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"Kimmy, ya need to get people laughing! There's money in laughs!"This is how I imagine the idea behind the latest Kim Kardashian televisual escapade was born. The people who stand behind her know that she has infinite possibilities. She must reveal each one gradually. So the choice to debut her new Super Bowl ad for T-Mobile on last night's "Conan" gave us all one hope: this ad will be funny. Indeed, from the very first frame you can tell that her agents had suggested she reach for self-deprecation. She stands facing camera, accompanied by the words: "Kim Kardashian West. Famous Person."What follows is a mock PSA in which Kardashian moans how much unused data goes west. Yes, those nasty wireless companies take it back, hoard it and sell it to you again. A little like some famous people with their bodies.

Perhaps the data just disappears into some recycling receptacle, Who knows where the data goes? But Kim wants you to care, Because T-Mobile cares, The great star laments (mockingly, of course) that you could have used this data to stare at even more of her, Her makeup, her tennis backhand, her outfits and, um, her outfits, She wants you to save the data, As you're doing that, she wants you to lift her up to heights unimagined even by Louboutin, This is a woman who knows her fans perhaps better than any genuine iphone x case 0.2mm star ever has..

If only I could use my lost data to observe her marketing meetings. And, of course, T-Mobile's. Technically Incorrect: Debuting her ad on last night's "Conan," the "famous person" decides to show her funny side. Did she succeed?. Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

The Misfit Flash , an entry-level fitness tracker released last year that's already a really good, cheap gadget, iphone x case 0.2mm will get a lot more useful soon, Misfit announced it'll soon work as a sort of smart-home-operating remote, too, via a set of partnerships detailed in a press release today, That one button on the Flash will now be connected to things like IFTTT, a connect-the-apps app service that already allows lots of devices and apps to trigger each other in pre-programmed sequences, Lots of wearables and fitness apps already work with IFTTT, including Jawbone Up, Fitbit, Android Wear and Withings..

Misfit also has more in store, targeted for a spring timeframe. The Flash will work with the Logitech Harmony API for home media and light controls. It will work with the August Smart Lock to unlock your door, if you so wish. or work with Nest thermostats to begin adjusting your home's temperature as you wake up (coming in March, according to Misfit). Double-clicking on the Flash tracker will be able to launch Spotify on a phone, or connect with the Yo app (to, you know, Yo. The Flash will also work with Misfit's Bolt connected multi-color LED light bulbs, to turn on and off the lights.

Don't expect more than a basic on-off mechanism: the Flash's simple clicking button can't do more than that, although it registers both one-click and two-click actions, But, it's a continuation of what's likely to be a merger between smart homes and wearables, Those little wrist devices are going to end up a lot more closely interknit with everything else in your smart home, too, Expect this to be a harbinger of what Apple Watch and Android Wear have in store later this iphone x case 0.2mm year, The Flash's click-button will integrate across several services as Misfit aims to turn its wearable fitness gadgets into connected lifestyle remotes..

The Mi Note and Mi Note Pro sold out in under three minutes of availability on Tuesday, the China-based company announced on its Weibo social-networking page. Xiaomi, which is known for its Apple-like product design, said the smartphone-tablet hybrids will be available again on February 3. While the news that the Mi Notes sold out in three minutes on launch day appear to be a good thing for Xiaomi, the company didn't say how many units were actually made available. It's possible, therefore, that supplies were constrained. Either way, given Xiaomi's short but significant history, it's likely that the Mi Note is heavily sought-after in China.

Xiaomi was founded in 2010, iphone x case 0.2mm offering Chinese consumers high-end smartphones at lower-than-normal prices, While the company has been criticized for building handsets that resemble Apple's products, its smartphones have proven wildly popular in China and typically sell out in record time, like the Mi Note did Tuesday, Earlier this month, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun announced that his company's pre-tax sales reached $12.1 billion in 2014, an increase of 135 percent from 2013, Lei also revealed that Xiaomi shipped over 61 million smartphones worldwide in 2014..