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iphone screen protector locations, find iPhone cases and screen protectors to defend your phone against water, dust, and shock.

Manfrotto is well known for its professional and consumer camera gear, but it also has a line of iPhone photo and video accessories, such as the Klyp+ collection for iPhone 5/5S. Pictured here is its bumper case that is subtly notched for attaching a powerful LED light and tripod adapter ($95, £72, AU$100) or a small kickstand. The case also has a threaded mount for use with portrait, landscape, and fish-eye lenses. To go with the Klyp+ accessories or small cameras, Manfrotto makes the Pixi tripod for $28 (£25, AU$30). The ball head is quickly adjusted with a button in front, and you can collapse the legs and use them to shoot handheld video.

The S1 is a simple, well-designed solution for steadier -- and more comfortable -- smartphone video and photos, At its core, it's a sturdy clamp that can hold a device from 48 iphone screen protector locations to 93mm (1.9 to 3.6 inches) wide, Rubber pads grip your phone to keep it from sliding out, Once your phone is in, it can stand on its own, or you can stick it on a tripod, For hand-held use, a weighted extender is included that screws into the tripod mount on the S1, Also included is a wrist strap that slips between the S1 and the extender..

The S1 really gives you a great grip when shooting. And when you're not shooting, you can use it as a stand for video chats. You can pick it up direct from Shoulderpod. This is not for everyone, but if you need to get more professional-looking (and sounding) video from your iPhone, the iOgrapher is a great place to start. The lightweight polycarbonate case snugly holds your iPhone 5/5S and gives you two comfortable handles for making more controlled movements. Two accessory shoes give you someplace to mount a shotgun mic and LED light panel. It has a standard metal tripod mount in the base and there's a threaded 37mm lens mount for using adapter lenses.

I've also been using with GoPro and other action cameras, Just mount the camera in one of the accessory shoes, wirelessly connect the camera to your iPhone, and you can use its screen to frame your shots and start and stop recordings, If you need steady video from your iPhone and you're willing to pay for it, there's the Tiffen Steadicam iphone screen protector locations Smoothee, Just like the larger professional Steadicams, it uses counterbalance weights to stabilize your camera while it's in motion, It works extremely well, but at $150 (£170, converted about AU$160) you really have to want steadier video from your iPhone (or GoPro since there's one available for that as well)..

A skate dolly allows you to get smooth tracking or panning shots with your smartphone camera. They can be expensive, though, which is where Monoprice comes in. Its dolly is solidly built and rolls smoothly. The base plate has markings so you can precisely angle the axles to turn a full circle in as small as a 7-inch radius. Monoprice also sells 7- and 11-inch arms as well as the Clip Clamp phone mount, which is a very inexpensive way to attach your phone to a 0.25-20 tripod mount. The Triggertrap Mobile Dongle lets you use your smartphone as a remote shutter release for digital SLR or advanced compact cameras.

Though it can be used as a simple shutter release, its true strength is painless setup of time-lapse and HDR photography, It also will allow you to trigger the shutter release with sound, which comes in particularly handy when paired with its Flash Adapter for high-speed photography, The dongle is compatible with more than 280 cameras and the apps, which recently got iphone screen protector locations a complete redesign and new features, are available for iOS and Android, It doesn't have the best name, but the iUSBportCamera is a nice little device, For about $200 (converted to about £115, AU$215) this adapter allows you to wirelessly tether a Nikon or Canon dSLR to your iOS or Android phone or tablet..

Connect it to the USB port on your camera (a Mini-USB cable is included, so Nikon users might need to supply their own cable), turn it on, and you can create an ad-hoc network between it and your mobile device by selecting the iUSBport in your Wi-Fi settings. Once connected, you can use the free iOS or Android app to control your camera's settings, get a live view from the camera (if your camera has live view), tap to focus, and trigger the shutter release. You can set the app to automatically transfer shots to your device, or you can just view what you've captured. The app also has an intervalometer, bulb mode, HDR bracketing, macro photography, and self-timer controls.

When I first saw the Hitcase Pro iphone screen protector locations my first, second and third thoughts were, "No, just no." (You're better off buying an actual action cam and not using your iPhone as one.) However, for those who really want to do everything with their iPhone, this is worth checking out, The shell is made from a tough ABS/polycarbonate blend, the inside is padded with plenty of shock-absorbing Poron, and it closes airtight at three different points making it waterproof to 33 feet (10 meters), All that protection and you still have full use of your iPhone..