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Android Wear watches range from affordable ($199) to expensive ($300 or more). Onboard storage is limited to 4GB, while the Apple Watch has 6.2 GB of usable space (2GB for music). The Apple Watch supports Apple Pay, Wi-Fi (provided your phone is still paired and on, too), and has a more advanced force-sensitive touchscreen, but it's a lot more expensive for most configurations. But, both sizes of Apple Watch are smaller than the average Android Wear watch. Battery life advantages currently go in Android Wear's favor by at least a day, or more.

Samsung is an interesting case because, so far, it's made both Android Wear watches (see above) and its own Samsung Gear line, The latter uses the company's proprietary Tizen operating system, (The easy way to tell them apart: if the product has the word "Galaxy" in it, it's Android Wear; if not, it's Tizen.), The most recent Samsung watch was the iphone x screen protector jumia 2014 Gear S , a combination smartwatch and SIM card-enabled standalone phone, It required its own data plan, but showed where smartwatches could go next as semi-independent wrist gadgets..

Samsung's Gear watches are very feature-packed, like the Apple Watch: heart-rate monitoring, onboard speakers and mics for speakerphone calling on the watch, and onboard music storage and playback. But Samsung's software is uglier than Apple's, it's less intuitive, and the app library's offerings that run on Samsung's aforementioned Tizen software are scattershot at best, lacking many known big-name app brands. Many people love Gear watches for their ability to take calls, read and respond to messages and be stylish companions for Samsung phones. These watches are Samsung phone-specific, meaning you'll need one of a dozen-plus particular phones to pair it.

In some ways, the Apple Watch feels like a much more thought-out iPhone-exclusive version of the Gear watches, with far better software but a higher price and worse battery life, After releasing six watches in rapid succession over the course of only a year (late 2013 through late 2014), Samsung has iphone x screen protector jumia gone quiet on the smartwatch front, With that in mind, I'd steer clear of current models, on the presumption that a new-for-2015 Gear will be announced before year's end, There are fitness-specific watches like the Surge that track heart rate, record runs and even get some basic phone call and message notifications, Their advantages tend to be: more affordable ($250 for the Surge), better battery life (up to a week, typically), and good fitness software and app support..

The Apple Watch has some of the best onboard fitness software of any smartwatch, but its battery life limitations (a day or less) make it the opposite of a wear-it-all-the-time band like Fitbit or Jawbone offer. You can't do sleep tracking on the Apple Watch, either, because you need to charge it each night. Other wearables track heart rate continuously: the Apple Watch pings every 10 minutes or so, but not all the time. And it doesn't have an always-on screen, or swim-friendly water resistance. The Surge can't be worn while swimming, either, but it does have its own onboard GPS tracking.

The Apple Watch can also store music for workouts, something fitness bands just don't do, That's an overview of iphone x screen protector jumia the current smartwatch and fitness band landscape -- but it's just a snapshot for early 2015, The market has already come a long way in just the past 18 months, and it's only getting more competitive, Beyond Apple -- already, no doubt, planning next-generation Apple Watch models, expect Google, Microsoft , Jawbone, Fitbit and a host of others to have new models (and apps) in the next year..

And that doesn't even include traditional watchmakers, like Swatch, which are also getting into the smartwatch game. In other words, the smartwatch space in 2015 feels a lot like the smartphone market did eight or nine years ago. It's just getting started, and the future landscape may be almost unrecognizable from what you see today. Stay tuned. The Apple Watch is almost here -- but it's not the only smartwatch on the block. Here's how it stacks up against the major competitors on the market. What is a smartwatch, and what can it do? The Apple Watch arrives in a landscape filled with things for your wrist. How does it stack up? Great in some ways, and not so wonderfully in others. Let's look at the closest competition and see.

The company behind the app, Kik Interactive, has hired investment bank Qatalyst Partners to help it field offers for a buyout or major investment from a corporate partner, Bloomberg is reporting, citing a conversation with the company's founder and CEO, Ted Livingston, According to Livingston, Kik has received some tentative acquisition bids iphone x screen protector jumia and has "hired Qatalyst to work through all the options." It's still possible, Livingston said, that Kik "stay independent" after those "options" are considered, There is no timeline on any potential acquisition..