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So far, Sony has kept many of the details surrounding its Attach quiet. The technology is still a prototype, so details can change as development continues. Sony did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Sony posts a video to YouTube showing the SmartEyeGlass Attach in action, as the prototype offers everything from mapping data to assistance in hitting a tennis ball. Sony's Google Glass competitor, SmartEyeGlass Attach, has cropped up in a new video showing what it's like to wear the device.

After using the app for the last few months, I still don't know how it was allowed through the App Store, But I'm thankful it was, The latest update to Workflow adds new features and actions and improves upon the app tremendously, There are over 50 new actions alone, in addition to improvements being made to previously available actions, Unfortunately, still missing from the app's offerings is the ability to back up and sync actions using iphone screen protector machine iCloud, When building workflows, often times you need to access the same actions more than once, The search bar makes it easy to quickly find an action, but after the latest update you can now favorite actions for easier access..

Tapping on an action in the editor will reveal its description, along with a button to favorite it. After adding an action to your favorites, tap on the Favorites option in the editor for easy access. The previous version of Workflow required you to launch the app, tap on the workflow, then tap on the Play button to run a workflow within the app. With the update, the process for running a workflow from the main grid is as simple as double-tapping on a workflow's icon. One of my favorite things about Workflow is the community of users who share various workflows and ideas. But not every workflow created and shared will fit your exact needs. As such, customizing a workflow meant tinkering with a copy of the workflow that works.

Tap and hold on any workflow in the main screen until it's highlighted, In the top-right corner of the screen a duplicate icon will appear, Now you can make changes to any workflow without worrying about ruining what was already working, These tips are just scratching the surface of what's been iphone screen protector machine added to Workflow 1.1, but they're more than enough to get you started with the new features, For more information on what's been added, be sure to check out workflow.is/whatsnew, Workflow, the popular iOS automation app, has received a huge update adding new features and actions, Here are some tips to help you get started..

The BQ Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition is the first phone to showcase the mobile version of the popular open source operating system. The Aquaris E4.5 is an existing Android phone made by Spanish manufacturer BQ. The Ubuntu Edition adds new software but the phone remains almost unchanged. The volume and power buttons are the only physical buttons on the phone. This is the phone locked. To wake it, swipe on the screen. The first scope is a home screen that compiles useful information about your day, like the weather and your appointments.

Swipe in from the left to see a list of apps, Pressing the orange Ubuntu logo takes you back to your "today scope", the default home screen, Pullling down from the top reveals iphone screen protector machine the notifications and settings, similar to most mobile operating systems, Swiping in from the right reveals the apps and scopes you have open in a nifty carousel animation, Keeping your finger on the screen and scrolling back and forth moves through everything open, while flicking your finger quickly hops back to the last app you used..

Swiping up from the bottom lets you manage your scopes. The news scope pulls in the headlines from various news sources, which you can choose and re-order to see the things that matter to you. The video scope shows you videos from YouTube and Vimeo. The music scope combines the music saved on your phone and online sources like YouTube or Soundcloud. The music scope also includes music-related services and sources like Songkick, which shows you nearby gigs and tours. Oh look, Elbow are playing. Tapping on an item takes you to a dedicated scope for that source, service or publication. So here we see that Elbow gig in the Songkick scope.

The photo scope shows you photos taken on the phone, and other places you have photos saved, like Instagram, The nearby scope shows you different information depending on your mood or status, If you're on the move, it iphone screen protector machine shows you traffic updates, If you're hungry, restaurant reviews pop up, This scope compiles the apps you have on your phone, The camera looks like any smartphone camera, There's no physical button, so you have to take pictures by tapping the screen, Speakers and a standard micro-USB socket for charging..