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Apple's Remote app could have been a perfect Apple TV companion. It's a fine enough way to play, pause and swipe-control from your wrist, and works like the old, bare-bones Remote app on the iPhone. But it can't turn on the Apple TV on its own, you need..the actual remote. It's a little counterintuitive. Apple's Mail app also has an oddity: email can be read or discarded, but not responded to. I can dictate text messages, tweets and notes, so why not an email?. Force Touch also presents an odd challenge for the first wave of apps: do you use it, or not? If a sub-menu opens up pressing down on the screen, will the average person even be able to figure out that they should do that? I didn't, because force-sensitive touch displays aren't something I'm used to dealing with. I started pressing down harder in apps just to see what would happen, and ended up with a grab bag of results ranging from helpful menus to nothing at all.

I also miss pinch-to-zoom, which you can't do on the Apple Watch, Yes, Apple specifically created the crown to zoom without your fingers obscuring the small screen, Most apps don't need zoom, but a few do, But some apps use the crown to scroll, even though you can also swipe to scroll on the watch face, That's a problem; sometimes I forget what the Digital Crown does from app to app, Many third-party apps also use some pretty plain templates, reminiscent of the early days of the iPhone App Store, They didn't bother me then as much as they bother me now, Maybe it's because iphone x screen protector lifetime warranty Apple's apps are exceptionally pretty, on average, App makers will have to play catch-up fast, or suffer being the ugly stepchild on the Watch..

Many more apps will be arriving before the Apple Watch goes on sale: over 1,000 Watch apps have been submitted for Apple's approval so far. The arrival of those, plus app updates on these early arrivals discussed above, could change the Apple Watch software landscape pretty quickly. Like the iPhone and iPad, the ultimate success or failure of the Watch will likely be determined by the breadth -- and the usefulness -- of its app library. It's bound to get a lot better soon, but for now it's good to remember that Apple Watch apps have a ways to go before they're as seamless and useful as their iPhone counterparts.

Apps are crucial to the success of the new Apple Watch, Here are some quick impressions of the initial batch of apps we've played with so far, The Apple Watch won't be available to the public until April 24 (preorders start Friday, April 10), but there are are already a good handful of apps for it, During my review period, I've accumulated 50 apps on my Apple Watch: some pre-loaded, others downloaded via the App Store to my iPhone and cross-installed, According to Apple, there are already around 90 or so apps available worldwide, with iphone x screen protector lifetime warranty more coming very soon..

My personal favorite, the Pebble, is lean, mean and cheap. A plastic version costs just $99, while the Steel version is $100 more. In the UK, they're £99 and £179 and in Australia, they're AU$129 and AU$229. Pebble works with iOS and Android, has a battery that lasts up to 7 days, is 5 ATM waterproof for swimming or showering and has an always-on screen. It added on-watch step-counting last year, and vibrates to indicate notifications, incoming calls or other actions. It runs apps, but they're bare-bones. It lacks a touchscreen: the Pebble only has buttons.

The display's a more primitive black-and-white affair with limited pixel resolution, It doesn't have a microphone or speaker, A newer version, Pebble Time , arrives in May with a reflective color display, a microphone, and the potential for optional smart straps to add extra hardware functions, It costs $199, or $299 for the steel version (shown), The Apple Watch , in comparison, runs far more apps, has a force-sensitive color touch screen, a iphone x screen protector lifetime warranty speaker and microphone, has a heart rate monitor, works with Apple Pay for contactless payments, stores music, and has a more refined build quality, But its battery life is just a day, it isn't as water resistant, it costs far more ($350 starting price), and only pairs with recent iPhones..

Google's wearable tech watch platform has been out for about a year, and already has many watches and compatible apps under its belt. Android Wear watches have color touch displays, distinctive round (or, more traditional square) displays, many pricing and design options, and can run on any Android phone running Android 4.3 or later. Rumors suggest iOS compatibility might be on its way; that would be great to see. Google's voice-command search services are helpful, and it's easy to take dictation. Many apps cross-load onto the watch from Google Play.

Google Now notification and information cards get pushed to the watch predictively to assist you throughout the day, There are also lots of color watch faces available to download and install, Some Android Wear watches have onboard GPS and heart-rate monitors, and upcoming ones will also have Wi-Fi, Battery life tends to last anywhere from 2 to 3 days, Android Wear's functions are limited to a particular set of functions: none of iphone x screen protector lifetime warranty them have speakers, so you can't make phone calls or hear alarms, Google's Android Wear OS hides apps behind an ugly scrolling menu of suggested Google Now voice commands, rather than making apps easy to browse and tap, And Google Now cards aren't always helpful..