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One, released yesterday, offers a deep, almost Microsoftian philosophy. "The faster I am, the more that gets done," says a deeply confident voice. I worry that this isn't necessarily true. I am #TheNextGalaxy. See how I give more time to others at #Unpacked.https://t.co/zfYs03p90P. For myself, the faster I am, the more likely it is that I'll make mistakes. The faster I run, the more out of breath I get. So what sort of speed is Samsung teasing here? Is this stepping onto Microsoft's suddenly hallowed territory of productivity?.

Will this phone simply work at lightning speeds -- at least for j crew iphone case the first few weeks before, as with all phones it seems, it slows to a sedate pace?, All Samsung will reveal for now is that its new phone will help you "give more to others." Because, at heart, we're all altruists desperate to get our self-centered noses out of our phones, A second tease, released last week, insisted that the next Galaxy would reveal "great vision" and a "unique view."When the phone is finally revealed, perhaps we'll all forget the life-changing promises that were made..

I do worry, though, that when a phone promises to give you more time, you'll only spend that time staring right back into that phone. To show your gratitude, of course. I am #TheNextGalaxy. Be inspired by my vision at #Unpacked.https://t.co/Qu3e4L2DEg. Technically Incorrect: In filmed hints of what its new phone will be like, Samsung seems to promise it will be fast. And other things. Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion.

With its new G Flex 2, LG went back to its curved drawing board, corrected all the missteps of the original G Flex -- namely its unwieldy size j crew iphone case and unimpressive 720p display -- and delivered a marquee-worthy device, Equipping it with a crystal-clear 1080p touchscreen and the latest quad-core Snapdragon 810 processor from Qualcomm, the company managed to elevate its arched handset from a gimmick (as some saw it) to an arched handset you actually want, regardless of its shape, Such a task doesn't come easy for LG, Despite steadily pumping out premium phones like the G Pro 2 , Google Nexus 5 and G3 , LG has had difficulty carving a place for itself in the Android market, Its devices lacked the sophisticate aesthetic of the HTC One series, the quirky customization incentives of Motorola, and the brand awareness of Samsung, which overshadows all these companies, For a while, it seemed that LG was bound to be without a hero phone that could set itself apart..

That is, until the G Flex 2. With this high-end handset, LG isn't holding much back, and it's clear that the G Flex 2 will elevate LG ( at least until the G4 is announced in April), and give its rivals a run for their money. The G Flex 2 has already launched in Korea and Singapore. It is available now in the US through Sprint (for $200 with a contract or $504 without) and US Cellular ($150 with an agreement or $630 prepaid). AT&T also plans to carry the device soon. In the UK, Vodafone will stock it exclusively for six weeks after launch. LG Australia has confirmed that it will not bring the G Flex 2 to Australia -- Aussies will need to use grey importers to get their hands on this phone.

With a premium aesthetic that feels incredibly luxe, the handset comes in platinum silver and flamenco red, Compared to its predecessor, the phone is smaller, thinner, and 15 percent lighter, It measures 5.9 inches tall and 3 inches wide, has a profile of 0.3 to 0.4 inches at the thickest (149 by 75 by 7.1 to 9.4mm), and weighs 5.4 ounces (152 grams), As a result of this reworked size, the G Flex 2 is now much more manageable in j crew iphone case your hand and easier to maneuver, It still won't be a comfortable fit in your jean pockets, but unlike the unwieldy G Flex, this iteration is easier to hold vertically during calls and horizontally while watching videos..

Though not a rugged device by any means, the handset is designed to withstand a certain degree of abuse. When it's facing down, you can push against or step on its apex to flatten it straight; and when it's facing upward, you can press down its curling edges. After doing this intermittently throughout the week (totaling to about a couple dozen times altogether) with both slow aplomb and frantic rapid-fire movements, my review unit bent back to its original shape without difficulty. Similar to the original, the phone's battery door is layered with a slick protective coating, not unlike the ones you find on cars. During my time with the G Flex 2, it had no problem fending off everyday scuffs and scratches. LG says the "self-healing" coat mends itself faster than before, but I didn't notice much of a difference. In any case, it worked well enough that there were no marks left after I scratched my car keys over it several times and clawed my nails across it.

LG doesn't claim that this veneer is impenetrable, however, Slice an X-Acto knife, or in my case, jagged rocks across the device, and it will leave a scar, (Oops, go figure.) Fortunately, I don't usually sweep my handset across a bed of craggy rocks, and unless you're aiming to give the phone a beating, the G Flex 2 can sustain your regular dose of wear and tear, LG reported that due to an j crew iphone case in-house chemical treatment, it has made the device's Gorilla Glass touchscreen 20 percent stronger, But I believe the display's biggest improvement is in its resolution, I was disappointed that the first generation had only a 720p resolution, but that has now been bumped up to 1080p, And given the screen's size has decreased (it now measures 5.5 inches instead of 6), it has a higher pixel density of 403ppi..