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Asus is likely trying to avoid last year's problems with its first ZenFone line -- the phones were marketed as ZenFone 4, 5 and 6, which was probably even more confusing for consumers since it sounded like subsequent generations of phones were being sold at the same time. To lesson the confusion, we've created a table that lists the details of each of the new ZenFone 2 models. Our review unit is the 5.5-inch version with 4GB RAM and 32GB of onboard storage that retails for S$429 and $299 in the US (around £210 or AU$410).

The design of a modern smartphone is usually iphone x screen protector 5 below dictated by the screen size, and in this case the 5.5-inch full-HD display means the ZenFone 2 is quite a handful -- the phone checks in at 152.5 x 77.2 x 10.9 mm (6 by 3 by 0.43 inches) and isn't the thinnest of devices, It's just slightly shorter than the iPhone 6 Plus, but the Apple phone is thinner at 7.8mm, The thickness means the ZenFone does make its presence felt in the pocket, and with more smartphones taking the slim approach, the ZenFone 2's size and weight of 170g (6 ounces) doesn't do it any favors..

Clad in plastic like the first ZenFone, the ZenFone 2 opts for a brushed metal look, unlike the soft-touch feel used previously. While it looks metallic, it still feels slightly plasticky (I prefer the original, though I can see why Asus chose to go with the metallic style) and it looks a lot more premium at first glance. That said, the rear cover is replaceable and comes in a variety of colors -- the standard black and white, and a more colorful range of red, gold, grey. Asus will also sell a special range of "Illusion" covers that come in a pretty crystal pattern.

Viewed head on, the ZenFone 2 resembles the first ZenFone, from the Asus logo near the top speakers, to the concentric circle pattern below the iphone x screen protector 5 below 5.5-inch display, The touch-sensitive buttons are located just above that, In a way, I'm glad that Asus has stuck with the familiar, but I do wish the phone used software buttons instead -- this would probably have helped cut down on the phone's size, Right at the top is where you'll find the awkwardly placed power button, and it's an odd choice, since Asus has chosen to borrow LG's great idea of moving the volume buttons to the rear of the phone, The button is quite a stretch to reach it if you're holding the phone with one hand, Asus should have just placed the power button on the rear, together with the volume controls..

The removable rear cover gives you access to the dual-SIM and microSD slots. The 3,000mAh battery is non removable, so you won't be able to swap it out for a fresh one. Unlike some of the other dual-SIM phones which come with dual 4G capabilities, the ZenFone 2 only has one active 4G SIM, with the other SIM limited to 2G speeds. Powered by Intel's Atom Quad Core Z3580 processor clocked at 2.3GHz, this model of the ZenFone 2 comes packing a whopping 4GB of RAM. Most smartphones, including high-end flagships, come loaded with 3GB at most. Asus claims having 4GB of RAM helps the ZenFone 2 multitask (more on this later), as multiple apps and can remain on standby in the background without needing to be offloaded to memory and reloaded.

Our review model came with 32GB of onboard storage, and if that somehow isn't enough for your needs, there's a microSD slot to add even more space, There's a 13-megapixel camera located at the rear, and a 5-megapixel shooter on the front, The 5.5-inch display comes with a full-HD resolution of 1,920x1,080-pixels, protected by Corning's Gorilla Glass 3, iphone x screen protector 5 below Sure, it's not a QHD display found on some flagships, but only a few users would be able to tell the difference between 2K resolution and full-HD, Also, the screen has wide viewing angles and colors are bright and vibrant, Even under direct sunlight, the integrity of the screen holds up well..

Asus has polished its Zen UI further, but it's a custom skin layered over Google's Android 5.0 Lollipop. Since its introduction last year, Zen UI features a flat minimalist look. Features from the earlier iteration return, such as Do It Later, a handy reminder app that helps you keep track of SMSes to reply to, articles to read and missed calls to return. Like Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi's MIUI, Zen UI also features the ability to change your phone's theme, so if you don't like the current look, you can swap it to something you'd prefer. Another fun thing you can do is change the color of the fonts on your phone -- this works if you prefer a lighter background wallpaper -- you can then use a darker color for your fonts so that it shows up. New features include drawing on the screen when the phone is locked to activate features called ZenMotion and a guest mode for when you need to pass the phone over to a friend to use (though you'll need to make sure you password lock your phone first so they can't switch it back and access your data!).

There are also a bunch of hidden tweaks, such as the ability to double tap the Home button to turn on one-handed mode, and power users will appreciate the fact you can also set which apps will autorun when the phone iphone x screen protector 5 below boots to help it start faster, The first great smartphone of 2015, Beautiful and bold..with complications, The new no-compromise MacBook, A stellar on-ear headphone, Crave-worthy curves for a premium price, The Good The Asus ZenFone 2 delivers smooth performance, an impressive low-light camera, and has a clean feature-rich UI, The 5.5-inch screen is sharp and bright..