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If Apple does launch its own reading app, the move would help illustrate the growing importance of news-gathering in the technology space. Flipboard provides a curated content list to users, feeding them content from a wide range of publishers. The app is one of the more popular options for news-seekers, attracting 65 million users since its launch five years ago. News continues to be a driving force in Internet usage. Facebook earlier this month announced its Instant Articles plan to publish content from nine media outlets directly to Facebook's iPhone app. Facebook's move is considered a major step in the company's efforts to use news to increase people's interaction and time on its service. On a similar note, Twitter has long been an engine for sharing news and has helped drive the site's popularity. Snapchat is also trying to position itself as a news-gathering engine.

All of that interest in news has helped iphone screen protector tesco Flipboard attract suitors, according to several reports, Twitter, Yahoo, and Google are all reportedly eyeing a possible Flipboard acquisition, though it's unclear how advanced the talks are between the companies, A report last month suggested Twitter was willing to pay as much as $1 billion for Flipboard, A move by Apple could be an attempt by the company to throw some cold water on Flipboard and its ongoing success, Apple has faced issues attracting readers to its Newsstand app, and many publishers have complained that the service made it too difficult for readers to find their content, The new offering, according to Recode, would surface content more easily and make it available for free in the hopes of boosting readership..

For publishers, the move could prove to be a lucrative one. According to Recode's sources, Apple would give publishers 100 percent of all of the advertising revenue they sell on their content. If Apple needs to step in to help sell advertising, the company would take a slice of the revenue, according to Recode. Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The Flipboard news-reader, rumored to be an acquisition target for the likes of Twitter, Yahoo and Google, could face a new threat from Apple.

At its Worldwide Developers Conference, which starts Monday, Apple may announce the upcoming debut of Apple Pay in the iphone screen protector tesco United Kingdom, the UK-based Telegraph has reported, Citing unnamed industry sources, the news site said the service will roll out there sometime in the next two months, Much of the technology needed for Apple Pay to work in the UK is already in place, according to the Telegraph, as retailers have invested in the necessary contactless debit- and credit-card payment systems, Apple Pay launched in the US in October as Apple's first venture into contactless mobile payments, Using an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or Apple Watch, you can pay for items on the go at supported retailers via NFC (near-field communication) technology, Apple has been drumming up support for Apple Pay among more and more banks and retailers in the US, but to truly gain a foothold on the market, Apple Pay needs to expand globally, especially as such rivals services as Google's Android Pay and Samsung Pay start to ramp up..

Expanding Apple Pay globally is more of a challenge than it may sound. Reports have surfaced that Apple has also been chatting with banking and financial firms in China and Canada about supporting the payments system. However, there are obstacles. Apple gets a 0.15 percent cut of the 2 percent fee paid by retail merchants for each credit card payment and half a penny for each debit card payment conducted through Apple Pay. But Chinese banks don't want to give that percentage to Apple, an employee of one large bank told MarketWatch in April. Apple CEO Tim Cook said in May that he was "very bullish on Apple Pay in China" but revealed no details as to how negotiations were proceeding.

The situation is also dicey in Canada where banks are balking at the financial terms involved in supporting Apple Pay, the Wall Street Journal said in April, Though Apple has reportedly been talking with several Canadian banks about a possible Apple Pay rollout in November, the banks themselves would have to kick in transaction fees that they consider too high, one source said, Another challenge may have surfaced in the UK as well, In December, the Telegraph reported that Apple had been been speaking with top British banks about adopting Apple Pay, But at least one bank was purportedly concerned about the access that Apple would gain to the personal and financial information of its customers, However, that concern may have been addressed since then, assuming iphone screen protector tesco Apple Pay truly is set to hit the UK in another couple of months..

Even in the US, though, Apple Pay is struggling to become more ubiquitous. All of the major credit cards and many of the major banks support it. But the retail side is another story. Apple continues to sign up more major retailers, but many still hesitate to jump onboard. In a poll of the National Retail Federation's list of the top 100 U.S. retail chains, Reuters reported last week, less than a quarter said they accept Apple Pay and almost two-thirds said categorically they would not accept it this year. Only four chains said they plan to add support for Apple Pay in the next year.

The reasons?, Retailers cited such factors as a lack of sufficient customer demand for Apple Pay, the inability to access the customer data collected in Apple Pay transactions and the cost in implementing the necessary technology, Some chains said they were bypassing Apple Pay in order to join CurrentC, a rival mobile wallet system supported by a coalition of retailers known as the Merchant Customer Exchange, Led by Wal-Mart and other top chains, CurrentC is scheduled to roll out sometime iphone screen protector tesco later this year..