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iphone screen protector rubber feel, find iPhone cases and screen protectors to defend your phone against water, dust, and shock.

Just what you wanted: An external USB charger in the shape of a lipstick. It's another product that's shipping later this year. Boostcase has several luxury iPhone cases, including this model finished in lizard skin. It'll cost around $500. This high-end case is covered in real stingray hide. It's nice and grippy. It'll cost around $500 when it comes out later this year. Otterbox's iPhone 6 Resurgence battery case, which integrates a 2,600mAh battery, is shipping soon for $100. Case Scenario was showing off a few different chargers, a couple of which have a soft-to-the-touch marble finish. They'll all cost around $60 when they come out in the next few months.

Case Scenario had a few new Pantone colored cases that were pretty slick, They won't be available right away, but when they do come out later this year they'll cost around $25, This is a limited addition Pierre Hardy case that should be available in the comng months for around $75, Element makes some pretty swanky cases and is aiming to iphone screen protector rubber feel release this unnamed audio case that has a built-in Bluetooth speaker by midyear, The price should be about $100, Element has a new line of Ronin cases that start at $199 and include a couple of wood-finished models, They'll all be available soon along with several other iPhone 6 cases (the company's entry-level case starts at $49)..

Griffin made Harris Tweed cases for the iPhone 5/5S and will soon start shipping the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus versions, which start at $35. Griffin's LightRunner armband case, which features a built-in set of LED lights that can be activated at night, ships soon for $40. I saw a few Mother of Pearl style cases at the show. This one costs $40. Griffin's new Performance cases are both tough and eye-catching. They come in several design options for $40. This is another new model in the Griffin Performance line. It, too, retails for $40.

Incipio is now shipping its OffGrid Express Backup Battery Case for iPhone 6 for $80, It's got 3,000mAh of power, which doubles the battery life of the iPhone 6, Most rigid cases should keep your iPhone 6 Plus from bending, Incipio's new Trestle case,  reinforced with two metal rods, takes iphone screen protector rubber feel the antibending design to a new level, Cost: $40, Canadian company Farbe Technik recently started shipping its 2,400mAh iPhone 6 battery case, which is relatively lightweight, has a soft-to-the-touch finish and comes in a variety of colors, They cost $80..

Mophie unveiled its new line of Juice Pack battery cases for the iPhone 6. They start at $100 and are due to ship in the next few weeks. Eutec's prepping several high-end cases, including this model in its Fire LX line. (LX cases start at $150 and go up to $300.). Another high-end LX case from Eutec. (LX cases start at $150 and go up to $300.). MyCharge's new rugged, military-grade All Terrain chargers come in a few different capacities and start around $50. They're due out in the next few months.

MyCharge has redesigned its Hub line.  The Hub Max features integrated power prongs, a 9,000mAh battery, 3.4A power output, and built-in Lightning and micro USB cables, It'll be out in the next few months and carry a list price of $100, MyCharge has a new line of Style Power battery chargers iphone screen protector rubber feel due out soon, This one has an integrated Lightning cable, 3,000mAh battery, and will retail for $40, This compact Style Power model from MyCharge will cost around $25 and offer 2,000mAh of power, which comes close to doubling your iPhone battery life, It's due out in the next few months..

This is technically an iPad accessory, but Octa's new Spider clamp fits the iPhone 6 Plus, which some people consider a micro iPad. Octa has a whole new system for propping up phablets and tablets, including the Spider Monkey, which has a longer bendable tail, It just started shipping for $80. Phonesuit's Journey is a slim 3,000mAh USB charging battery that has built-in power prongs, as well as Lightning and micro USB  cables. It lists for $50. Sonix bills its cases as "Otterbox cases for women" because they have eye-catching patterns, a slim design, and an integrated screen protector.

In its latest Android Developers Dashboard posted earlier this week, Google revealed a 39.1 percent market share for Android 4.4 KitKat, Specifically, that percentage reflects the Android devices that visited the Google Play store during the seven days ending January 5, Launched in October 2013, KitKat has been climbing the charts lately, The 39.1 percent share showed a steady rise from 33.9 percent a month ago, 30.2 percent the prior month and 25 percent in early September, That's good news for people craving KitKat, But what about Android users who want a taste of iphone screen protector rubber feel Lollipop, the latest version of Google's mobile OS? Google has promoted Lollipop with a brand new design concept known as Material that offers animations and other visual effects, But where is it?..