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Assuming the report is accurate, Android Wear support for iOS could deliver benefits to both Google and Apple. By limiting Android Wear to Android smartphones, Google is missing out on a large audience. Thanks to the iPhone 6, Apple moved a record 74.5 million iPhones during the final quarter of 2014, a huge and untapped market for Google and Android smartwatch vendors. Apple, meanwhile, could potentially see a bump in iPhone sales. The company is planning to bring the Apple Watch to market in April, but not all smartwatch buyers are going to flock to it, especially with a starting price of $349. A variety of Android smartwatches sell for much less. But again, you currently need an Android smartphone to support them. Consumers who buy an Android Watch that supports iOS would be able to choose an iPhone 6 as an alternative.

A connection between Android Wear and the iPhone seems technically doable, An iOS app developer cooked up his own hack that allowed his Moto 360 smartwatch to sync with his iPhone, according to a video sent iphone x screen protector youtube to The Hacker News, And no jailbreak or root access was required, Would Apple approve an Android Wear app for its App Store? Apple already offers several apps from Google, such as Google Maps and Google Chrome, An Android Wear app would be different as it would open up a new world of compatibility between the companies' respective devices, But if Apple and Google each saw the move as advantageous, there's no reason why it couldn't happen..

For new details on the Apple Watch, tune in to CNET's Apple event live show and blog on March 9, at 9 a.m. PT. Apple did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment. A Google spokesperson told CNET that the company had nothing to share at this time. So far Android Wear is limited to Android devices. But could Google's software for wearables expand its horizons to the Apple realm?. Google is reportedly considering a version of its Android Wear app that would play nice with Apple's iPhone and iPad.

So why is Razer creating two faceplates that ostensibly do the same thing? Experimentation: pop over to Razer's OSVR hardware site, and you'll be able to download plans to 3D print either module, You can also tweak iphone x screen protector youtube the faceplates as you see fit, should you want to change the shape or add some new hardware for your own projects, You'll need your own supplies to get started of course, but Razer representatives told me that the company is mulling over making pre-assembled faceplates available for purchase to folks who don't necessarily have access to a 3D printer, or don't want to get their hands dirty..

The latest version of the Hacker Developer Kit will still cost $200 when it ships in June. That converts to around £130 or AU$245, but while Razer did confirm the device will ultimately be shipping globally, there's no word on international pricing or availability. Razer will be showing the latest version of the Hacker Developer Kit at the Game Developers Conference here in San Francisco, so stay tuned for more news. Razer's Hacker Dev Kit reaches version 1.1, and adds new tools for tinkerers. Razer's OSVR Hacker Dev Kit is getting a face-lift. The latest update to the company's open-source virtual reality headset sports a full-HD OLED display, which Razer claims will offer higher contrast and clear up some of the latency issues we saw in the first build at CES earlier this year . The headset has also been tweaked to improve comfort, gains the ability to connect to smartphones, and can also mirror what's on the Dev Kit's screen to another display. The biggest addition is aimed at the tinkerers out there: Razer is making plans for modular faceplates available for download that'll add new features and functionality to the Hacker Dev Kit.

The original version of the Hacker Dev Kit could be taken apart to let users swap out and upgrade components, Enterprising tinkerers will likely dream up changes they'd like to make, but Razer is offering a few options of its own, in the form of faceplate modules, Both are aimed at implementing positional head-tracking, a feature found in the Oculus Rift Crescent Bay prototype and Sony's Project Morpheus, but not in the original version of the Razer's VR headset, The IR-LED faceplate iphone x screen protector youtube will use an infrared camera, while the dual-camera faceplate opts for a pair of cameras instead..

BARCELONA -- More than 90,000 tech exhibitors, dealmakers and press stream into the Fira Europa for Mobile World Congress to create the bleeding edge of mobile technology. Attendees file calmly across the street on raised temporary stairs, on their way from the Metro station to the convention center. Conference-goers are exhausted from long days on the show floor. This giant Samsung billboard advertises the just-launched Galaxy S6 Edge, a premium dual-curve screen smartphone. Barcelona's exquisite architecture extends to this cavernous convention center.

Outside, a few attendees find time to take a break, Inside, the show floor heaves, Armed police and Fira workers help keep the peace, Petty thievery, like pickpocketing, and protests, are common around Mobile World Congress, Around 1,900 exhibitors crowd the Fira's ground floor, but you can take the escalator up a level to bypass the booth traffic, The iphone x screen protector youtube Fira entrance from above, These charging stations promise plenty of juice, There's a fair amount of technology built into the Fira, from interactive maps to a faster NFC badge entrance..