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Otherwise, you'll find a slew of ways to customize things from motion control to the notification panel. Blocking mode and private mode are present, and those who find the UI a little too frenetic can switch to a simpler Easy mode. As a security measure, the biometrically-minded can set up the fingerprint scanner as well (though its time-saving property is dubious). Large phones like this one often come with settings to turn on one-handed operations. New in the Note 4 is a persistent panel hosting icons for your home-button functions, plus one to shrink down the application window for theoretically better one-handed use. You can expand or hide it on any screen, and of course, customize the icons.

Features that would help me use the phone one-handed are some I'd like to like, but in order for it to work, you have to be able to comfortably grip the phone and navigate with a thumb, something I had problems with while grabbing a pole on the bus and giving blood, both activities that really test these claims by taking an arm out of commission, Also, though it's meant to iphone screen protectors bulk be temporary, shrinking the app window defeats the purpose of having such a large display in the first place, Shrinking the screen is one way to use the Note 4 when you've only got one free hand..

Just two more notes on apps before we move on. You may notice a few tiny changes to S Health. In the US at least, S Health gets a new optional "coach" you can use that's sourced by healthcare provider Cigna. In addition to checking your heart-rate, the app can also monitor your blood-oxygen level (SpO2). You might also notice fewer bundled Samsung apps in general, like the Kid's Mode that came pre-installed in the S5. These haven't disappeared, they're just packaged into Galaxy Apps and include partner apps (many that comes with deals) like Dropbox and Kindle for Samsung. Any other bloatware you find on your phone is most likely courtesy of your carrier.

The Note 4 still supports a split-screen mode that lets you resize two app windows from a list of supported programs, You can now launch it several ways, including from the Recents tab, and can also create smaller pop-up windows to drag around the screen, The first great smartphone of 2015, Beautiful and bold..with complications, The new no-compromise MacBook, A stellar on-ear headphone, Crave-worthy curves for a premium price, The Good The 5.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a brilliant high-resolution screen and takes excellent outdoor shots on its 16-megapixel camera with iphone screen protectors bulk optical image stabilization, Using the stylus is more convenient, and the battery charges very quickly..

The Twitter-owned video-sharing company rolled out Vine Kids on Friday to let children watch looping 6-second Vine videos that have been screened for child-appropriateness. "Kids love Vine," Vine head of communications and marketing Carolyn Penner wrote in a blog post. "So, we built Vine Kids, a simple new app that gives young children a fun way to watch Vines."Since launching in 2012 Vine has steadily grown its audience to at least 40 million. The video app is known for users who upload and share videos that show people doing goofy stunts, playing sports and other high jinks. In 2013, Vine had a dustup after a plethora of porn videos appeared on the site, which led Twitter to give the app a NC-17 rating. This newest Vine app, however, could easily be G rated.

Vine Kids features animations, Sesame Street characters like Elmo and videos with cute animals like hedgehogs and puppies, Vine's goal is to have a collection of videos for a young audience that are safe to watch, The company picks the kids videos by choosing from its millions of daily uploads in its regular Vine app, Once a child tires of looking at one clip, they can swipe left or right to get a new video, By making Vine Kids iphone screen protectors bulk a completely separate app, Vine has ensured that kids won't happen upon adult videos..

The theory is that since you're in a safe location, or connected to something like an Android Wear watch, the device is in your control and an unlock mechanism isn't warranted. Originally announced during Google's developer conference in 2014, Smart Lock is a feature that pairs your Android device with a Chromebook. The end result is the ability to unlock your Chromebook without having to enter your password, simply by having your Android device nearby. And it's now available in the Stable channel of Chrome OS.

If you iphone screen protectors bulk have a Chromebook and an Android smartphone (tablets aren't supported right now) running 5.0 Lollipop, you can set up Smart Lock in just a few minutes, You'll be asked to sign into your Google account to verify you're the one requesting Smart Lock, Then the Chromebook will find your device, and finish the setup process, Your Android device will need to be nearby, with Bluetooth enabled and signed into the same Google account you're signed into on your Chromebook, I've found the feature is missing on my Chromebook when I sign in using a Google Apps account, so I dug around until I figured it out, If you run into a similar issue, make sure to read this post..