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Downloading an additional mode is done on the detail screen for the respective option, with the new shooting setting being added to the Mode referenced earlier. If you forget what a particular mode does, you can tap on the Info button on the Mode screen and read a brief description. The familiar drag-and-drop interaction can also be used to arrange shooting modes in your preferred order. The camera app found on both versions of the Galaxy S6 offers a few extra features, you just have to know where to find them.

A new feature in Chrome's Android browser lets third-party websites alert device-owners to breaking headlines or new content, maybe even deals, Early adopters like eBay, Vice News, Pinterest, FanSide and Beyond the Rack will be among the first websites taking advantage of push notifications over the next week or so, According to Google, other web designers will be able to add the ability to send notifications to their own sites, Even iphone x case 9to5mac companies that don't have a native Android app will get some of the same benefits this way..

This latest version of Chrome for Android (42) further blurs the lines between websites and apps by letting you easily add home screen icons for your favorite URLs. Much like you might find with a traditional desktop icon for a website, this shortcut will let users quickly hop to their favorite destinations. Along with modifying its search algorithm to favor mobile-friendly websites, these site changes reflect Google's recent attention on the mobile Web. The new feature will make it even easier for mobile users to stay connected to their favorite websites and news sources.

Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, click Passbook & Apple Pay, and add a new credit or debit card, You can choose to use a card that's already on file with iTunes or scan in a new one, Either way, it's a separate authorization process than Apple Pay on your phone: each credit card gets a separate Apple Pay number that can be cancelled independently of your phone, All you iphone x case 9to5mac have to do is agree to Apple's terms of use, click Next, and verify the card with a text message that is sent to your iPhone, or with a phone call; your credit card or bank will offer various options for additional authorization..

The first card you enter will be set as the default. However, this can be changed to a different card from within the app. If you have multiple cards stored on your Watch, you will be able to choose the card you would like to use prior to payment, much like on the iPhone. To delete a card, tap it and select remove within the iPhone's Apple Watch app settings. Apple Pay on the Watch is incredibly simple to use. All you have to do is double-tap the side button, select the credit or debit card you would like to use, and hold the face of the watch to the payment terminal. The watch will vibrate, and a check mark will appear on the screen to confirm the payment has gone through. It's as easy as that. You don't need additional passwords or Touch ID. The watch asks for a password when it's taken off your wrist, but as long as it stays attached, you can make payments with that double-click.

If you ever lost your watch, you can de-authorize Apple Pay for that device remotely through iCloud or on your iPhone, and the watch will no longer be able to buy anything, Since the virtual credit card number is de-authorized, the Apple Watch can even be offline and still be cut off from making payments, Obviously, if this were to happen to you, we'd still advise keeping an eye on your credit card statements to be safe, Speaking of which, one of the best parts about Apple iphone x case 9to5mac Pay on the Watch is that it's completely standalone and can still be used when the watch isn't connected to an iPhone, To learn more about what the Apple Watch can do without an iPhone connection, check out this article from Scott Stein and be sure to read CNET's full review ..

The iPhone isn't the only mobile device that can act as your wallet with Apple Pay. The new Apple Watch is also capable of making mobile payments. Here's what you need to know. The Apple Watch can do a lot of things. It can be used to communicate with others, view notifications from your smartphone, and even pay for items. That's right: you can use Apple Pay on the Apple Watch. It's relatively easy to set up, but the method is slightly different than what you may be used to with your iPhone. CNET's Scott Stein showed us how it's done, and it's pretty straightforward.

Now, at long last, the OnePlus One is available to the general public and will be for good, Buried within that same announcement: news of its successor, the OnePlus 2, The One debuted nearly a year ago to widespread acclaim , offering an unlocked powerhouse of an Android handset for a starting price of $299, After a production ramp-up, the company assured, anyone would be able to buy a One, But that never happened, Save for a few 24-hour and holiday-season promotions, the phone remained frustratingly by-invitation-only, As of yesterday, however, the door is officially open, and the OnePlus One is available for purchase globally, Pricing remains the same: $299 (US) for the 16GB model, $349 for 64GB, (These prices convert to £200 and £233 in the iphone x case 9to5mac UK and AU$387 and AU$452 in Australia, respectively.) Here's CNET's review if you'd like to learn more about the phone..