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Recent devices have shown off new aesthetics including metal casings and curved screens -- as well as new Tizen software -- which are likely to continue in 2015. The first Unpacked of each year takes place at the annual mobile-industry trade show known as Mobile World Congress. MWC sees mobile manufacturers, phone networks and others gather in Barcelona to show off their wares for the coming year. From mobile phones and tablets, the show has expanded to smart-home devices, wearables, and the Internet of Things -- the idea of connecting more devices and objects to the Web.

Many of the big press conferences take place that weekend, with HTC, Huawei and Nokia all revealing their new kit on the same day as Samsung, As always, we'll be there in force, so keep it CNET for all the first impressions, glossy photos and in-depth videos of all the cool kit you need to know about, If you're not traveling to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, you can watch the live stream for the Unpacked event here, Shara Tibken contributed to this report, Samsung has sent out invitations to its annual launch event, known as Unpacked, where the company will likely show off the Galaxy iphone xr screen protector verizon S6..

Apple, GT's former partner, on Monday said it will convert the facility in Mesa to a data center from its previous form as a plant that manufactured sapphire. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey in a press release pegged Apple's investment at $2 billion and said the facility will employ 150 full-time Apple employees and will require 300 to 500 construction and trade jobs. The new data center will "serve as a command center for our global networks," Apple said in a statement. "This multibillion dollar project is one of the largest investments we've ever made, and when completed it will add over 600 engineering and construction jobs to the more than 1 million jobs Apple has already created in the US."The news Monday marks the end of the bungled chapter in Apple's history that was GT Advanced. The two companies had partnered in November 2013 to build the Mesa facility to produce sapphire, a scratch-resistant, transparent material that can be used for screens on tech gadgets. Apple at the time said the facility would employ 700 people and would create 1,300 construction and management jobs, and some market watchers expected the company to use sapphire in its newest iPhones. But GT struggled to get production off the ground, and Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launched with non-sapphire screens.

GT in October filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, a surprise move that came less than a year after it signed the $578 million deal with Apple, A few days after its filing, GT Advanced said it would reject about a dozen agreements with Apple and wind down its massive sapphire-production facility in Mesa, Apple had repeatedly said it sought to preserve jobs in Arizona after GT filed for bankruptcy protection, GT had iphone xr screen protector verizon employed hundreds of people at the Mesa facility, all of whom will be let go once the plant fully shuts down..

In bankruptcy-court filings made public October 10, GT came forward with an explanation for its surprise Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection filing, saying the cash burn from operating the Arizona sapphire-production plant for Apple wasn't sustainable and that GT needed to end work there to preserve the company. A settlement between Apple and GT was approved by a bankruptcy court in December. GT now has four years to sell off the equipment in the plant to pay back Apple. The transition of the facility to Apple is part of a court-ordered process in which GT can use the facility through the end of the year. Apple won't fully regain control of the site until 2016.

The $2 billion investment from Apple is on top of the company's earlier investments in the facility, Apple iphone xr screen protector verizon noted on Monday that like all Apple data centers, the new Arizona facility will be powered entirely by renewable energy, Most of the power will come from a new local solar farm, Apple said, Ducey said the Apple projects will produce 70 megawatts of clean energy, enough to power more than 14,500 Arizona homes, Apple's "decision to bring this new facility to Mesa is a huge win for Arizona and a high testament to our business-friendly climate and talented workforce," Ducey said Monday..

The feature was easy to setup on Gmail account, but as noted in this guide walking users through the setup process, my Google Apps account was lacking the feature altogether. After some troubleshooting, reaching out to Google's PR team, and subsequently talking with Google Apps Support, I was able to figure out the process for enabling Smart Lock on an App account. Since Smart Lock is disabled by default for Google Apps users, you'll need to have admin privileges or ask the admin for your account to enable it.

You can do this one of two ways, The first and easiest, is to visit admin.google.com and sign in to your account, From there, click on Device Management followed by Chrome, Enable Smart Lock and Save Changes, However, I ran into issues after receiving the above directions, When iphone xr screen protector verizon I went to the Device Management panel, Chrome was nowhere to be found, Eventually I discovered you can access Chrome settings by signing into your admin page (same link as above) and clicking on Apps followed by Additional Google services, then Chrome Management, As with the previous method, once you're on this screen you simply need to enable Smart Lock and save the change..