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How do you make a phone as cheap as possible? For Huawei, you leave out fast data support. Its Y360 eschews 4G LTE in favor of plain old 3G. But never fear: it also announced a relatively cheap Y635 with the faster standard. On the fitness-tracking front, the company stuffed an accelerometer into earbuds and boom! -- the TalkBand N1 , which tracks your steps. If you don't like it in your ears, there's also the "bling sprinkled" TalkBand B2 wristband, a more traditional fitness tracker. And finally, the company also introduced the 7-inch MediaPad X2.

LG's big move today was the unveiling of the LG Watch Urbane LTE , a version of its Watch Urbane that runs iphone x screen protector jarir -- are you ready for it? -- Web OS! Plus, it supports payments over NFC, AT&T is the first carrier to commit to selling it, But we had to ask: " Is LG's Web OS-based wearable software more than a wacky experiment?"The company also brought us inexpensive small Joy and bigger Leon Android-based phones, plus midpriced biggish and slightly curvy Magna and Spirit models, New from the veteran laptop company, the 8-inch, Windows-based Ideapad Miix 300 tablet hits a nice budget price point, while the Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70 tablet goes big -- 10.1 inches -- and integrates Dolby audio..

In addition to the tablets , budget Android phones and cheap newbie smartphone it announced the day before the show, Haier won "First!" on Sunday with a new line of connected watches for kids and seniors with handy/creepy monitoring features to let worried parents and children monitor the safety of at-risk individuals. The company also joins companies like Tagg and Motorola in the growing pet-monitoring market with a GPS-equipped collar . Acer went light with its Mobile World Congress announcements: its new Android-based Liquid Z and Windows Phone Model M phones won't weigh down your wallet, and the new Liquid Jade Z won't burden your physical pocket much either. It also launched the second generation of its Liquid Leap+ activity tracker.

ZTE eyeballs your eyeballs with its new Eyeprint ID in the Grand S3 , an otherwise ho-hum-sounding phone, Phone network Orange's Klif Firefox phone will cost $40 and is intended for regions where smartphones aren't ubiquitous, such as iphone x screen protector jarir the Middle East and Africa, Alcatel's got a new flagship phone, the Idol 3 , which comes in a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch versions, The most notable feature is that it autosenses which way you're holding it and flips the operating system display accordingly, In an interesting move, Ikea announced a new line of furniture that will support wirelessly charging Qi-compatible devices..

Starting March 2, you'll be able to connect a Withings Activite or Activite Pop watch to an Android phone or tablet. HP announced a 13.3-inch high-end laptop/tablet hybrid with a fold-back design, the Spectre x360 . A close-up with Yezz's modules for Google's Project Ara. QuindredCam , another lifelogging camera. SanDisk introduced some high-capacity and touch microSD cards plus some thumb drives with USB connectors designed to connect to Android devices. Sengled gives us some more multitasking smart lightbulbs .

There's tons more: check out all our photos from the show, and come back tomorrow for more fun, From long-expected new products like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9 to surprises like the Huawei Watch and HTC Vive, here's everything you missed on the day iphone x screen protector jarir before the Mobile World Congress officially opened, Though the world's biggest mobile tradeshow hasn't offically begun yet, Sunday was a big day for announcements, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Alcatel, Mozilla and Nokia all held events to bring everyone up to date on what's next for them, And of course, there was a boatload of new products..

On Valentine's Day, Erik Johnson's iPhone 5C was aflame, but not with love. That, at least, is his reported version of what happened when he sustained severe burns on his leg. Johnson, from Long Island, had just arrived at his cousin's wake. And then, as he told WABC-TV last week: "I had the phone in my pocket, simple little gesture, bent over to get keys and all I heard was pop. Sssssh smoke coming out."That must have been a surprise. However, the pain only began there. He said: "I was literally jumping up and down trying to get the phone out of my pocket, but I think the phone melted my pockets shut so I couldn't get into it and I had to rip my pants off and throw the pants to the side. A couple of people actually said they could smell my body burning."Johnson reportedly spent 10 days in a burn unit. He had second- and third-degree burns on the inside of his thigh.

He compared the sensation to that of "branding a bull or something."This isn't the first time iphone x screen protector jarir an iPhone or other smartphone has exploded, Phones sometimes spontaneously combust, They've been known to explode while charging, They've even been blamed for burning a house down, The culprit is sometimes said to be a faulty battery, It also transpires that people use chargers that fell off the back of a dubious truck, In this case, Johnson insists he used an Apple cable, Apple told WABC-TV that it is investigating, I have contacted the company to ask whether it has reached any conclusions, I will update, should I hear..