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I am committed to the Golden State Warriors and we are about to face LeBron James and his roly-poly Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. (First game: Thursday, 6 p.m. PT. Do not try to contact me at that time. Thank you.). So the mere existence of a new ad that features James and talks him, as they say, up makes certain of my body acids prepare themselves for acts of defiance. The ad is for Beats headphones. It has a simple message: LeBron James deserves only the best and the best includes these pretty headphone that some, I suspect, don't think are the best at all.

Indeed, should they be Warriors fans too, they will surely mutter that James deserves second best, In order to reflect supposed class, the makers of this iphone screen protector uv work have introduced a posh English lady to voice this whole affair, The action involves James slowly dressing, He acts well, Those of a critical bent (deep subjectivity coming up), there was as much class in LeBron announcing he was "taking my talents to South Beach" as there is in a cocktail comprising viognier and vinegar, This was class with "r" as its second letter..

(And now back to our regular programming.). The Solo 2 Wireless headphones that he sports at the end of this spot might enhance his image in many ways. They may look delightful when matched with a bespoke suit, a crisp white shirt and a rippling torso. So I can wish him only the very (second) best of luck from Thursday until the finals are complete. In other news, Beats last week released an ad featuring the sublimely competitive, humongously hustling, startlingly superhuman Draymond Green. Yes, he does play for the Warriors. Thank you for asking.

I really didn't do well with that objectivity thing, did I?, Technically Incorrect: In an ad that might make a few audiophiles (and Golden State Warriors fans) become a touch annoyed, the NBA star prepares for the NBA Finals by wearing nice clothes, And headphones, Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on iphone screen protector uv the tech that's taken over our lives, You're not going to get perfect objectivity with this one, (Oh, when do you ever?), Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Disconnect, the maker of a privacy app that stops surreptitious user tracking and malicious advertising, filed a complaint with the European Union on Tuesday. The complaint argues that Google's decision last year to remove Disconnect's app from the Google Play store was an abuse of its "dominant position on Android, the Play Store, and Chrome mobile.""We don't oppose advertising and understand ad revenue is critically important to many Internet companies, publishers and developers," Disconnect Co-founder and CEO Casey Oppenheim said on Tuesday. "But users have the right to protect themselves from invisible tracking and malware, both of which put sensitive personal information at risk. Advertising doesn't have to violate user privacy and security."Google has called the complaint "baseless" and says the Disconnect app violates its policies.

The complaint underscores the increased scrutiny Google faces as it looks to expand iphone screen protector uv the influence of its Android mobile operating system -- the most popular in the world for smartphones and tablets, Not only is the search giant now forced to address why it removed the app from its Google Play marketplace, but the complaint could be heaped on top of an ongoing European Commission investigation into Android, Regulators are concerned with how the search giant exerts its power, especially as more of the world migrates from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets..

In April, EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager announced that her office was pursuing antitrust changes against Google for allegedly dominating its position in the search market. Vestager also announced that the European Commission -- the executive body of the European Union -- has launched a formal investigation into Android, and whether the company's business practices around it are anticompetitive. Disconnect pounced on Google's ongoing issues with the EU, saying that the search giant is using Android in monopolistic ways.

"First, Google has integrated its own ineffective privacy and security 'features' into its dominant products, thereby giving itself an unfair market advantage and harming consumers in the process," the company wrote in a statement, "Second, Google has used its market power to discriminate against Disconnect, by denying Disconnect access to the distribution and other benefits that come iphone screen protector uv with being in the Play Store."The second point is perhaps most important to Disconnect, Google removed the Disconnect app (then known as Disconnect Mobile) twice from the Google Play store last year, Google first removed the app at the end of August, telling Disconnect it needed to make tweaks in order to come back, After those tweaks were made, it took just days for Google to again remove Disconnect, The app has since been kept off the Google Play store..