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A strong point of Firefox OS is that, since it's a browser-based operating system, it can in principle just load a Web site or Web-based app. Even with iOS and Android apps a top developer priority, it's important to have a presence on the Web, too. In practice, though, making sure Web apps are tailored for the small screen and tested with Firefox OS is another matter. Take the view of Erez Pilosof, chief executive of Hop, a startup trying to remake the world of email with a text messaging-style interface. It's currently developing a version of Hop for browsers on people's PCs based on its users' requests, Pilosof said. "We'll consider porting the Web version to Firefox OS, but I must say we have lots of users and never received a request for Firefox OS," he said.

Another pessimist is Rob McCarthy, technical advisor at Mobiquity, iphone screen protector plastic which develops mobile apps for a wide range of business clients, "The only place we see Firefox going as a mobile OS is down-market, to people who can tolerate limited apps, less than ideal performance and low-end device quality," he said, "The OS itself does not do enough to enable it to be cost- or feature-competitive to Android in any mature market, Without that competitiveness, it's hard to see the value a developer can get out of Firefox OS in selling apps."Even Mozilla's Firefox OS partners say the app situation needs work, "We also want to see them develop the ecosystem," said Jean-Marc Polga, Orange's device program manager..

Web apps need better performance before they can run apps like Looksery, which analyzes faces in video to add special effects to people's appearance, said Looksery CEO Victor Shaburov. "This will not run as HTML5 now," he said. "Unfortunately we will not be able to support Firefox OS." Mozilla is working to cater to developers like him and game authors, though, with a JavaScript-speeding technology called asm.js. Gal, though, looks at more criteria for success than just apps. He also considers influence on iOS and Android.

Those operating systems, he said, have followed Mozilla's lead in advancing mobile Web technologies, "Today Android and iOS have more capabilities -- they have accepted APIs [application programming interfaces] that we proposed," Gal said, "The goal with Firefox OS is not just Firefox OS, but but make sure iphone screen protector plastic other OSes support the same APIs."And even though Google's Android One program is bringing cheaper Android phones to developing countries, Firefox OS can undercut it, "We heard back from vendors in India in particular that for them Firefox OS worked out better in sales numbers than Android One," Gal said, with the competition costing three or four times as much..

Firefox OS is maturing, too, and Gal thinks that will change how it looks and works. "We had in the beginning to catch up to things native ecosystems could do three or four years ago," like Bluetooth or NFC radio communications. "The next step is less familiar territory -- to use the unique advantages of the Web and expose them more to the user," he said. Specifically, that means making it easier to use software. With browsers today, you simply go to a Web page and it loads. There's no app store searching, downloading and installing.

With the Web, "You don't have to install something, you just experience it, When you go Amazon.com iphone screen protector plastic you don't download something, We think that's a more powerful experience than on iOS or Android," and he hopes Firefox OS will apply some pressure toward openness because of it, A partnership with Verizon and other carriers is aimed at bringing the browser-based operating system to wealthy countries, But don't expect ordinary slab-of-glass phones, BARCELONA -- Mozilla announced partnerships with Verizon Wireless and other carriers to bring phones running its Firefox OS to wealthy countries where the browser-based mobile operating system today is all but unknown..

The Klif, announced at the Mobile World Congress show here, move is a ringing endorsement of Mozilla's Firefox OS plan, which aims to break down some of the barriers in the mobile market by spreading its browser-based operating system. Mozilla concluded that the market most vulnerable to attack is a super low-budget category in developing nations, where Google's Android operating system isn't an option because it requires more powerful, expensive hardware. "We will address this part of the population who still don't have access to the Internet," said Yves Maitre, Orange's executive vice president of connected objects and partnerships. "In this part of the world, the smartphone penetration is 11 percent. In sub-Saharan countries, it's around 5 percent."Smartphones have swept the world, providing new ways for people to communicate, share photos, purchase products, play games, watch video and learn what's going on. But the novelty has worn off in wealthier countries, where smartphone market is relatively saturated. Developing countries, in contrast, are ripe for growth.

Orange will sell the phone with voice and text-messaging services, but it's the 500MB per month of 3G data service that the company thinks will stand out, And even though it's inexpensive, it'll still be profitable for the company, even if customers don't stick with Orange beyond the initial six-month period, The phone package will go on sale in the second quarter in 13 countries -- Egypt, Senegal, Tunisia, Cameroon, Botswana, Madagascar, Mali, Ivory Coast, Jordan, Niger, Kenya, Mauritius and Vanuatu, Orange today has 180 million customers, Orange, which has 97.5 million customers in Africa and the Middle East, also does business in Equatorial Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry, iphone screen protector plastic Morocco, the Republic of Central Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo, so it's a major ally for Mozilla..