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Getting into the smart sneaker niche would put the companies in competition with a wide range of fitness and activity trackers, including products like the Nike FuelBand and the Jawbone Up. Nike, a Li-Ning competitor on the sneaker side, also offers its Nike+ apps like the Running App, Fuel App and Training Club. All of those apps are designed to track a person's running and provide similar information. Nike, however, doesn't have a "smart" sneaker that it's currently selling. The Li-Ning smart sneakers will take a page out of Xiaomi's book by providing the sneakers at an "affordable price," the company said. Exactly when the sneakers will launch and for how much is unknown, but it appears at this point that they will be available first in China. If the sneakers are successful, they might make their way to other countries, including the US, where Li-Ning has tried to develop a presence.

Li-Ning was for a time an official marketing partner with the National Basketball Association (NBA) and had a handful of prominent stars wearing its sneakers, including the now-retired Shaquille O'Neal, The only major NBA player with a Li-Ning deal right now is Miami Heat superstar Dwayne iphone x screen protectors amazon Wade, Neither Xiaomi nor Li-Ning immediately respond to a request for comment, Partner Li-Ning, a sneakers maker that burst onto the international scene at the 2008 Olympics, is back to mainly selling in China, It's hoping that a deal with rising-star Xiaomi will give it another shot..

But Meerkat CEO Ben Rubin says he doesn't blame the social networking giant. "We would not be sitting here if it wasn't for Twitter," said Rubin, onstage during a Yahoo Tech event. "We need to be grateful for that."To recap, Meerkat has been the recent darling of the tech industry, exploding to more than 100,000 users since the app launched in late February. The service initially had a tight integration with Twitter, depending on Meerkat users to link their accounts to their Twitter followers. But on Friday, Twitter said it was cutting off Meerkat's ability to pull information from a user's collection of Twitter followers, or the "social graph." On the same day, Twitter officially announced the acquisition of Periscope, a Meerkat competitor.

"They worked very hard to build their graph," Rubin, 27, said of Twitter, "It's their house, We need to respect that and be the best guests we can be."Live video could become an important element for social networks, as people put more of their personal lives on the Internet, There are also potential revenue opportunities as marketers look to how they can advertise with individualized video feeds, Rubin on Sunday touted the brands already using Meerkat -- from Red Bull iphone x screen protectors amazon to American Idol to the Miami Dolphins, Other clever uses have been a secretary of commerce live streaming his swearing in ceremony, a New York City broker streaming an apartment showing and a church streaming a worship service, (Rubin himself was live-streaming the chat from his phone to more than 360 viewers on his phone.)..

He said it was never the intent to keep Meerkat dependent on Twitter, but that using Twitter seemed like the best way to "jump-start" the community. Since Twitter cut off Meerkat two days ago, Rubin said the company has already started to move beyond its leaning on Twitter, though he didn't go into specifics. Facebook, the world's largest social network, is for now a less compatible platform for Meerkat because only 12 percent of people see your post within 24 hours, Rubin said. Since Meerkat is about immediate viewing, the network is less relevant. But he said Facebook is still interesting as a way to distribute Meerkat content.

Rubin also addressed some users' complaints that videos disappear after the live stream has ended, iphone x screen protectors amazon so people can't go back and watch videos if they missed the live broadcast, Rubin said the reason for that was to make people comfortable with the potentially foreign act of live streaming -- so they wouldn't have to worry about their videos being watchable on the Internet forever, But he said that could change after people get more at ease with live streaming, Days after Twitter cut the live-streaming app off from easily reaching Twitter's audience, Meerkat's CEO says it's "grateful" to Twitter for helping jump-start the service..

AUSTIN, Texas -- The South by Southwest festival kicked off Friday, gathering together technorati, filmmakers and musicians. Throngs of people attended the sprawling event giving their phones some extra duty use with a deluge of tweets, Instagram photos and Facebook posts. This meant quickly dying batteries. Luckily, many companies thought of some innovative ways to solve that problem. Festival goers flocked to this solar-powered charging station set up by the Sierra Club at the Southbites food truck emporium in downtown Austin. Despite the set up looking like gas pumps, there was only solar energy being pumped here.

At the SXSW festival, those folks left with no charge or an outlet in sight could tweet a screenshot of their dying battery to Mophie, The accessory company then came to the rescue by sending out a Saint Bernard dog equipped with a mobile charger in its neck barrel collar, Who needs an official, branded charging station at SXSW? Not these two resourceful people, At a crowded bar, any empty outlet will do the trick, McDonald's is a iphone x screen protectors amazon first-time sponsor of SXSW this year, At its official party on Saturday, the fast food giant had a set of power outlets on every table, I'm lovin' it?..