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"The current love affair affluent US consumers have with the iPhone guarantees a strong start for the Apple Watch in its home market," the CCS Insight noted. "However, if sales of the Apple Watch fail to meet expectations it could hurt the whole smartwatch market."Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment. While it's impossible to absolutely predict what kind of response to expect, some folks are trying. Over the last several months, Piper Jaffray's Munster has been surveying nearly 1,000 US-based iPhone owners to gauge their likelihood of buying an Apple Watch. He found that the figure was at an all-time high of 10 percent in September 2013 (a year before it was announced) but has since fallen to 7 percent of current iPhone owners.

Looking beyond Apple Watch, CCS said it sees the wearables market in general growing over the next few years, The company says that by 2018, 172 million wearables will be sold worldwide, up from the 29 million that were sold in 2014, The company says that smartwatches and fitness trackers will be the most popular wearable devices by 2018, with others like iphone xr case wearable cameras and eyewear grabbing just a small sliver of the market, Despite claims that Apple Watch will be a make-or-break for smartwatches, CCS seems bullish on the technology, By 2018, the company says that 44 percent of all wearable sales will be in the smartwatch category..

Eyewear, like the discontinued-for-now Google Glass and Sony's just-announced Smart EyeGlass, will post 3 million unit sales in 2018, according to CCS. But unlike other wearables that will cater mainly to consumers, CCS argues that eyewear will be mainly sold to businesses that have real-life applications for the technology. By 2018, over 340 million wearable devices will be in use worldwide -- a figure eight times greater than now -- according to CCS Insight's predictions. Apple could sell 20M smartwatches this year, nabbing a quarter of the wearables market, market researcher says. But a flop would hurt everyone.

Instead of more investor goodies, iphone xr case the South Korean electronics giant will look to direct its $56 billion cash reserves toward growth, investor relations chief Robert Yi said in an interview with Reuters, published Tuesday, "Dividends and other forms of shareholder returns are responsibilities that the company has for shareholders, so we will make efforts to meet them," he told the publication, "But our primary objective is growth and that is what we are communicating to our shareholders."South Korean firms are known for being tight-fisted with their funds, so they rarely shower shareholders with niceties like higher dividend payments or stock buybacks, However, Samsung did both in 2014, boosting its dividend payment by 40 percent and offering its first share repurchase since 2007, Samsung apparently was trying to keep shareholders from bolting for the exit, after it reported its first profit decline in three years, Samsung, the No, 1 smartphone maker in the world, has been getting squeezed by its competitors, with Apple stealing customers at the high end of the market and Chinese vendors like Xiaomi and ZTE gaining ground at the low end..

Although it's become a more active shopper in the past two years, Samsung hasn't made major acquisitions lately, disappointing some investors. But Yi signaled that the company may consider more, and perhaps bigger, deals on the mergers and acquisitions front. "We are primarily focused on M&A deals for companies that would be good fits to Samsung's current businesses," Yi told Reuters, "and we believe that know-how and experience accrued from such transactions will make bigger M&A deals possible going forward."Samsung has been trying to revive its mobile brand by coming out with new phone designs -- such as the curved-screen Galaxy Note Edge -- and cheaper handsets with better specifications. It's also trying to differentiate by pushing its own operating system, called Tizen, instead of the broadly used Android operating system from Google. The company is expected to reveal its new flagship Galaxy S6 phone next month.

Those efforts haven't paid off yet, as rivals have kept gaining on Samsung, Most notably, Apple tied with Samsung for the title of world's biggest smartphone vendor in the fourth quarter, according to research firm Strategy Analytics, That marked a major gain for Apple after it came out with its bigger-screen iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones, Samsung has a hefty $56 billion in cash, but dividends may not be a priority, For 2015, its investor relations chief says, "our primary objective is growth."Samsung started doling out more cash to its shareholders last year, but iphone xr case it warned that kind of treatment may not continue in 2015..

Starting February 20, AT&T GoPhone customers who subscribe to the company's $60-per-month plan will be able to place unlimited calls to Mexico at no additional charge, the wireless carrier announced on Tuesday. The move follows two developments last month: AT&T announcing that its postpaid subscribers could make unlimited calls to Mexico and its subsidiary Cricket Wireless announcing the same for its customers. The second-largest US carrier by subscriber count, AT&T has been growing increasingly at home in Mexico. The company announced last month that it had closed its acquisition of Iusacell, a deal that provides AT&T a foothold in the fast-growing Mexican market. Iusacell covers 70 percent of Mexico's population of 120 million people.

AT&T, which previously charged 1 cent a minute to customers who wanted to place calls to Mexico, said last month that Mexico "is the most frequently dialed country among our wireless customers."The wireless carrier is not alone in providing packages to customers who want to call Mexico, Verizon charges a per-call fee, while T-Mobile offers a $10 unlimited calling plan to landlines there, T-Mobile bumps that price to $15 to add mobile calling, AT&T's GoPhone offer is available only to those who have the $60-a-month plan, Those iphone xr case with other plans are not offered unlimited calling..