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iphone screen protectors lifetime warranty, find iPhone cases and screen protectors to defend your phone against water, dust, and shock.

The screen itself is thin and feels a bit rubbery. During my brief time with the Phorm, the clear beads felt spongy and soft. The buttons were easy to press and I did find that the having that tactile guide slightly improved my typing experience and made it more comfortable. This isn't the first time we've heard from Tactus Technology. A couple of years ago, it developed a prototype for mobile phones with the same technology. The bubbling keyboard was built right into the handset's screen, however, and it's a concept Tactus hasn't given up on -- it's still working on this idea with tablets, and it expects to turn out a consumer product some time in 2016.

Meanwhile, the Phorm is available for presale now, It costs $149, but there is a special preorder promo price of $99, Units will ship out later this summer, and interested buys can iphone screen protectors lifetime warranty sign up for an iPhone 6 Plus wait list, which is currently in development, The first great smartphone of 2015, Beautiful and bold..with complications, The new no-compromise MacBook, A stellar on-ear headphone, Crave-worthy curves for a premium price, Developed by Tactus Technology, the Phorm iPad Mini case costs $149 and offers users a physical keyboard that bubbles up from its protective screen..

At first glance, Phorm looks like any another Apple iPad Mini case. But if you push its large toggle switch on the back, you'll quickly see certain areas of the Phorm's protective screen bubble up with fluid. This fluid forms little button guides, which overlay the device's flat digital keyboard and provide a tactile guide while typing. When you don't need to use a keyboard, switch back the toggle and the bubbles flatten out and dissipate. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

The beta comes with a few caveats, as is typically the case with software still under development, iphone screen protectors lifetime warranty Microsoft does an excellent job in its official announcement of the preview builds of setting proper expectations, There will be some features that break after updates, that could potentially include the ability to dial a phone number, Which, for some, is a pretty big miss, With that said, you should have a spare device, but if you don't mind troubleshooting issues (you can always rollback to the previous OS should things get really bad) then by all means dive right in..

Once the app is installed, it will scan the specifics of your device and guide you through the upgrade process. It's a good idea to have your device connected to a charger, ensuring that the update is able to finish without issue. Have a Windows Phone device and want to test out Windows 10 on it? Now you can. Microsoft has made Windows 10 Mobile available for those who like to live life on the bleeding edge of tech and help troubleshoot issues found in the upcoming operating system. The Insider Preview is a beta of what will eventually make its way to consumer devices when it's released this summer, but you can use it now if you're so inclined.

Reportedly, the so-called HTC "Petra" will should pair with with Android 4.4 + or iOS 7.0 + and have a 1.8-inch 32x160 POLED display in three sizes, Weighing only 23 grams, the wearable could have more iphone screen protectors lifetime warranty in common with the Samsung Gear Fit than the Moto 360 , HTC's watch should also feature music and camera controls, an alarm, a timer, and a stopwatch, And like most of today's wearable tech, it may also track sleep and activity and provide for phone notifications, Rounding things out, it's said to be water- and dust-resistant and pack a 3-day battery, Color options are listed as teal/lime, black/blue, and gray..

That the HTC watch could play nice with both Android and iOS should not come as much of a surprise. Its Re camera , which launched last fall also pairs with both platforms. It's not clear as to when HTC might unveil its first wearable device; however, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain looms on the horizon. We may look for the accessory to be a part of HTC's press conference scheduled for March 1. HTC's first wearable device could play nicely with both Android and iOS smartphones, says a new report.

I cried a lot during the 8 minutes of Clouds Over Sidra, a VR documentary made by Gabo Arora and Chris Milk that captures life in a Syrian refugee camp -- the Za'atari camp in Jordan -- via a 12-year-old girl named Sidra, It's a project meant to raise awareness of the Syrian Civil War, and millions of displaced Syrians, including over 130,000 at Za'atari, Sidra has been there for 18 months, At first, I was quietly immersed, Then, I felt a tear well up, blurring the iphone screen protectors lifetime warranty view, Then I was choking back sounds as my wife was next to me reading a book, not realizing I was feeling so overwhelmed, I was a person in a messy apartment in New Jersey, with a virtual reality headset on my weeping face, far removed from Jordan, or Syria..