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The Baselword watch fair is where the world's luxury watch and fashion brands unveil their latest timepieces. This year however, alongside the traditional switch analogue models, were a few watches with some connected smart skills. Breitling's heritage may strictly lie in the high-end watches for pilots world, but even it was getting in on the connected game with the launch of the B55 Connected. Combining analogue dials with digital displays, the B55 Connected gets the latter part of its name from its ability to sync with a Breitling app on your iPhone, for a variety of reasons.

We managed to go hands-on with the watch at the show, so click through to find out more, Stainless steel just wouldn't cut it on a iphone screen protector removal luxury Breitling watch, Instead, the B55 is made entirely from titanium, which is both very light and very strong, Although it's a chunky watch, it didn't feel too heavy to hold and wouldn't weigh you down too much when it's on your wrist, As its name suggests, the watch connects to your smartphone, Currently iOS is supported, by Breitling suggested an Android version will arrive as well..

It doesn't provide the sort of health tracking or notification displays we've seen on proper smartwatches, but the app does do a few handy things. For one, you can check on the battery of the watch to make sure it's not about to conk out. The watch also uses the phone's radio to instantly swap between time zones when you're on the move -- no more fiddling with the crown to move the hands around. Its main function, though, is to record the flight times of pilots. Breitling explained that all pilots are legally obliged to keep a record of all their flight times, so by having the watch track this and automatically store it on the phone, pilots may be able to simply email these records, rather than have to submit them on complicated paper forms.

The watch still has the crown and other buttons as part of the watch, so you can switch between modes and start the timer using the watch itself, if you don't want to get your phone out, For the moment, the B55 is iphone screen protector removal still a prototype and isn't due to hit stores until the end of the year -- and will likely see some design and functionality tweaks before then, Although Breitling didn't want to talk final prices, it did say it hopes the final model will come in under $10,000 (that's £6,686 or AU$12,686, converted at current rates)..

Ara's mix-and-match nature lets you upgrade components a la carte, and play around with leftover ports. Google's current design for an Ara handset -- the endoskeleton, in Ara-speak -- features 12 connection ports for snapping on rectangular modules like the battery and processor (really!). The main point is that Project Ara's somewhat radical (and provocative) approach to smartphone-building is also one that for the first time gives buyers a form of creative expression not just over what their device looks like, but also what it does.

For instance, when your phone is fully charged, you could swap out the charging port in favor of a near-field communications (NFC) chip to make mobile payments, Or maybe it's the regular camera module that gets the boot, in favor of one with a specialized infrared nighttime lens, If you were so inclined, you could even temporarily replace a nonessential unit, like that selfsame camera, with a tiny pack of breath strips to combat a garlicky afternoon out, I can't iphone screen protector removal actually imagine a scenario in which I would unclip my smartphone camera for a pack of breath strips that fit just as easily in my pocket or purse, but someone at Yezz has..

As part of its role in launching Google's first Ara phone pilot, Yezz, a Miami-based phone-maker, created a coffee table book of 100 concepts for the modular phone. A whole lot of these are practical, like an extra battery and dual-camera modules, wireless charging and an LED flashlight. Others are more fanciful, like a snap-on Pico projector or ultraloud speaker, a pill box or a CB radio. Then there are the attachments. Imagine picking up a flip cover that also houses an e-ink screen, or a snap-on game pad for playing retro titles.

Athletes could swap in any number of modules with more powerful, sensor-based functions for their sport, Health-care providers and patients could likewise add a specialized module for tracking certain long-term conditions, What's unique about Project iphone screen protector removal Ara phones is the deep level of customization that they promise, "Customization" is one of those catch-phrases that's usually (and ironically) saddled with a more fixed meaning than the word suggests, You can always personalize your experience through cases and apps (or by rooting the phone OS to apply your own ROMs.) In a rare turn, Motorola gives you Moto Maker to control the Moto X's finish and accents..