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Just a day after Uber was banned from India's capital territory of Delhi after the report of an alleged rape, both Thailand and Spain on Tuesday said Uber's service is illegally operating in their countries. In Thailand, at issue is the types of cars Uber uses to ferry people from place to place. Uber is using private cars rather than licensed taxis in violation of the country's laws, Thailand's Land Transport department head Teerapong Rodprasert told The Wall Street Journal. He added that using mobile applications to hail properly registered vehicles is legal in Thailand.

Uber launched its service in Thailand in February and then expanded it to the country's resort island of Phuket last month, Uber said it will hold conversations with transportation officials in Thailand, "Uber respects the Department of Land Transportation and its important role as the key regulator on vehicle-for-hire transport in Thailand," Uber spokeswoman Karus Arya said, "We look forward to continued conversations with the DLT to bring our innovative transportation solutions iphone se screen protector zagg within the appropriate regulatory framework in Thailand."Other countries in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam and Singapore, are also scrutinizing the service to determine if it is operating illegally, reported the Journal..

Also today, a judge in Spain ordered Uber to end all operations in the country, reported Spanish newspaper El Pais. Uber drivers have no official authorization to operate the service and are competing unfairly with licensed taxi drivers, a mercantile court judge in Madrid said in a writ. It's a refrain Uber has faced from the country's Madrid Taxi Association, which has filed a lawsuit against the ride-sharing service. Bans in Thailand and Spain add even more fuel to the a fire that continues to rage for the five-year-old, San Francisco-based Uber. The company continues to face legal challenges from governments and taxi companies around the world, while recent controversies over safety and privacy have tarnished its reputation.

On Monday, the Delhi government banned Uber from the city after a woman alleged that she was sexually assaulted and beaten by an Uber driver after iphone se screen protector zagg requesting a car late Friday night, A transportation official for the city said Uber is "misleading customers" and allowing drivers to operate with out proper permits, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick called the alleged assault "despicable" and pledged to support the victim, as well as work with Indian officials establish appropriate procedures for who can operate transportation services..

Uber's troubles aren't limited to foreign cities. On Friday Uber began operations in Portland, Ore., even though city officials have deemed the service illegal. Officials there said they're ready to issue civil and criminal penalties against the company and its drivers. Last month, Uber shut down its service in Nevada over "confusion" about its business model, as it looks for a legal way to resume business in the state. Despite all the setbacks, Uber said its service is being embraced in all of the cities where its service is available -- including Thailand. Last week, Uber announced it raised a $1.2 billion round of funding that could put its total valuation as high as $40 billion. Already operating in more than 250 cities in 50 countries, Uber plans to use the new funding to move into new markets in the Asia Pacific region.

"Over the past few months, more and more Thai people have been cruising the streets of Bangkok and Phuket, using Uber platform and they are loving the experience," Arya said, Transportation official in Thailand says the ride-sharing service does not use licensed vehicles, while a judge in Spain says Uber drivers lack official authorization, Ride-sharing service Uber can't catch a break, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, iphone se screen protector zagg We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

It's due to hit stores in the UK from early next year -- so far, O2 is the only network to announce plans to stock the phone, although no prices have yet been announced. HTC has promised it will have an "affordable price tag", however. It hasn't yet said whether the phone will come to the US or Australia, but I'll update this article when I hear more. The Desire 620 follows the same design scheme as other recent phones such as the Desire 820 , launched in Berlin earlier this year, and the Desire Eye. It has a one-piece plastic shell, which has been given a cool two-tone effect.

It'll come in three colours: two-shade grey, white with orange, and white with blue, I'm really rather keen on this approach -- it's attractive, it's fun and it helps them stand out from many iphone se screen protector zagg other cheap and mid-range phones, which are usually saddled with rather dull, grey designs, The white and orange one is particularly snazzy, Its 5-inch display means it's not a small phone, It measures 150mm long, 73mm wide and 9.6mm thick (5.9 by 2.9 by 0.4 inches), It'll no doubt be quite a stretch of your thumb to be able to type one-handed, so expect to use both hands to tap away comfortably, The display has a 1,280x720-pixel resolution, which is a step down from the 1,920x1,080 pixels of the bold HTC Desire Eye , but should be sufficient to make the Android interface look fairly crisp..