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I'm unable to find anyone else reporting the same issue, and indeed Microsoft indicates this is the first it's seen. In other words, I wouldn't necessarily worry about this happening to yours -- but then again I'd probably take it off before engaging in any roughhousing. I had genuinely high hopes for the Microsoft Band. It's as if Microsoft had me in mind when conceiving the thing. But somewhere through the design and implementation processes, it just didn't come together. For such a simple device, I'd expect better battery life. For something promising continuous heart-rate monitoring, I'd expect that rate to be accurate. And, for something I'm supposed to wear on my wrist all day and night, I expect durability -- and some token water resistance, too.

Conceptually, the Band is great, Practically, it's a bit of a mess, Bring on version 2.0, From sweating through P90X in the morning to snoozing through a full iphone x screen protector 4d night of sleep, we put the Microsoft Band through its paces for a full month to see how it held up, I've been fortunate enough to try out various wearable devices of various sorts over the years, I reviewed the first FitBit way back in 2009 and have sampled plenty of glorified pedometers since, For the record, I've liked none, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

Fortunately, there's a workaround -- one involving the Web, the other an app. Here's what you need to know. Step 1: On your PC, fire up your browser and sign into your iCloud.com account. (You also need to make sure your device is set to sync with that account. By default, it should be, especially for contacts. Tap Settings > iCloud to double-check.). Step 2: Click Contacts, then click the plus sign at the bottom of the pane on the left. Then click New Group. Step 3: Type a name for your new group, then hit Enter.

Step 4: Now it's time to add contacts to your group, Alas, you can't do this in iOS proper, either, so you'll need to stay in iCloud for a bit longer, Click All Contacts, then choose one or more contacts from your list, (You can select multiple contacts at once by holding down Ctrl -- or Command for Mac users -- as you click each one.) Then just drag the selected names to your new group and drop them there, And that's it! In short order, iphone x screen protector 4d you should see the new group in the Contacts app on your iDevice..

However, that's the inconvenient, limited way to go. If you want a far more robust solution, consider free app Groups. It not only allows for group creation and management right on your phone or tablet, but also lets you send texts and e-mails to those groups, choose different icons for different groups, and so on. Among other things. The Groups app puts the entire concept on steroids, and I'm already finding it indispensable. That said, if you've found a better way to create and manage contact groups in iOS, talk it up in the comments.

If you've tried in vain to find this feature on your iPhone or iPad, here's the secret, I recently started a new business, and that means I have a lot of new contacts in my phone, Ideally, I'd like to group them together, if only to make them easier to find and view, Just one problem: There's no way to create contact groups on an iDevice, Oh, Apple, This capability has existed since PalmPilot days, How has something so basic eluded iOS for so long?, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at iphone x screen protector 4d any time at our discretion..

In a study released Wednesday by management-consulting firm Boston Consulting Group, 58 percent of respondents said that they would rather ditch booze for a week than their mobile Internet access. Nearly 50 percent of respondents said that they would dump coffee and movies before they would even consider setting aside their handsets for seven days. The survey included about 1,000 smartphone and tablet users across Europe. Consulting further narrowed the results to five major European countries -- Germany, France, UK, Italy and Spain -- because they represent such large numbers of mobile users.

That said, this isn't the first time (and likely won't be the last) that we've heard that mobile devices are more preferable to consumers than certain extracurricular activities, In 2011, for example, a study found that 70 percent of Americans would gladly give up alcohol and 55 percent coffee rather than their mobile devices, A whopping 40 percent said they'd go shoeless rather than lose their iPhone, The studies suggest a near-obsession with mobile devices that has enveloped the world, More often than not, people are found, heads down, looking at their smartphones in public, While there was once a time when laptops dominated Starbucks shops, smartphones and tablets iphone x screen protector 4d have made their presence known..