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"Black Mass" opens in a dirty, dimly-lit garage. "I think they drugged us," says a girl, who promptly runs off and leaves me alone. I look around the grimy room, taking in the detail of the environment, then when I hear a noise I look back to see a sinister little girl telling me I'm bleeding. I instinctively look down. Then -- well, then it gets all kinds of terrifying, and I don't really want to talk about it any more, to be honest. My heart pounding, I learned that the importance of sound to virtual reality is two-fold: firstfold, it helps with the crucial element of "presence"; and second-fold, it's an essential tool of storytelling in an environment where you're in charge of what you look at.

Presence is the name given to the point at which your brain "accepts" the illusion of virtual reality, Sound plays a role in that because our ears are so important when making spatial judgements: each ear hears things at an infinitesimally different time, and our brains interpret that tiny difference to pinpoint where the sound came from, When directional sound is added to the 3D visuals creating the illusion of depth iphone x case 0.3 in front of us, it's another cue fooling the brain into accepting the reality of the scenario..

And sound is crucial for storytelling because it helps the storyteller attract your attention. On a TV, you see only what the filmmaker wants you to see. But in a virtual reality environment, you can look wherever you want. That's great for exploring, but when it comes to telling a story you don't want to miss the important moments in the narrative. In "Black Mass", that means hearing a voice or noise behind you that attracts your attention, whether to guide you to the next part of the story, or distract you from something awful materialising ready for when your gaze returns.

I'm not a huge fan of the genre -- my idea of a horrifying cinematic experience is accidentally walking into an Adam Sandler movie -- so my tolerance iphone x case 0.3 for this stuff is probably pretty low, But even as I was thinking "This isn't real" and "I can just take it off", I had a real physical reaction to the story, sweating and flinching as my brain told me it was really happening, Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to find somewhere brightly-lit to sit down, think about kittens and probably never sleep again..

Unveiled Sunday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the latest version of BlackBerry Messenger adds what the company calls "one of the most requested BBM features" -- custom PINs. A PIN, typically a reference to a personal identification number, allows you to add someone as a BBM contact without having to give that person your phone number or email address. Now, instead of having to use a random PIN assigned by BlackBerry, you can create your own custom PIN. However, you'll pay for the privilege. A custom PIN from the BBM Shop will cost you $1.99 per month.

For a price, you can also go ad-free, For 99 cents a month, the new version will remove all ads in BBM, both those from your feed and those packaged as sponsored invites from BlackBerry partners, Both the custom PIN and ad-free options are part of BlackBerry's move to offer more subscription-based features, As its share of the worldwide mobile phone market dipped last year to around 0.4 percent, BlackBerry has tried iphone x case 0.3 to focus on other services, such as Messenger, The company has been willing to expand BBM's reach to more popular mobile platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone over the past two years, as a way to lure in more users, The iOS and Android editions captured 10 million downloads in the first 24 hours..

On Sunday, BlackBerry also revealed plans to create a by taking certain features such as its Hub messaging portal, virtual keyboard and security capabilities and packaging them as a collection of apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. What else will BBM users find in the latest update?. BBM users who contribute to Channels can now do so through the desktop client, typically a quicker and easier way to post content if you're in front of your PC. You can also now share photos in group chats.

iOS users of BBM will find a couple of new features, You can now ensure that your BBM conversations are more private by password protecting them, either via a passcode or a Touch ID fingerprint, You can also now use your iOS device in iphone x case 0.3 landscape mode to more easily write and edit your chat messages, Android users -- BlackBerry hasn't forgotten about you, The latest version of BBM now supports smartwatches equipped with Android Wear, Google's mobile OS for wearable devices, You can get alerts on your watch when new BBM messages arrive and read the entire message, You can respond to messages by voice using the Google Now voice assistant, And you can accept BBM invites directly from your watch..