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Apple spent the latter half of the event taking users through the different features of the smartwatch. You can push the "digital crown" -- a crown is the part of a traditional watch used to set the date, time and wind it -- to activate Apple's Siri voice assistant, or just say "Hey, Siri" to ask questions. "Glances" let you quickly see text message notifications, phone calls, emails, sports scores or calendar entries. Other capabilities include the ability to "Shazam" a song through the watch and get hotel check-in information.

The Apple Watch also has a near-field communication, or NFC, chip, allowing you to pay iphone screen protector price for goods with the Apple Pay mobile payments system it announced last year (Cook said today that 700,000 locations accept Apple Pay), Friends with an Apple Watch can share sketches or heartbeat information using what Apple calls "digital touch." It's also accurate to within 50 milliseconds of the Universal Time Standard, Cook boasted, "It's a whole new way to communicate."Apple Watch will take on fitness band rivals like FitBit and Jawbone with its own fitness-tracking capabilities, The Watch collects data and offers suggestions for new exercise sessions based on past workouts, "It's like having a coach on your wrist," Cook said..

As for battery life, Cook said the Apple Watch battery lasts "all day," providing 18 hours on typical usage. Apple also unveiled iOS 8.2 on Monday, a new version of its mobile operating system software that includes an app store dedicated to the Apple Watch. Beyond apps, customers can view how-to videos to learn about the gadget, get help with the set-up and determine the notifications. The Mobile World Congress trade show, held in Barcelona last week, illustrated just how crowded the smartwatch arena has become. The increasingly competitive market includes the LG Watch Urbane LTE, a round, stainless steel smartwatch with its own cellular connection that enables it to work without a smartphone. Huawei also unveiled a round, stainless steel smartwatch featuring a sapphire display -- the same material used in high-end timepieces.

While startup Pebble is widely acknowledged to have kicked off the smartwatch trend with its first product in July 2013, Samsung iphone screen protector price brought some heft with its first Gear smartwatch, Google attempted to bring consistency to the experience with Android Wear, a version of its mobile operating system tweaked to work on smartwatches, Yet none of the devices have really broken out, Six products running Android Wear accounted for 720,000 units, or just 15.6 percent of a total 4.6 million wearable products shipped last year, according to research firm Canalys..

As Apple makes the case for its own wearable, the excitement over the category could carry over to its competitors. "It'll raise all boats, and other manufacturers, especially those that target Android phones, will benefit from Apple's entry," Dawson said. Even so, Apple investors seemed indifferent to the smartwatch news, even as Cook introduced a new MacBook notebook model, cut the price of its Apple TV streaming media box to $69 from $99 and introduced a new software platform called ResearchKit. Apple's shares rose 54 cents, or less than 1 percent, to close at $127.14 in regular trading on the Nasdaq today.

Few smartwatches have so far resonated with consumers, Apple is trying to drag the entire category into the mainstream with what it calls "the most advanced timepiece ever created."The consumer technology industry has spent the last 18 months hailing wearable devices as the next big thing, But who will want a smartwatch? And, more important, why do iphone screen protector price you need one?, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Admit it, you've cursed at your iPhone once or twice. Just when you needed it most, it left you. Or, rather, its battery did. It left you standing in the middle of a bar, embarrassingly unable to post an Instagram image of your latest purple designer drink. The iPhone battery's relatively short endurance is one of those relationship characteristics that lovers put up with and hope to enjoy moaning about. Honestly, darling, it lasts just three hours most days. What can I do?"Apple design chief Jony Ive sympathizes with your plight. Not at all, really.

In an interview with the Financial Times, he was asked whether a longer lasting battery might be a boon to the human/iPhone love story, He reportedly answered with a logic that goes as follows: You love your iPhone because it's so gorgeous and light, The fact that it's so gorgeous and light means you use it more, The fact that you use it more means your battery runs out iphone screen protector price more often, Conversely, if Apple inserted a bigger battery, the phone would be heavier, You would therefore not feel as much affection toward it, You would find it cumbersome, Or, in Ive's words, less "compelling." You would therefore not use it so much, And therefore Apple might make less money, (Yes, I inserted that last sentence as a mere stimulus-response musing.)..