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The problem? Fitness wristbands, as popular as they have been so far, just don't do enough to excite consumers when compared with devices like the Apple Watch and Motorola's Moto 360 smartwatch -- or do very little that a smartwatch can't do and more. "Half the people who would have bought a [fitness] wristband will buy a smartwatch instead next year," Gartner analyst Angela McIntyre concluded in the report. There's also the factor of how useful customers find activity trackers over time. In April, NPD Group found that around 40 percent of people stop using such a device within six months of purchase. The same study said analysts expect the fitness tracker market to peak at 32 million unit sales by the end of 2016 after four years of substantial growth.

You know she cares, You know she cares too much, She's supposed to, She's your mom, Yes, sometimes her caring too much can be, well, too much, Especially now that she's got technology at her fingertips and actually knows how to use it (mostly), For Mother's Day this Sunday (at least, in the US), Samsung thought it would string together some of the better, more poignant, more delightful iphone x case apple texting relationships between mothers and their kids, These involve a little more of the moms doing the texting..

They just want to tell you mundane domestic information. They write in caps, and when their kids ask why they're shouting moms wonder if the kids can hear them through this infernal phone. And then sometimes they press "send" without remembering to include, well, a message. Even when they ask their kids how to rewind their texts, the kids know that mom is just being mom. This is an utterly glorious piece of work. Simple, poignant, completely non-Hallmark and, most importantly, true. And the whole thing is designed with one goal: to get you to (at least) call your mom on Sunday.

If you'd like a new Verizon phone but you're not ready to give up unlimited data, I don't blame you (I used well over 30GB in my first month with my new iPhone 6, just to prove to myself that the hassle was worth it), be prepared to fight, Here are your options, Paying full price for a new phone is an expensive -- but easy -- way to keep your unlimited data plan forever, In fact, Verizon is doing its best to make sure this is the only way you can keep your unlimited iphone x case apple data plan, You should be able to handle it all online and avoid visiting a store -- just keep an eye on your plan details as you traverse Verizon's site, If successful, you shouldn't even get a pop-up advising you that you need a new plan, Just remember that this will cost you, For reference, a new 16GB iPhone 6 will run you $649, while a new 32GB Samsung Galaxy S6 will set you back $599..

If you don't want to pay full price for a new phone, you can still buy a subsidized phone and keep your unlimited data -- it's just a lot trickier than it used to be. Here's what you need to do. To make this work, you either need a second line that is already eligible for an upgrade (e.g. your work line or your spouse's line), or you need to open a new line on your account. Verizon lets you swap upgrades between phones. Do not do this. Instead, purchase your new phone on the second line. Once you have your new phone, and it's been activated on your second line, go into a Verizon store and ask a store rep to swap the two phones between the lines. Make sure the rep knows that you have an unlimited data plan on one line and you do not want to lose it. They should be able to swap the LTE SIM cards without issue, unless one card is smaller than the other (that can happen if you're swapping an Android phone and an iPhone). If that's the case, they should still be able to switch the phones, but it will be more difficult. Whatever happens, though, keep checking with them to make sure they're aware of your unlimited data throughout the entire process.

You iphone x case apple may need to go to a few different reps, but ultimately you should be able to purchase a phone this way and keep your unlimited data, There are a few caveats to this method, however, Keeping your unlimited Verizon data plan these days is tricky, but not impossible, Last year, I picked up a new iPhone 6 for my main Verizon line while keeping my grandfathered unlimited data plan with mobile hotspot access, I'm not too proud to admit that was a major coup on my part, Like most carriers, Verizon is now doing all it can to switch longtime customers to more lucrative tiered data plans..

The benefits are twofold. First, your information is secure should someone steal your watch. Second, having a PIN set on your watch is the only way you can use Apple Pay. However, entering that code isn't the best experience. It works, sure, but I can't tell you how many times I've entered the wrong code only to be forced to do it again. Instead of suffering through entering your code, you can unlock your watch by simply unlocking your iPhone after enabling a setting using either your iPhone or the Apple Watch. You only need to do the following on one device.

The next time you put your watch on, press the Digital Crown to light up the screen, Then instead of entering your PIN, pick up your iPhone and unlock it by entering your passcode or using Touch ID, Instead of tapping out your iphone x case apple PIN code on the way-too-small number pad, here's how you can use your iPhone to unlock your watch, In order to secure your Apple Watch, Apple asks you to enter a PIN code on initial setup, The watch then knows each time you've taken it off your wrist, and requires you to enter your PIN on a tiny number pad to unlock it..