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In 2013, the issue of unlocking hitting a tipping point when the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) banned American consumers from unlocking their devices without the consent of their carriers. Critics quickly took issue with the ruling, which actually came down in 2012, but went into effect in 2013. After months of criticism, President Obama in 2013 signed into law the "Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act," which effectively made unlocking legal again. Under the regulations that went into effect on Wednesday, carriers will have no choice but to remove locks on devices owned by both postpaid and prepaid wireless users. On the postpaid side, carriers must unlock devices after a customer in good standing has fulfilled "postpaid service contract, device financing plan, or payment of applicable early termination fee." In other words, postpaid subscribers who get smartphones for less by paying a subsidy at the beginning and paying in full over the life of a contract, must have satisfied that payment covenant before they can be allowed to unlock their device.

On the prepaid side, things are bit simpler: carriers must, upon request, unlock a handset "no later than one year after initial activation."All unlocking, regardless of the type of customer, must be completed within two days of a request, and carriers are now required to inform consumers of their policies, "Carriers that lock devices will clearly notify customers that their devices are eligible for unlocking at the time when their devices are eligible for unlocking or automatically unlock devices remotely when devices are eligible for unlocking, without additional fee," the regulation reads, "Carriers reserve the right to charge non-customers/non-former-customers with a reasonable fee for unlocking requests, Notice to prepaid customers may iphone xr screen protector privacy occur at point of sale, at the time of eligibility, or through a clear and concise statement of policy on the carrier's website."Starting today, it will be much easier for people to jump from one carrier to another and take their smartphone with them..

On Wednesday, the social discovery start-up, which lets people "pin" photos, websites, products and other items on virtual boards for others to see, unveiled "app Pins," which applies the same idea to apps. Similar to how you look for recipes or photos by looking through themed boards, you can now search apps and download them directly from the Pinterest app without ever leaving to go to the App Store. Pinterest is offering a potential solution to the long-standing dilemma of how consumers find the right app. With more than 1.3 million apps in Apple's App Store, there's a lot to wade through before finding what you want. Rather than relying on the App Store's recommended list or poring through its top-ranked apps, you can find themed Pinterest boards or rely on a friend's virtual board for suggestions.

Apple has already set up a Pinterest board for its App Store, while Pinterest has set up iphone xr screen protector privacy a staff picks board as well, Pinterest, which boasts 70 million users, has seen its virtual clipboard business grow by helping people uncover unique items and websites for specific needs, such as the right dress or decorations for a wedding or the best recipe for a family meal, The suggestions are considered useful because they offer easy-to-digest context: article Pins offer headline and story descriptions, recipe Pins list ingredients and cook times, and product Pins list price and availability..

Both the A5 and A3 have metal casings, which is a departure from Samsung's usual reliance on plastic chassis. Both feature 4G LTE and 5-megapixel front-facing cameras -- which should make for pixel-packed selfies -- but differ in a few important respects. The Galaxy A5 is the larger, slightly more powerful of the pair, with a 5-inch display and a 13-megapixel rear camera. Powered by Android 4.4 KitKat, it's rocking 2GB of RAM and a 1.2GHz quad-core processor. Snooping around Carphone Warehouse's tariffs page, you can expect to pay around £26-33 per month if you want the A5 with no upfront cost, or you can snap it up for £349 direct from Samsung.

The A3, meanwhile, is marginally more modest, with a iphone xr screen protector privacy 4.5-inch screen, an 8-megapixel rear camera and 1.5GB of RAM, It also has a lower-resolution screen -- 960x540 pixels compared with 1,280x720 pixels on the A5, With slightly less impressive hardware, however, you will be paying less, Monthly sums on Carphone Warehouse's tariffs page come in at roughly £22-33 per month, or you can get the A3 for £249 SIM-free from Samsung, Staying true to their promised release date, the Galaxy A5 and A3 can be snapped up today on Vodafone, EE and O2 -- though for now only O2 customers will have the option of buying the two new mobiles in silver..

Those on the fence about buying a new phone would be wise to hold fire for a few weeks, as the start of March will see the beginning of Mobile World Congress, a massive trade show in Barcelona where loads of major mobile makers -- including Samsung -- will be showing off their newest products. Who knows, you might see something worth waiting for. CNET will be on the ground in force at MWC, primed and ready to bring you photos, news and videos of all the latest gadgets, so stay tuned. Samsung's two new metal mobiles have arrived on UK shop shelves. Read on for everything you need to know.

Many machines that claim to recognize your voice are stumped when you speak with an accent, I just asked Siri what kind of accent I speak with and she said: "Hmm, Let me think." I suspect she had no idea what I'd said, My heart, therefore, courses Chianti at the sight of Nonna Paola, an Italian grandmother who now lives in iphone xr screen protector privacy Australia, attempting to get Siri to tell her the time in Italy, The 78-year-old was given a new iPhone, as her son, 44-year-old Greg Lachimia, prompted and filmed, Paola's needs weren't great, But Siri's comprehension left a lot to be desired..