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Indeed, consumers have grown savvy about selling their existing smartphone to defray the cost of their new purchase -- particularly ahead of the launch of a new iPhone or other flagship product. In 2009, only 9 percent of consumers sold their smartphones, according to a survey taken by Gazelle. By 2013, that number jumped to 31 percent. Gazelle calls its products "certified pre-owned" smartphones, taking a page from car dealerships. The company takes the product and certifies that it is in working order, repairing major damage like the display or battery, and posts it on its own website.

It's not alone in this business, with retailer GameStop, online stores and the carriers themselves offering used smartphones, But Boston-based Gazelle has been so successful on the sales end that it needs to look for new sources of inventory, Sullivan said, adding that he was considering buying excess inventory from the carriers and affiliate partners, "What we're offering is a channel that provides better pricing than traditional wholesale markets," he said, "It's a commercial opportunity for players in this space."The iphone screen protector video business for used smartphones is exploding as more consumers consider the second-best option behind the latest and greatest..

To test them, you can tap the search button in the app, or wake the service with the "OK, Google" command, if you have that set up. Next, simply ask the service to toggle your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or the flashlight. For example. A Google Now card appears and shows you what's being toggled. You can touch the card to adjust the toggle if you asked for the wrong one or changed your mind. Additionally, if you have the volume on, you'll hear confirmation of the action being spoken to you. Right now this feature only works for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the flashlight. However, it will still bring up shortcuts to your other settings -- like GPS, NFC and Airplane mode -- if you ask it to toggle them.

What other toggles would you like to see added to the Google Now voice commands? Share them in the comments below, (Via AndroidPolice and Lifehacker), Forget third-party widgets, Google's Search app will now let you use your voice to toggle several settings on Android Lollipop devices, A recent update to the Google Search app on Android 5.0 Lollipop devices will allow users to toggle their Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and flashlight (camera LED) with their voice, The device will also need iphone screen protector video to be running the most recent version of the Google Search app for these voice commands to work..

Launched on Thursday, BlackBerry 10 OS 10.3.1 provides the usual access to the BlackBerry World app store but also adds entry to the Amazon Appstore, where users can download a variety of Android apps. The latest update has started to roll out for several BlackBerry 10 devices, including the Passport, Z30, Z3, Z10, Q10 and Q5, along with the Porsche Design P'9983 and P'9982 smartphones. The update comes at a time when BlackBerry has steadily fallen to the bottom of the mobile phone heap. At last count, BlackBerry's global market share was less than 1 percent as most smartphone buyers have gravitated toward Apple and Android. Still, the company continues to battle back by launching new phones, such as the BlackBerry Classic and the Passport in hopes of gaining customers who still like the physical QWERTY keyboards and other BlackBerry features. And BlackBerry continues to update its latest mobile OS with new features designed to appeal to existing users and possibly attract new ones. The ability to run Android apps is one feature that might persuade more people to give BlackBerry phones a shot.

The latest update adds other features as well, The BlackBerry Assistant is the company's attempt at a voice assistant, a la Siri, Cortana and Google Now, BlackBerry's first digital assistant is designed to help you work with iphone screen protector video your apps by responding to questions or comments in one of two ways, If you type something, the BlackBerry Assistant responds silently, If you speak, the assistant responds by voice, BlackBerry Blend displays text messages, emails, documents and other content from your phone on your computer or tablet, The BlackBerry Hub has been enhanced with a new option called "Instant Actions." These allow you to organize your inbox without having to go through each individual email..

A new Meeting Mode sets your phone to silent mode while you're in a meeting and then turns it back to active mode after the meeting is over. BlackBerry has added back certain keyboard shortcuts for phones that sport a physical keyboard, where you can assign a specific function to just about every letter. The camera has been upgraded with a panoramic feature and other enhancements. And finally, BlackBerry promises a 15 percent jump in battery life by letting you pick which apps and features you want to stay active or become passive.

The new version is already rolling out to customers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia Pacific region, Those of you in North America iphone screen protector video should see the update arrive over the coming weeks, But your timing will vary depending on your mobile carrier, A spokeswoman for BlackBerry told CNET that some Canadian customers of wireless carrier Rogers have already started to receive the update, The latest update to the BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system also adds such features as a digital assistant -- a la Siri and Cortana -- and a meeting mode..