloud users can download Dropbox's Mailbox app (Android, iOS), which is nifty for a few reasons, but it will also save you some data, This app nixes all rich-text formatting in messages, so you can read your emails in boring, data-saving black text, It will show HTML messages and attachments, though..