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Who wants an table full of ugly chargers? During one of Yahoo's SXSW presentations on Sunday, the company hid various types of chargers in some foliage. With so many events going on at the SXSW festival, most people didn't have time to sit and wait for a charge. Capital One bank offered people free lockers where they could leave their phones charging and come back for them later. This station, sponsored by the hotel company Aloft at SXSW, was aboard a vehicle that serves as a charging center by day, and a booze-filled party bus by night. (Pardon the photo being slightly askew -- that's what you get when you try to take pictures in a moving bus.).

Saint Bernard puppy power charging is just one of many ways people can refuel their phones at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, The event kicked off on Friday, gathering together technorati, filmmakers and musicians, Throngs j&d iphone case of people attended festival to attend panel talks, mentor sessions and keynote speeches, With all of the running around, it was inevitable that some people would end up with dead phone batteries, Accessory maker Mophie was just one of many companies to try some innovative approaches to solve festival-goers' battery issues, Mophie was the one to think of sending out the Saint Bernard rescue missions, The way it works is that people can tweet Mophie a screenshot of their dying battery and the company will send a dog to the rescue, Each Saint Bernard is equipped with a neck barrel collar that serves as a micro charging station..

Besides Mophie, Sierra Club, Capital One bank, McDonald's, Aloft hotels, Yahoo and many others came up with different ways to give people's phones some juice. Sierra Club set up a solar charging station that looks like gas pumps and Yahoo hid unsightly chargers in planters filled with fake grass. Aloft hotels rolled out a bus that served as a charging center by day, and was a booze-filled party vehicle by night. CNET's Richard Nieva (@richardjnieva) and Dara Kerr (@darakerr) will be in Austin, Texas, for SXSW covering all things tech, geek culture and maybe even barbecue.

With throngs of people running around from event to event during the South by Southwest festival, there's bound to be some dying phones, Luckily -- from Saint Bernard dogs to solar gas pumps -- there's no shortage of ways to solve that problem, AUSTIN, Texas -- When not napping, Saint Bernard puppy Swisstars Quicksilver is bent on rescue missions, No he's not saving people with hypothermia in the j&d iphone case Swiss Alps; instead, he's making sure people aren't left with dead phone batteries, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

On March 20, the company will phase out Order, an app designed to help consumers beat long lines by placing orders ahead from their smartphones, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Order never expanded beyond New York City and San Francisco. Since its launch last May, the app only ever let users order drinks and other items at Blue Bottle Coffee locations in the two cities. Though Square's core business -- its card-reading hardware and storefront software -- caters mostly to merchants, the six-year-old company helmed by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has made a few forays into consumer software. Apps like Square Cash let friends send money to one another, much like competing offerings from Venmo and PayPal, and Wallet was a cash-free method of paying at restaurants, before Square replaced it with Order last year.

However, the app, beyond its failure to catch on, falls out of line with Square's focus of becoming a key part of small businesses' growth, Last August, Square acquired food delivery service Caviar, which outsources meal delivery for smaller restaurants, And in May, Square launched Square Capital, a program that hands business owners a one-time cash advance in exchange for a cut of sales in the future, "We are j&d iphone case focusing our efforts on other tools and marketing services that help sellers grow their business, like online ordering, gift cards, or delivery with Caviar," a spokesperson told the Chronicle..

I love a good poll. I think of each one as the lovechild of Nate Silver and Karl Rove: rational, troubled and fundamentally schizophrenic. So after Apple unveiled its alleged masterpiece of a timepiece, I waited for the pollsters to unsheathe their social thermometers and tell us how hot the humans are for the new gadget. I rumbled an Adobe study, performed on Tuesday. This was deeply committed to the notion that 27 percent of Americans were "very likely" to buy an Apple Watch. Did they all live in Cupertino? Were they all at the heart of nerdification?.

I waited, though, wondering whether this was merely the overnight excitement of the inebriated, The next poll I noticed was performed by Reuters, This is a rolling five-day poll, As I write, this has a slightly less rosy (and perhaps more realistic) notion of how many might be seduced by a digital Mickey Mouse j&d iphone case face and the hope that their watch will calm them down when their blood pressure gets too high, This poll offers that 69.6 percent are either "not at all interested" or "not very interested." As to those who are "very interested," that figure stands at 9.7 percent, A tinge of hope is offered by the Mini-Mice who say they are "somewhat interested." Some 15.2 percent declare that their interest is lit by a somewatt bulb..