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What was the first Note prototype like?. Roh: It looked more like a journal, wider. We're familiar with wider-size paper [in Korea, compared to the US]. However, we went through a lot of discussions internally. We wanted to catch both features of portability and usability. I remember there was a heated discussion regarding the first version. It was about the pen. Should the pen be embedded inside the device or should it be separate? If you were on our team in 2011, what's your opinion? (Indicating me).

Actually, the opinions were divided half and half because there were always the pros and cons, If [the stylus] is embedded, it's convenient, but it also takes up more space and limits portability, There were also technical limitations as well, As you know now, we decided to embed it, but in order to accommodate the pen limitations, we needed to reduce the pen size and find the optimal location [inside the device], Can you now imagine the Note series without the pen embedded? The pen size was like iphone screen protector utah this in the beginning (holds up a large pen), There was no way of putting it inside..

Because of the size, we had a lot of controversies at the time. Was it going to be inside or outside? We also had another controversy of where to put it in, lengthwise or crosswise. Did you ever think of attaching it some other way, like with a leash?. Roh: All things have been mentioned. Magnetic was one idea. Also another idea was to attach the pen in the cover, and not in the device. Another idea was to have a miniature-size pen, so it could be an auxiliary accessory, like a toothpick. There are certainly trade-offs with the size of the pen.

Roh: As of now, we have overcome all the trade-offs, but at that time, we took one year to figure out how to reduce them, We have to miniaturize some elements and the hardware inside to make room, You have to have one sheet [of the display] embedded to recognize the handwriting, which takes up space, so we had to factor that in, So what's next for the Note?, Roh: I'll make what you want, I'll send you a list, Roh: All I can tell you today is that we are making a lot of preparations for our future and that includes our internal discussions, You can take my word that when it iphone screen protector utah comes out, it will suit your needs..

We discussed your greatest smartphone R&D accomplishment. What was the largest challenge or even failure?. Roh: The biggest challenge in terms of mobile R&D is having to make a decision considering the trade-offs. One of the decisions is to make a high-performance device or if we have to pursue a low-power consumption device. We also have to decide if we want a robust product, or a compact or slim product. Another example of overcoming the trade-off difficulty is choosing the highest RF (radio frequency) performance versus the fancy design. If you imagine a scenario from planning and making a smartphone, the process starts with selecting the top 10 features that we want to include. But each one has pros and cons. We have to optimize the 10 key features.

If all things were really possible, what would be the one innovation you'd love to see in a phone, tablet, or wearable?, Roh: In planning and developing smartphones, the key should be on humans, people, It should be human-oriented, The process was that whatever innovation comes iphone screen protector utah along, it should be able to support people, I cannot give you the details now, but for next year we're prepared for more functions and innovations to come along, You may have sensed some of them in the Note 4, These innovations will be strengthened and solidified for next year as well..

Before the Samsung Galaxy Note had its S-Pen holster, designers and engineers had other ideas about the stylus' shape and size. CNET sat down with a Samsung innovation VP for a peek into the past. Fact: the original Samsung Galaxy Note almost didn't carry its small S-Pen within a bored-out holster. Early designs envisioned a stylus as large as a ballpoint pen, and attachments like a magnet, or even nothing at all. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

Intel Chairman Andy Bryant kicked off an investor event Thursday by reinforcing his company's commitment to mobile regardless of all the red ink, "I'm not going to tell you I'm proud of losing the kind of money we're losing," Bryant told a crowd of investors and analysts at the company's Santa Clara, Calif., iphone screen protector utah headquarters, "But I'm also going to tell you I'm not embarrassed by it like I was a year ago about where we were."He added that the company won't continue to accept losing so much money going forward and it will make improvements..