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The Digital Touch video highlights the new ways users can communicate with other Apple Watch owners. Pressing the side button takes you to your friends list. You can add people to the list through the Apple Watch app on the iPhone. To choose a friend, you turn the digital crown. You can then make a call or send a message. If the friend has an Apple Watch, you can send what Apple calls a "digital touch." That could be a sketch you drew with your finger, taps you make on the watch (that your friend then feels), or your digital heartbeat, made by resting two fingers on the screen.

The Faces video gives you information about how you can customize the watch by changing the watch face, To access new faces, you press and hold on the display of the watch, bringing up the gallery, You then swipe right until you find the face you want, such iphone screen protector optus as Mickey Mouse, Holding your finger on the face when selecting it lets you customize it, such as making a more detailed display or changing the colors, Finally, the Messages video shows how you can respond instantly to items without pulling out your iPhone, When you get a message, Apple Watch taps you so you don't miss it, Raising your wrist will display the message, and you can either tap "reply" on the screen to respond or lower your wrist to dismiss the alert..

You then use the digital crown to sort through "smart replies" tailored to your conversation. For instance, if a friend asks what you want to eat, possible replies include "sushi," "pizza" or "not sure." You can also preset your own quick replies through the Apple Watch app on the iPhone or dictate responses using Siri on the watch. You can send the Siri-generated reply as an audio or text message. Instead of sending a text reply, you can instead send an animated emoji of a smiley face, heart or hand.

To send a new message to someone else, you press the digital crown to go to the home screen and then tap the messages icon, Pressing firmly on the screen will bring up an option iphone screen protector optus to start a new message, You then add a contact and compose your message, The company touts key features of its smartwatch in four short video clips released a week before presales start for the pricey device, Apple is giving us a detailed look at some of the main features of Apple Watch, a week before presales start for the device..

Last week saw LG unveiling the phone's 5.5-inch Quad HD display; Monday, we got our first glimpse of the UX 4.0 software that will run the show. Today, we're learning about the improved camera lens. A new YouTube video from LG shows the forthcoming smartphone with an f/1.8 aperture limit. In short, this means more light on the sensor and better image quality in low-light conditions. For the sake of comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S6 packs an f/1.9 lens, while the HTC One M9 offers an f/2.2 lens. Does this mean a better overall picture? Not necessarily. Processing algorithms have a bit to do with that. The jump does signal, however, an improvement over last year's model.

The LG G4's full camera details have yet to be confirmed, but it's rumored to pack a 16-megapixel rear camera, We might also expect the laser autofocus found in the G3 and this year's G Flex 2 , Another interesting feature we see in the LG G4 is at least an option for a leather backing, Invitations to the April 28 event show the handset as having what appears to be a leather, or at least leatherlike, finish, It isn't clear whether the LG G4 will iphone screen protector optus have a natural leather cover like the Moto X or the faux stuff of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ..

Fortunately, all of these unanswered questions should be addressed in the coming weeks, possibly even before the April 28 launch at the rate LG is releasing its secrets. Set to touch down on April 28, LG's flagship smartphone will be better suited for taking pictures in low-light conditions, the company says. LG's next-gen flagship smartphone, the G4, is expected to launch on April 28. How do we know? It's simple: LG can't keep quiet over the handset. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

For some, the ability to view all of your email accounts, be it an Google or IMAP/POP account (iCloud, Comcast or iphone screen protector optus the like) in the same place is the easiest way to keep tabs on multiple accounts, The only problem was, the ability to view non-Google accounts mean threaded conversations cluttered up your Inbox -- or so it appeared, Threaded conversations groups together messages with the same subject into one tidy entry, where you can then move between individual emails within the conversation with ease..