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Keramidas, a professor and director of the digital media lab at Bard Graduate Center, spent five years and worked with students over the span of three courses to put together the exhibit, though the gadgets themselves were all bought for $6,300 on eBay. That's some thrifty time-warp shopping, considering that just one piece, the 1973 Xerox Alto, originally sold for $40,000 -- or $225,000 when adjusted for inflation. With the five central examples, Keramidas asked his students to create programs for each device, so visitors could use the items as they were meant to be used. The Commodore 64, through command-line prompts, asks you questions about your favorite computer, for example. The PalmPilot has a game to teach you Graffiti, the stylus-based shorthand handwriting recognition system the handheld employed.

For the true gadget connoisseur, the exhibit also has a companion website, and dives into each device's history, significance and connections to other gadgets in the show, For the most part, Keramidas wanted to avoid exploiting the retro appeal of these items, but the site's collection of old ads and commercials for all the devices does let users dabble in a little nostalgic fun, Though the five centerpiece items represent evolutionary leaps in personal computing, some of the most gleeful pieces to see are those that have iphone xr screen protector zagg since gone extinct..

The Osborne, a "portable" computer from 1981, has a screen about the size of two credit cards and, at 24 pounds not including the separate battery pack, it was more "luggable" than "portable."The Minitel was a French computer the country's government distributed for free starting in 1982, with a text-based system that presaged the advent of the World Wide Web. Designed as a way to save on the printing costs of telephone books, it allowed people to search a national phone registry, make train reservations, buy clothing, read the news, check bank accounts and exchange electronic messages. "You could actually look at a lot of ASCII porn, it turns out," Keramidas said, referring to the staid, alphabet-focused ASCII encoding system for text on computers.

"The Interface Experience: Forty Years of Personal Computing" is on view starting Friday through July 19 at 18 West 86th Street in New York, It's open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m, ET to 5 p.m, ET, with Thursday nights staying open late until 8 p.m, Suggested admission is $7, and it's $5 for seniors and students, An exhibit in New York reunites stars from technology's past -- from the "laptop" that's heavier than an automobile tire to computers you don't even iphone xr screen protector zagg need to touch -- and puts them at your fingertips..

In this edition of Ask Maggie, I help a reader decide which Galaxy S smartphone might be right for her. Dear Maggie. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 that I need to replace. I know the Galaxy S6 is about to come out. Should I wait and upgrade to the S6? Or should I get the Galaxy S5? Also, is the Galaxy S6 Edge really worth paying extra for? I'm not even sure what the difference is. Thanks,Margaret S. Dear Margaret. A newly designed Samsung Galaxy S6 is just around the corner. All four major wireless operators started taking preorders for both the Galaxy S6 and its sexier sibling, the S6 Edge, on Friday. The devices will be on sale starting April 10.

With this in mind, I think you should wait till the S6 and S6 Edge are available before you buy a new device, regardless of whether you decide to get one of the newer phones or opt for last year's model, By waiting, you'll have the option of getting one of the new devices, which comes with a brand-new design and a few upgrades over the Galaxy S5, Also, even if you decide to forgo iphone xr screen protector zagg one of the newer products, the Galaxy S5 will be offered at a reduced price once the S6 is available, So either way, it makes sense for you to wait a couple of weeks longer before upgrading your device..

If you can't wait to try the S6 and S6 Edge, both devices are already available in carrier and retail stores to check out. Samsung says that it's listened to customers when it comes to the design of this year's Galaxy S smartphones. Even though the Galaxy S5 is loaded with great features, the phone wasn't a big hit with consumers. Why? Most Samsung fans complained that its plastic body felt too cheap in comparison with competing flagship devices from Apple and HTC, which both use premium materials like aluminum for device bodies. Up until the Galaxy S6, Samsung argued that the plastic casing was more durable, but the company finally relented in the latest version of its flagship. Gone is the plastic casing of the former Galaxy products.

Instead, the new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge feature a glass back and matte metal frame, wrapped in glossy Gorilla Glass on the front, There's no question these are prettier and slicker smartphones than previous generations of the Galaxy family of smartphones, The new design makes these phones narrower and thinner than the S5, Samsung has also made them a smidge taller, In terms of specifications, the S6 and S6 Edge are pretty much the same device, The big difference between the phones is the design and the price tag, The lower-priced S6 iphone xr screen protector zagg has straight edges, while the sexier S6 Edge has a curved edge on each side, creating an infinity-pool-like effect, Both devices look remarkably similar to the iPhone 6, but it's the S6 Edge that's likely to make even iPhone fanboys and -girls jealous..