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If the service sounds familiar, that's because Snapchat provides a similar product with photos and videos. However, there has been rampant debate of just how private Snapchat's content really is. In October, for instance, a report surfaced saying that a 13-gigabyte library of photos and videos from over 200,000 accounts were accessed and kept by third parties. In addition, any Snapchat conversation can be captured through a screenshot. For its part, Confide declares that its service is foolproof. The company's FAQ page states that when a message pops up, each word is covered. As the recipient "wands" over each word, it temporarily appears. As the wand moves on, the word is covered again, so the entire message is never visible. There is no opportunity for forwarding or archiving the messages. Screenshots are also controlled through Confide.

"We alert you (and the recipient) if the recipient attempts to take a screen shot," according iphone x screen protector q0010 to the company's FAQ, Confide began offering a free, consumer-focused version in Apple's App Store and Google Play marketplace earlier this year, The company had planned to launch the business version sometime in 2015, But after the recent Sony Pictures hack, which included exposing a number of damaging emails from executives, Confide decided to accelerate the rollout and start offering it to affected companies..

"We've been working on Confide for Business for almost a year. It's not uncommon for an enterprise company to give free benefits to early customers, as they gain traction. We saw the perfect use case with Sony and wanted to give them Confide for Business, for free. We hope they take us up on it," Confide co-founder and president Jon Brod said in an email to CNET. So far, it's unclear whether any studios or celebrities will jump to get their hands on Confide. Sony has remained relatively tight-lipped about its ongoing battle with hackers releasing sensitive data and is working at improving the security of its network. Whether a service like Confide is something the company wants or needs right now is unknown.

(Via Wall Street Journal), Confide, a startup whose app sends messages that reveal a single word at a time and then destroys the entire conversation, announces the business version of its app through an ad aimed at Sony execs, A startup is eyeing Hollywood in the wake of the Sony Pictures hack by offering a messaging app that never reveals the full text and then automatically destroys the conversation after it's read, Be respectful, keep iphone x screen protector q0010 it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

The global fitness wearable market, which includes fitness wristbands, sport watches and smart garments, is expected to shrink next year from 70 million units sold to 68 million, according to a November report from analyst firm Gartner. Smart wristband shipments are expected to fall by 15 percent to 17 million units, while smartwatches are expected to jump 17 percent to 21 million shipments, eclipsing the former as the most successful wearable design to date. The problem? Fitness wristbands, as popular as they have been so far, just don't do enough to excite consumers when compared with devices like the Apple Watch and Motorola's Moto 360 smartwatch -- or do very little that a smartwatch can't do and more. "Half the people who would have bought a [fitness] wristband will buy a smartwatch instead next year," Gartner analyst Angela McIntyre concluded.

As wearable technology moves from the fringes to the mainstream, accelerated by the Apple Watch's arrival next spring, companies that have thrived by being first to the scene will soon be facing competition from fashion houses, watchmakers and accessory providers, More than just increased pressure, however, is a decision on how to move forward as consumers abandon one design for another, Unlike smartphones, tablets and PCs that take obvious shapes and perform many of the same functions, wearables can cover different parts of our bodies and perform a wide variety of functions depending on where they're placed and what other device they're paired with, How to maneuver that complex landscape in 2015 will iphone x screen protector q0010 decide whether younger upstarts like Fitbit, Pebble and Jawbone can keep up with the tech titans -- all while traditional companies start making wearables of their own..

In a December report, Forrester analyst J.P. Gownder laid out the results of a survey asking consumers what features they were most interested in using a wearable for in the future. While a majority of respondents, 42 percent, said they wanted a wearable for their wrist, none of the top five use cases can be accomplished by modern-day fitness bands with a few exceptions. Those functions included accessing maps, taking photos and video, receiving contextual information about your location, shopping online and performing Web searches.

"Fitness trackers represented the first wave of wearable devices -- they proved out the early use cases, But there's only so much real estate on the wrist," Gownder said in an interview, "So it's only natural that smart watches would co-opt that usage case." Gownder expects Apple Watch to legitimize the market and convince mainstream consumers that never considered a wearable to begin looking at them in a different light, When it comes time to make the the purchase, giving up the fitness for the features of a device like the Apple Watch, he added, is a "sensible compromise."Caught in crosshairs of an evolving wearable market in 2015 will be the companies that can't or won't figure iphone x screen protector q0010 out which part of the body they can best serve, And if their products are in competition with other devices, how a wearable maker can better position itself to win your wrist..